14 thoughts on “Testing this Flickr to Twitter thing.

  1. Nancy

    With the new design, everytime I bring up your web page the pictures are all tiny. I mean really tiny! Is it me? Do I need to do something to fix it? I didn’t get this with the old design, but I do like the new digs! I also enjoyed the tap dancing. You were great!

  2. steph

    Ooh, on Google Chrome it’s a bit wonky. Not centered and the right borders (of the picture and the surrounding frame) are cut off. Hope that helps. :)

  3. Tara

    ditto to steph in firefox. right border cut off. plus, there is a large (1″ or so) white mat (?) around the photo that I’m not sure is intentional or not.

    fab photo though; PR – mmmm!

  4. Kendra Stiles

    I’m using regular old IE and am experiencing the same problems as the previous posters…

  5. Trisha

    I, too, always get teeny tiny photos when I pull up your page. Teeeeeeeny tiny.

    Other than that, I think the site looks very hip. :)

  6. chiyiyite

    I have the same issue: border is larger on the left than the right. Running IE. Tried in FireFox, and got same result. I also get 1cm square photos, but they get bigger if I reload the page.

  7. brooklyn

    please fix the photos soon! i love them and am so frusterated that i can’t see them!

  8. greta

    i have the same tiny picture problem in an ancient version of IE, but i found that if i refresh the screen, they get big again. dunno if that helps anyone, but for those of you with tiny pictures, maybe try refreshing?

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