Taste 1,000 Fruits: No. 71-73

2nd February 2010


Winter citrus! These are Mandarinquats, tiny Kishu Mandarins, and a Fremont Mandarin.


Kishu Mandarins are so wee that the segments are about half the size of a quarter.


They’re very sweet, with barely enough tang to feel like you’re actually eating citrus.


Fremont Mandarins tasted similar to the Kishus, but larger, with a brighter peel that would make lovely zest. Also, they have seeds.


I was most excited about the Mandarinquats, which are a Mandarin-Kumquat hybrid. They’re supposed to be similar to kumquats, which have a super sweet peel and tart fruit. Kumquats are about the size of grapes, so you just pop them in your mouth whole, and I love them.


I do not love Mandarinquats. They’re pretty, but the peel is nowhere near as sweet as a kumquat, which means you’re just eating an orange peel. But! If you’re a bartender who wants to make a kumquat drink, these would be less time consuming to juice I guess. Also pretty in floral arrangements?

Meh. Mandarinquat, you are no friend of mine.

7 thoughts on “Taste 1,000 Fruits: No. 71-73

  1. Ariel

    I read a book to my daughter about a rabbit that tricks a cat into biting his own tail by eating the fruit of the ice cream bean and now I’m obsessed. I have GOT to try the ice cream bean! I am trying to convince my husband we need to go here – http://www.capetrib.com.au/ and go on a fruit tasting tour. He’s not convinced. Bastard.

  2. Stephanie

    I just tried an Indomandarinquat (same as a mandarinquat?) for the first time.

    Have you had a limequat (cross between key lime and kumquat)? They’re pretty sour but I’m going to make limequat meringue cupcakes for my blog this week (I’m exploring one unusual food a week and creating recipes featuring it).

  3. Oana

    Is Buddha’s Hand on your list? I saw one at Whole Foods and was very tempted to buy it. The flavored vodka is certainly yum.

  4. Maggeh Post author

    Hi Oana. I’ve tried Buddha’s hand but haven’t had a chance to post it yet. (I have kind of a backlog of fruit going). The zest is amazing in baked goods, which is primarily what you use it for. Get one!

  5. Oana

    I will definitely get a Buddha’s hand fruit next time I go to Whole Foods. The shock from the $17 mango has not quite worn off yet.

  6. Chris

    I grocery shopped at Berkeley Bowl for the first time last week and thought of your 1000 fruit quest — they have literally 2 full aisles in their produce department full of nothing but citrus varieties. And, like, 8 different kinds of avocados, a multitude of apple varieties, at least 5 different mango types, and on and on. It was overwhelming!

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