Small Talk

Hank (yells from living room): Mom-Mom? Where is this tank engine?
Me (yells from kitchen): I’m not sure. Are you holding it?
Hank: Yes.
Me: It’s in your hands, love.
Hank: Oh!

11 thoughts on “Small Talk

  1. Me: Would you like macaroni and cheese for lunch?

    Him: No.

    Me: Would you like chicken?

    Him: No.

    Me: Well, what would you like?

    Him: Cabbage and Monkey Hiney.


  2. 16 yrs. ago he said at the age of 3 1/2… “It’s colder than an ordinary bagel out there.”

    ??? Don’t know what he meant, I don’t think he’d ever eaten a bagel, but we’ve never forgotten it. He’ll be 20 in a week and a half. Treasure these moments and never forget them. 🙂


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