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The Commission Project

19th October 2010

Paul Ferney has a studio downstairs from my office, and I pop in occasionally to chat and see what he’s been working on. Right now he’s working on The Commission Project, a series of 100 portraits commissioned by folks like you and me. They’re only $200 each, which is a steal — above is his painting of Hank from a photo taken by my friend Ryan Carver.

If you’d like a portrait of your kid, or your pet, or your backyard swing set, now’s the time to stake your claim. I have a feeling Paul’s schedule is filling up fast.

Feeling Blue

3rd February 2010

I just got back from some new and improved oral surgery, so I’m feeling a little sad and hurty. Woe is me, Internet.

So! Let’s talk about something happy instead of talking about mouth wounds, agreed? Agreed!

Yesterday Libby and I painted the Mighty Mighty headquarters.


You remember Libby, right? I thought so.


Libby is helping me paint because she’s working with me now. Hooray! I wanted to plan some events, and Libby was a professional event-doer before she started doing shows at the gallery. Also, we like each other, which is a bonus because the studio is so small that our elbows touch while we’re typing. It’s terribly romantic.


Please join me in welcoming Libby and encouraging her to stick around for a while.


I’m excited to tell you more about the fun stuff we’re planning as soon as we plan it, but for now please enjoy our Smurfy new digs.

Let’s meet back here tomorrow. I’ll be the one with puffy cheeks.