Mighty You: Your Mighty Lists, Part 4

25th March 2010

If you’re working on a Mighty List, please send it my way by including a link it comments. If you haven’t started your list yet, here’s another set to inspire you. Cribbing encouraged:

(Amazing Mars Travel poster by Steve Thomas.)

Jenifer Hanen of Black Phoebe is going to:
“Go into space.”

Tamera Steele of Calling All Fairy Godmothers is going to:
“Eat only homemade meals for 100 days in a row.”

Abby Poulette is going to:
“Make my own mozzarella cheese.”

R Preston of Monster Goldfish is going to:
“Get a play produced.”

Rachel Krueger of On The Intrawebs is going to:
“Get PhD.”

(Beer Club “Tree Fort” by Brad Kayal.)

Kate Bouchard is going to:
“Brew my own beer.”

Carly Machado is going to:
“Learn to shoot a bow and arrow.”

Tasha Haley is going to:
“Learn common and latin tree names for those in my area.”

Krissa Corbett Cavouras of Petit Hiboux is going to:
“Take a knife-skills class.”

Laura Perlman is going to:
“Get onstage with Wilco.”

Annie Sorrensen is going to:
“Decide on Monday to take a fabulous vacation on Friday to somewhere I’ve never been…and go.”

Melinda Stacer of Days Like This is going to:
“Make baklava from scratch.”

Valeri Estrada of 29 to 30 is going to:
“Cook dinner every night for a week.”

Marisa is going to:
“Read a book a week for a year.” (starting in 2010!)

Danielle of Salaam wa Hubb is going to:
“Walk on hot coals.”

Michelle of The Metamorph is going to:
“Eat Sushi in Japan.”

Olivia of Powered by Tofu is going to:
“Learn to play poker.”

Lauren Cribbs is going to:
“Play Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor almost as well as Chopin did.”

Cameron Barrett is going to:
“See Michelangelo’s David.”

Amanda of The Living Room is going to:
“Help plant a church.”

Kelly of Bachelor Girl is going to:
“Take part in a political protest.”

Corin McLean Boyko of Travels with Darwin is going to:
“Read all of Darwin’s books.”

Tessa of Call Your Courage is going to:
“Re-upholster a chair.”

Therese of Shoeism is going to:
“Visit 5 fashion capitals of the world (Paris, Tokyo, London, Milan, NYC).”

Heather Meagher of Featherweights is going to:
“Get my passport.”

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

And a big thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring my Mighty List. They’re helping me cross off a few goals, and giving me the time I need to dedicate to this project. They also gave me a Palm Pre Plus, which has turned out to be helpful in keeping the site updated. Thanks, guys.

44 thoughts on “Mighty You: Your Mighty Lists, Part 4

  1. Jan

    I’ve actually had a pretty amazing life when I look back on it, and have gotten to do a lot of cool stuff, but there’s one thing that might serve as a jumping off point for a Mighty List:

    See the Northern Lights.

    I’d so love to see them, but I also know there’s nothing I can do to guarantee I WILL see them — have to be in the right place at the right time, whenever/wherever that is — so some of it is up to fate/luck/chance/kismet/whatever. But still. I wanna.

  2. Annie Sorensen

    Maggie, thank you so much for checking out my life list! I’ve had mine for several years now, but wouldn’t have ever considered throwing it out into the Internets without you.

    Jan, the Northern Lights are amazing. Definitely give fate/chance/whatever a try. :)

    Keep dreaming, kids!

  3. Michelle

    Thanks for the inspiration Maggie, you are why I started my list!
    Here’s mine.://whileshewasdrifting.blogspot.com/p/this-things-i-believe-aka-my-life-list.html

  4. Laura

    These posters are fabulous!

    And Michelle (of The Metamorph) – Do it! Just returned from an unexpected trip to Japan and it.was.amazing! Something I would never have thought to put on my list but it was incredible and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    From me to you (and everyone else) – if you are in Kyoto – spend the time trying to find Gion Kappa Nawate – in the Gion district. It is a total dive and the waiters will laugh at you but admire your courage and you will truly feel like a rockstar as you sip sake while watching the chef make sushi in front of you amongst the locals. Yay!

  5. Tamera

    While I am mega flattered that you checked out my life list blog, I cannot take credit for spending the entire day naked. I have a few friends who agreed to let me post their life lists along with mine and that particular goal belongs to my dear friend Lynsee. Alas, I have no desire to spend a whole day in my birthday suit. But who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind!

  6. Heather

    I have been following this and thinking how out of reach the things I’d like to do are and then I read:
    Valeri Estrada of 29 to 30 is going to:
    “Cook dinner every night for a week.”

    Marisa is going to:
    “Read a book a week for a year.” (starting in 2010!)

    And I DO those things. Nearly every week. Not so far out of reach after all. I’m going to go sharpen my pencil now and get to listing. Thank you!

  7. Laura Jane

    I just showed my boyfriend this post (with much hubub and excitement) and scrolled down to my name. Already aware that you are pretty much living my dream, he smiled, kissed me and said, “That means Maggie read your list! That is so cool.”

    Sigh. Interwebs, I <3 you.

    Thanks, Maggie!!

  8. Michelle

    @ Laura – One of these days, yes, indeed! I’m working on a few of the smaller things I can do here at home right now. I think the first trip I will be taking for one of my Listed places will be to New Orleans, it’s a bit more feasible than Japan for the time being. :)

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  10. Alli

    i try to add something to my life list every wednesday and put up a post. they’re all under the category ‘life list’ :-)

  11. Margaret

    Hi Maggie, I attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan and added it to my list after the fact. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it really should have been there all along. Have you ever done that? Love your blog! –Margaret

  12. Daffodil Campbell

    I read this post last week, and thought to myself ” You haven’t come up with one single thing to accomplish this month. Shame On You.” And then tonight, I was lying in bed, and realized that in the past week, I have crossed off not one, but TWO major items, and the third may just happen on Tuesday night. I am power-listing, apparently.

    1. Quit my job, because working for someone who is mean to you is just not worth it. CHECK.
    2. Join the Maui Roller Girls Roller Derby Team. CHECK – got my new skates in the mail on Friday, and had my first practice today. Yay ! And, also, ouch.
    3. Coming soon…….sing at an open mic night. I challenged a friend to learn a song I could sing. And damned if he didn’t go and do it this weekend. Open Mic night is Tuesday. Hold me, I am very frightened.

  13. Daffodil Campbell

    Just crossed something else off the list and I need to tell SOMEONE! I sent out my first query to a magazine, proposing an idea for an article. Thanks for inspiring me to get off my ass this month, Maggie ! I was having some major empty nest blues with the kids getting big and going off to school (just kindergarten, but still…..what am I going to DO all day ?)

  14. Robin Bagley

    Scroll down and you’ll see my list of 50 things to do before I die. The ones in italics are ones I’m working on right now!


  15. Kate

    I’m inspired! I just came across your site tonight so I’ve not yet had time to come up with a list. One item — move my photography out of my MAC and into the public realm, beginning this year.

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