16 thoughts on “Who Gets Michael Jackson’s Kids?

  1. Maggie

    As one who tries to stay out of hollywood gossip, I can’t help but wonder why their mother made the decision, after the divorce from Michael, to stay out of her childrens’ lives? I simply could not do that regardless of whether I was “paid off” or not.

  2. Em

    It’s such a coincidence that he nominated Diana Ross (after his mother) to raise his children. I totally did that too! Sure hope you’ve been taking those vitamins, Diana…

  3. denise

    well, right now they are with his 80 yr. old mother and his crazy dad. i don’t know why he didn’t give them to janet and jermaine dupuis. i think they have been trying to have children for a while, they’re youngish, and have their own money, so there would be no suspicion that they were only after a payout.

  4. Philly Mama

    I don’t know. I think this topic is sort of inappropriate for Momversation. Most of the topics (save Octomom) have been about parenting issues–issues, topics, decisions that each mother on the panel have had to deal with. This? This is just a bunch of women speculating about a situation they have no real knowledge about. I’m not really a MJ fan, but I don’t know, this topic just seems…not right.

  5. Accidental Olympian

    I heard that the reason the mother of the first two children revoked her custody was because they aren’t actually her children. Wasn’t there a sperm donor as well as an egg donor. At the end of the day she was a very highly publicized, and highly paid surrogate. Welcome to the bizarre world of MJ…

  6. Brooke

    Thanks, O’Dell for taking the classy down a notch. If I wanted tabloid news I’d go to tmz. Lame, Momversation.

    Maggie, thanks for voicing your hesitation. I felt icky watching the video. Can’t imagine having to come up with enough content to fill that segment. Blerg.

  7. Jessi

    This Momversation was disappointing. The topics that are usually covered are relevant without being about the tabloids. Every website you go to these days is MJ MJ MJ. Didn’t think I’d see it in this forum. Too bad.

  8. Maura

    I too thought this was a bit off topic for the momversation gals. Also not a fan of the addition of the Access Hollywood lady to the momversation crew. She seems perfectly lovely, but given her job, I think it takes away from her street cred as a “real” Mom. Don’t mean to judge, I just have a harder time feeling her genuine-ness. It seems scripted.

  9. Christian

    Yeah, it kind of bummed me out to see this was the newest Momversation topic. In all honesty, I didn’t watch the video. After seeing a bit of the memorial yesterday, it really struck me that these are real people who lives everyone discusses as if they are just, well, fodder for our gossip. As someone earlier commented, I am just not sure that it is the right forum for the latest celebrity news. It is none of our business, and a bit tacky. I usually really enjoy your links to the Momversations because they are other moms discussing personal issues – not the latest juicy gossip. Interestingly, the reason I frequent this site is because you, Maggie, seem to be a person who focuses on the real, the good, and ways to keep the world positive, if even through simple things like the joy of a good tap routine, the appreciation of a weekend away with friends. You seem to want to raise people up. I think the topic was beneath you, but I get the feeling that maybe you already know that, based on your comment under the video.

  10. Barbara

    Dear. God. The music is the background of Momversation is so totally annoying and distracting. Please pass the word to whoever cares and/or puts these together: get rid of it. Why oh why is it there in the first place? Had to cut off less than two minutes into it. Horrid. Thank you.

  11. Megan

    I think that they should go to Jannet because they seem to be closer to her and she is the right age.Plus she can support them.

  12. Shannon

    was that the longest Momversation vid ever? I gotta echo not liking the addition of Nancy O’Dell, as she’s also the only one who seems to be pitching her book all the time. Arg. Way to handle it though- also loved the “Where’s Madonna/Angelina Jolie/Mia Farrow” bit. lol

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