Elsewhere: Mighty Goods & Mighty Junior

4th February 2010

Goods Valentine cards 2010

Letterpress Valentine Cards

Getting a Valentine in the mail is just lovely, don’t you think? Me too. Plus, you were too overwhelmed to send out holiday cards. If you don’t send Valentines, how will everyone know you finally got that tattoo?

Rainboot Roundup 2010

Rain Boot Roundup

Look out puddles, here comes trouble.

Kids Valentines 2010

Valentine’s Day with Your Sweethearts

You’re officially in love, and Cupid had nothing to do with it. This Valentine’s Day, stuff their faces with chocolate, and cover their faces with kisses.

4 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Mighty Goods & Mighty Junior

  1. Anne

    Gaa! I tried to order from Egg Press but they say USPS isn’t available to my address. The US Postal Service pays me a personal visit every day!

  2. Marie

    My building manager was just busting my chops for wearing rainboots in the puddle collecting in my hallway because my ceiling caved in due to a blocked drain. Here comes trouble, indeed (full account of chop-busting is in my link, above).

  3. Sarah

    I have to say, when I first saw these rain boots, I was so excited, until I realized they were for kids! They are all so cute, I want them in my size!

  4. Laura

    Just received the Tool Valentine “fixin to be your valentine” from RedStamp – so cute!! I am now in love with Red Stamp….I spent wayyyy too much time on their site ogling the beautiful cards and stationery. I even sent the link to a friend I knew would love it too.

    Best of all, I am from the South and say that I am “fixin to” do something about a billion times a day, so I have the perfect valentine for my sweetheart. Thanks!

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