Feeling Blue

3rd February 2010

I just got back from some new and improved oral surgery, so I’m feeling a little sad and hurty. Woe is me, Internet.

So! Let’s talk about something happy instead of talking about mouth wounds, agreed? Agreed!

Yesterday Libby and I painted the Mighty Mighty headquarters.


You remember Libby, right? I thought so.


Libby is helping me paint because she’s working with me now. Hooray! I wanted to plan some events, and Libby was a professional event-doer before she started doing shows at the gallery. Also, we like each other, which is a bonus because the studio is so small that our elbows touch while we’re typing. It’s terribly romantic.


Please join me in welcoming Libby and encouraging her to stick around for a while.


I’m excited to tell you more about the fun stuff we’re planning as soon as we plan it, but for now please enjoy our Smurfy new digs.

Let’s meet back here tomorrow. I’ll be the one with puffy cheeks.

17 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. meg

    I AM SO EXCITED! And welcome Libby! And some of these events better be in San Francisco for a change, yeah? The going on the road is fun and stuff but HELLO! So many of us cool people live right here.


  2. Gloria Chen

    Loving the blue. I am currently researching eco-paint. What brand did you use and how did you like it?

  3. Maren

    Oh, come on, you know you’re not allowed to post pictures of recently-painted pretty walls on the internet and not mention the brand and color of paint. On Apartment Therapy they would whine you to death for that. ;)

  4. Shayna Roosevelt

    I once had a dentist say to me, “Not flossing your teeth when you brush is like not washing your armpits when you shower. And I’m sorry to say that your teeth have B.O”. That dentist made me a true believer in the power of floss. No more tooth B.O. for me.

    And the blue looks great.

  5. Erin

    Wanted to ask what colour that was but apparently that’s NOT original! I will wait for Maggie to answer. Maggie? Are you there?

  6. Kelly

    I can’t believe I am admitting this out loud, but I always wanted an office with a color like that after seeing Sliding Doors.

    You two and that blue are going to Mighty-fy the world!

  7. Kate

    It’s not all in your head, re: pain and oral surgery. A few months ago “they” published a study about how redheads are more sensitive to pain and LESS sensitive to anesthesia. Now there’s a combo. And here I thought my redheaded sister was just a whiner.

  8. Maggeh

    I’m not sure about the color because I’m at home convalescing. Will report back as soon as I’m in the office again.

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