1,000 Lovely Things: Sidewalk Chalk Party Favors

15th February 2010

For Hank’s third birthday I made these inexpensive sidewalk chalk party favors.

I bought the pretty striped chalk in packs of four at the drugstore, then rolled each piece in waxed paper and just twisted the ends to seal them. Easy, fast and cheap.

23 thoughts on “1,000 Lovely Things: Sidewalk Chalk Party Favors

  1. laurie

    That’s brilliant. I may use the idea for my 38th birthday this spring. Sidewalk chalk is fun for all ages!

  2. Meegan

    I am SO copying this idea. I’ve had it with itsy-bitsy play-do, cheap plastic junk and sugar (to cap off the birthday cake). Brilliant!

  3. Rachel

    Maggie, this is one of the best party favors I have seen in a looooong time. Plus fifty points for you!

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  5. tarik

    Reminds me of the party I went to in first grade that had those little plastiflowery smelling erasers in the goodie bag. The birthday boy ate all of them.

  6. Emily

    I’m really enjoying that your son is a couple months older than mine so I can “borrow” ideas like this one!

  7. nicole

    totally unrelated to this post…which is a brilliant idea by the by but i just wanted to say i am inspired by your quest to taste 1000 fruits…you go girl.

  8. Jyl Johnson Pattee

    So… when I first looked at this, I thought: “Seriously! Maggie makes her own chalk???” Which was followed up by (to myself, of course): “She’s not only a brilliant blogger, business guru, fashionista, and fun to boot, but she MAKES.HER.OWN.CHALK!” DAMN!!!!!!!

    Then, I saw that you bought the chalk and turned it into the most awesome party favors evs and secretly uttered to myself, “Thank goodness! I won’t have to cancel our lunch date in San Francisco from total amazing motherhood envy!” Because although the party favor idea is sheer genius, how would I ever compare to a mom who makes her own chalk? LOL!

    So…. see you in a few. Weeks or months, I’m not sure yet, but soon! Maybe we can have learn to make chalk together when I come. Think of the fun!

    So fun chatting with you at Mom 2.0!

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