Go Somewhere Good

7th July 2009

Sandisk slotRadio is sponsoring another present for you. This time I put together a travel comfort kit with some of the things I find useful on trips, which is convenient, because I’m typing this on an airplane right now. If these look familiar, it’s because lots of them are up on Mighty Goods, where I keep all my favorite stuff.

If you win, it’s like God telling you to quit your job and wait tables in Europe. Right? Right.

F1 Two-Zip Dopp

This dopp kit is my very favorite travel thing, and it looks like Flight 001 is discontinuing them. Insanity. The bag is attractive but not twee, well-made, waterproof (so exploding hair goo won’t stain your clothes), and hyper functional. The whole top opens up, so you can see everything at a glance rather than digging around in your bag. Plus, I love how the zippers are attached to the handle, so you can close the bag and throw it in your suitcase in one swoop.

Flight 001 this is madness. Bring back the two-zip dopp, I implore you.

Inside the dopp, I packed a set of nap-anywhere products:

1. Earplugs
2. Eye Shade
3. Travel Pillow

It’s the red-eye trifecta. My preferred eye-shade and neck pillow are also both from Flight 001:

F-1 Night Shade

The one I picked is red, to match your dopp kit. Much more comfy than the crappy ones you pick up at the drugstore.

Comfort Tavel Pillow

I used to travel with one of those cushy neck pillows, but it was impossible to stow conveniently, and a pain to wash. That makes for one filthy pillow, and airplane filth is the reason Purell was invented. Unfortunately, Purell just makes your pillow all sticky.

I switched to inflatable pillows, and have found that the only comfy ones are the ones with knit or fleece covers. This one is fleece, which is a bit bulkier, but more cushy — also, easy to wash.


As you might expect, our sponsor threw in a Slot Radio, which is an MP3 player that comes pre-loaded with music. It’s tiny, and it’s a time-saver if you want some new music for your trip, but don’t feel like staying up until 3 a.m. downloading stuff.

Travel Candle

For the hotel room, I always like to have a travel candle with me. It dispels funk, and calms you down, but also helps you make scent memories, so the smell of that candle will always remind you of your trip. I love when that happens.

I got you a Botanicus candle in Champagne, because it smelled good. I don’t really have a brand preference when in comes to travel candles, but if you do please tell me in comments. I’m into that stuff.

A Dagoba Organic Chocolate Bar, New Moon

I have to travel with snacks or I get hangry when my blood sugar dips. Dagoba makes satisfying, organic chocolate bars. They’re rich enough that you may actually be satisfied with a few squares. Or you can have it for breakfast. I’m not judging.

Pamela Barsky Luggage Tags

These happy luggage tags have saved me from taking the wrong luggage countless times. The best one reads, “This is not your bag.” Though I keep waiting for someone with the exact same luggage to have the exact same tag.

And that’s it! All right travelers, leave a comment telling me where you would go if you could go anywhere at all, and I’ll use the random number thingie to figure out who gets the goods. I’ll announce the winner this Friday. If you win, you have to go teach English in Vietnam. That’s the deal.

936 thoughts on “Go Somewhere Good

  1. Chrisy

    the PERFECT travel kit.
    if i could go anywhere in the world, it would be to sevilla, espana. ole!

  2. catherine

    inspired by your mighty life list since i first saw it a while ago, i’ve been working on making my life the one i really want. therefore i am taking a year off and heading to turkey (i’m australian, so it’s kind of a long way off!) and then north africa then maybe the middle east.

    so that’s where i’d go, if i could go anywhere at all, where my heart and imagination take me.

    (goodness how soppy, it’s getting late here!)

  3. laura

    If I could travel anywhere, I’d go to fjord-hopping in Norway. The kit looks amazing!

  4. Marguerite

    That sleepmask looks awesome! I still use a crappy lufthansa one which I’m sure is giving me extrawrinkle from being totall non-breath-ey!
    As for travel candles, the ones from l’occitane are maybe a little on the bulky side but the lavender-amber one smells exactly like where I want to go, namely the south of France.

  5. abi

    I’d love to travel to Ireland. It’s our anniversary next week, and we’ve been thinking about how if we could redo our honeymoon, we’d take the same cabin-in-the-mountains approach, but move it to Ireland. Sigh.

  6. grimsaburger

    I studied abroad in Rome and Florence 10 years ago, and started dating my now-husband when I returned. I’ve always wanted to share with him the mind-blowing experience I had there, so I’m going to say Italy.

  7. Andrea

    Must I pick one place? I would love to go to Egypt at the moment. Currently I am engrossed in middle east culture, history, and current events so Egypt would be the safest place to go!

  8. tasha

    Definitely Greece. We were supposed to go on our honeymoon, but for some reason we went to Holland instead (which was still fantastic), but I dream of seeing the Aegean and eating fresh sardines with a glass of something alcoholic and refreshing. *sigh* i just glanced up at my flourescent lit office ceiling and am now officially depressed.

  9. Anne

    My boyfriend and I would go to Ireland (like we’ve been promising each other since we got together 2 years ago). His family came over during the potato famine and we’re both interested in researching his family before the move and absorbing as much Irish history as we possibly can. Also, I promised him we’d skip over to England and I’d take him to the London theater for a night. :)

    And that kit is so amazingly cute! <3

  10. Emily

    If I could go anywhere, I would absolutely go to Greece. Everywhere you look is like a beautiful postcard! And delicious food to boot! :)

  11. Kelli

    Right this instant? I’d ask for a plane ticket to Paris. I need a few mornings of sipping cafe au lait and munching on croissants, then strolling along the Seine until lunch where I linger all afternoon sipping wine. Sigh.

  12. Cara

    I love your suggestions… I am going e-shopping right now!
    I travel a lot already, but am already heading to my dream destination in 2 weeks… Senegal, West Africa to meet all the inlaws that I haven’t met already which includes the 20 or so cousins that all live in the same house – will need earplugs I’m sure or a lot of rest when I get home.
    Anyway, I have also started my life list and checking them off – thanks for your inspiration!

  13. Lawyerish

    I’m thinking a safari in South Africa at the Singita lodge, followed by some time in Cape Town at Grace Bay. Or hiking a glacier in Alaska. Or biking around with the happy, apple-cheeked people of Denmark. Or hanging out at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo and taking a side trip to Kyoto. Or going back to Vietnam to visit my favorite street vendors. So many choices.

  14. Katie

    Well, if I could go anywhere, I would try to re-do almost any vacation my husband and I have taken. We got married in Jamaica – when Hurricane Dean hit it. And then on the honeymoon, I was hospitalized in Mexico with a lung infection. I passed out in Italy one summer, broke my toe in Arizona, and had a car accident in Georgia.

    I think the common thread is that all these places are warm. So instead of trying to go someplace nice and warm, we should go someplace else. Like Alaska. So that’s my new plan: vacation in Alaska. Where I shall have an igloo fall on me or something equally ignominious. But hey, at least we should be able to see the pretty Northern Lights.

  15. Helen

    Funny…I was going to say I want to go to Vietnam to teach english but it looks like you beat me to it! :)

  16. Suzy

    If I could go anywhere in the world, my husband and I would go to Japan and teach English and leave all sense of responsibility behind.

  17. Lindsey

    New Zealand for a month. At least.

    but honestly, right now, I would go just about anywhere on a vacation… it’s been a while.

  18. doahleigh

    My goal is to go to Europe next year. Specifically France, but I’m open to other ideas too if a good deal comes along. But Europe: must go there.

  19. soren024

    I would go to NYC, duh! Or maybe Jamaica. Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the redwood forests … I can’t decide, but I promise to go SOMEWHERE …

  20. ken

    When the kids were smaller my wife and I claimed the next town over would be a fantastic vacation as long as the kids were with Grandma. Now the kids can pretty much bathe themselves so the need isn’t as pressing. But a trip to the mountains or the beach would be delightful.

    I’m also happy to teach english in a foreign country if they are happy to ignore the fact things such as “the comma” don’t seem to exist in my world.

  21. Erin N.

    I’d go see my husband, he’s Down Under for a three week business trip right now. I got to go with him last time, and I miss him!

  22. Stephanie

    I would love these things! If I HAVE to do something amazing if I win, I’ll make the sacrifice!

  23. Lindsay

    I’m going to England for two weeks at the end of the month, but my dream destination du jour is Peru. I want to see some ruins and some rain forests and damnit, I want to eat a guinea pig!

  24. Jamie

    I’d take my husband to Europe for a few weeks. I’ve been twice but he’s never had the chance, and there’s so much I want to share with him!

  25. Laura

    Since I’ve got ah honeymoon coming up, the “go anywhere” question is quite pertinent at the moment. Now, if I could only choose between Argentina, Machu Picchu, Barcelona, Hawaii, and the south of France . . .

  26. Rebecca

    To Australia to visit a koala sanctuary. One of these days, I will actually pet a koala.

  27. Danielle

    I pack up my husband and daughter (19 months)and head to NYC (just to get us started), then off to Northern France, Greece, and Israel. You might as well plan big.

  28. Erin

    Right now, my dream trip is to go to Australia/Singapore/Thailand – I’m going to need at least 2 months to do it right.

  29. Jen T

    I would go to Australia! It’s always on my list but I feel like I’ll never get there because the airfare from the US is usually so high. Japan is a close second, for similar reasons.

  30. Mary

    I would go back to Rome, but this time I would bring my husband with me. I’m dying to go back.

  31. alissa

    A trip to Olema, CA got cancelled back in Feb due to my husband being laid off, so I’m still dreaming about the coast, the cottage, the wine, the grass fed beef, the cheese, the farmer’s markets… I would go there, in an instant!

  32. Michelle

    If I could go anywhere, I would go to Ireland. I’ve been wanting to go for years but have never been able to save enough to enjoy the trip. That and my boyfriend is afraid that if I end up going there, I’ll never want to come back!! :)

  33. Lee

    My 9-year-old daughter wants to go to Spain and I couldn’t be happier! The people, the wine, the food, the culture…did I mention wine? It seems like the perfect place to open her eyes to how big this world really is.

  34. Meg

    I’d throw the dopp kit in my huge hiking backpack and head to Peru. I want to see the jungles, rivers and mountains. And that pillow and lovely candle would come in handy when I end up sleeping on the ground in a shack on the edge of a cliff.

  35. Jen

    My boyfriend and I just talked about this last night … we want to buy a sailboat and sail around the world. Neither of us know a thing about sailing, but I don’t see why that has to stop us.

  36. Jen

    A small, secluded beach on St. Thomas. With only my husband and a bucket of ice cold beer. And nothing on the agenda for the day (or week, for that matter)!

  37. Lindsey

    I have been loving your life list. Thanks for sharing! I have always wanted to leave in one direction and come home from another, a little ’round the world action. :)

  38. Kristin

    Far, far away…So, many choices. First on the list is Turkey, then Greece, Italy and then France. A girl has to have a dream, right?

  39. Kritty

    NY for the US Open in Sept. followed by at least two weeks in England/Scotland/Ireland!!! Make it happen!

  40. Ellie

    Ever since we saw Michael Palin’s amazing travel adventures, we have wanted to go around the world on a container ship. The other day, we finally found a way to do it; now, we just have to save up for ten years!

  41. Sinda

    I’m such an Anglophile – I want to spend an entire summer in the countryside of England, walking, pub-hopping, and taking in the sites. Then, Christmas in London.

  42. famousamy

    I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt. My husband and I had hoped to go there for our honeymoon, but because of government rules and regs (he’s from England and moved to the States for me.. awww) we couldn’t. So I think I’d like to go there to have a second honeymoon.

  43. KC

    Hmmmm… where would I go… I think the answer to that question changes on a daily basis for me – today I’m gonna go with IRELAND!

  44. Claire

    When I stop to think about where I’d like to go, I realise how many countries I still want to visit. I’d really like to take my husband to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Southern Spain to show him where I used to live as a student but ultimately, I’d like to holiday in the Maldives in one of those wooden villas on stilts over the ocean. It just seems to idyllic, peaceful and so so beautiful.

  45. sarah

    i would fly myself and my best friend to some amazing beach with azure water and umbrellas in all the drinks. :)

  46. Annika

    My favorite scented candle was discontinued about five seconds after I discovered it. Typical.

    If I could go anywhere at all, I’d go to Sicily.

  47. Kirsty

    Fabulous loot! I have a list: my home is South Africa and most of my family are there so that’s always my first choice. My sister is in Australia so that is a tie.
    I fantasize about Italy and Greece though as my grandmother was Italian and my grandfather was Greek. I must, must, must go there.

  48. Laura D-S

    The husband and I want to go lots of places, I think he wants to go back to Aruba which is where we got engaged. I would also settle with Hawaii, Greece, Turkey, France, Italy…

  49. Kate

    My husband and I stumbled upon the Adventure Tripssection of the REI website the other day, and hoooo boy am I in trouble now. We found a 19 day trip tthrough Nepal. I would totally take this trip tomorrow – it sounds like such a radically different cultural experience. You basically hike for most of the trip and have an opportunity to visit Everest Base Camp, visit spiritual temples and possibly even stay with the Sherpas in their homes! And holy moly, it’s cheap. But then we looked at the airfare, which literally costs as much as the actual 19 day trip.

    I could write a Mighty Life List of 1000 places I’d like to visit, though. This is just the most recent addition.

    P.S. I’m insanely jealous of your Intel Fairy Godmother and have spent too much time recently pondering how I can either become A) Independently wealthy or B) Maggie Mason. At any rate, I’m enjoying living vicariously through you!

  50. Cass

    I have some big flights ahead of me. I would so love your kit. Especially that little red back – so cute.

  51. Kate

    Italy, I think. Like many of the other commenters I was inspired by your Life List to start one of my own. Here’s to dreaming big!

  52. Chi Mancuso

    I have a trip planned to London in September but I’ve always dreamt of teaching English in Vietnam. Thanks for all the great ideas !

  53. agnieszka

    english in vietnam, huh? how convenient, seeing as i speak english and actually want to travel to vietnam more than anywhere else. i would be thrilled to be there because it’s beautiful and my husband would be thrilled to be there because he could have pho for breakfast, pho for lunch and pho for dinner and in between, he could snack on pho.

  54. Heather

    Cork City, Ireland. I spent a year there in college and there’s a particular pub on a tiny street near the bus station that pulls the best pint of Murphy’s stout (made in Cork) that I’ve ever had.

  55. catherine f

    Vis, Croatia — it is a little island off the coast. Hardly anyone speaks English and there are no tourists. It’s heaven!

  56. Alex

    I would love to go to Turkey, although I don’t think I could go to Eastern Europe and confine myself to one country. Now would be the pefect time, before we have our second child in December!

  57. AppleTree

    Oddly enough, I am an English teacher, so English in Vietnam wouldn’t be outside of my comfort zone. ;)

    If I could go anywhere, I’d go to Fiji. Preferably somewhere with a private grass hut where I could just be for a few weeks.

  58. Jill

    Everywhere in Greece! Then jaunt over to Phuket, and Thailand. And then, as required, I’d stop in Vietnam to teach english. On the way home, I “stay over” in Europe for a couple months. Where in Europe? Who needs a plan, beyond knowing it’ll be a couple months?

  59. Jessica

    The next trip we want to do is Peru, to see machu picchu. But going to Vietnam is on the list too, so I am sure I could squeeze in some english lessons while there.

  60. Carrie

    Great stuff! Hands down, I would take my family to Paris. I salivate just thinking about it. sigh….

  61. Sarah Beth

    I’d be flying to Iceland with my husband, as opposed to painting the bathroom in the heat of the South right now….

  62. Melanie

    I really want a nice, relaxing vacation – maybe some nice South Pacific island!

  63. Courtney

    Gosh, I have so much student loan debt it’s prevented me from doing the travel I’d love to do. So, I have to say, I’d start by going to Paris.

  64. Courtney

    Do I have to only choose one place to go???

    Hmm, maybe China. My fiance’s grandmother is from there, so I’d love to see where she grew up.

  65. Neisha

    If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Paris. I have dreamt about going there all my life and I wish to be able to visit with my darling husband some day. After watching the movie “Amelie” I knew that Paris was the ultimate destination.

  66. Amanda

    Sad but true….I would take my children to Disney World. We have been saving in change in our piggy banks for a while now.

  67. Leonora

    There are soooo many places I would go, but given the chance, the first place would probably be England…

  68. Audrey

    Florence. I backpacked around Europe in college, but due to some misguided desire to keep the home bf happy I skipped Florence on the promise he would take me back.

    Six years later, still never made it.


  69. Natalie

    omg–if I win, it means that God is telling me to quit my job and wait tables in Europe? If I really win, I am going to contemplate that.
    The south of France is calling me….

  70. Beverly

    I want to go to Denmark so bad. I saw a great Danish movie recently and now I am obsessed. Winning this kit would be a sign that I should go.

  71. aubriane

    Oh my, my, my.
    Once I have the money and the time? I will be traveling to every music festival I can. Bonnaroo, Coachella, Outside Lands, Rock am Ring, Glastonbury, Roskilde, Iceland Airwaves. And while I’m at it, I can cross “visit Japan while the cherry trees are blooming” and “soak in a hot spring in Iceland” off my own life list.
    Oh my, my, my.

  72. Susie

    I’d like to find my husband’s family in Italy. There is a little village where they all live and own a pasta factory. No joke. How awesome would that be?

  73. Shannon

    I love these lists! I would first go to Peru. After that, there’s no telling…

  74. ChaEsq

    I’d return to London, and instead of zipping thru the entire city in 3 1/2 days, I would take my time and soak it all in …

  75. sarah

    I’m practicing dreaming big with you (I’ve already taken a tap class – awesome & I’m doing it again soon!) We’re looking into one of those REI adventure trips & these items would be lovely!

  76. Heather

    Fiji, without a doubt. Relaxing, beautiful and serene. And who couldn’t use a little serenity these days?


  77. Chrissie

    I’d visit some family in County Galway, Ireland – the loveliest place in the world!

  78. Anne Marie

    What a great kit. I adore everything here, and I know my soon-to-be husband would be over the moon for that slot radio. I’ve been slowly assembling items for our upcoming honeymoon (check off one item for the wedding, check off one travel item) and have been coveting a bunch of things from Flight 001, so everything here would be perfect.

    I’m so lucky that we’re going to two places I have always wanted to go for the honeymoon—Barcelona and Rome. :) But, if I had to pick one place to go right now, I would choose Costa Rica. Our friends just came back from there and had a fantastic time. Plus, it was just named as the happiest nation in the world in an article on CNN. Who couldn’t use more happy?! :)

    P.S. Your blog is great and I like the new design. I’m so happy for you that your Mighty Life list is being sponsored. How wonderful! Enjoy every minute!

  79. Kristie Bell

    Oh my, there are so many places I have yet to see … but I’d say Greece is at the top of the list.

  80. Allisone

    If I could go anywhere …

    But I have to say – this is my quick retreat of choice. http://www.sanctuarywoodstock.com/ You’d love it. The Church was converted into a residence by one of the people who started the Village Voice and was the site of many, many of “those parties” in Woodstock in the 60s. The lady who owns it is absolutely delightful.

  81. Meadow

    How timely, I was just dreaming of a vacation. I would either go back to France or to Greece. Or maybe just to visit the family in Hawaii…

  82. Erin

    I want my son, husband, dogs, and me to spend 6 months on a sailboat sailing all over the world.

  83. Clarissa

    Right about now I’m desperately needing a loungy, beach vacation….French West Indies, Crete, Greece or Portofino, Italy perhaps. Feeling more relaxed just thinking about it! Bon Voyage!

  84. Vicky

    If I could go anywhere, it would be to Paris. My husband and I went on our honeymoon there two years ago and we’re both in love with being in love there.

  85. amandarin

    My boyfriend has never had the opportunity to travel, so if I could go anywhere I’d pack us a bag and show him all my favorite places around the world. After that, we’d set off to find some new favorite places together!

  86. Melinda

    If I could go anywhere right now I would go with my husband to visit our friend in Oklahoma. We miss him a lot since he moved for his job and I know he is lonely and could use the company.

  87. Mairead

    If I could go anywhwere, it would be to visit friends and family all over Ireland. Conveniently enough, I will be doing just that at the end of the summer, so I could really use this kit!

  88. diana

    Thank you for this great and thoughtful travel kit. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Egypt.

  89. Ashley

    If I could go anywhere, regardless of money, it would be Tahiti. My husband and I both scuba dive, and Tahiti is, like, the _world’s best_ dive site. We’d stay in one of those fabulous huts out on the ocean and scuba every day. Mmmm…perfection.

  90. dani

    Where wouldn’t I want to go? My boyfriend and I just spent a week in Washington DC visiting museums full of history so I’d like to go back to Europe and spend more time seeing and doing things and less time getting drunk. But I’d also love a wine tour in France, diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, skiing in the Alps, exploring the ruins in Central America or getting sushi in Japan.

    So many things to do in this world with so little time to do them all. Perhaps I should start my own life list.

  91. Angela

    We’d circumnavigate the globe, hitting Montreal, London to see a friend, and then head over to my birth place in Germany (on my new year’s birthday, of course). After a month there we’d pop over to Moscow, then down to Israel & Palestine, India, Indonesia (another friend who just opened a fabulous cafe). On our returning leg, we’d spend another month in our beloved Beijing, which has such great character. Then a month in Japan, with a quick stop in San Francisco and LA to see friends on the way home to Houston.

    Of course, this is just the northern hemisphere circumnavigation. We’re still working on the details of the southern hemisphere, but definitely Australia, Peru (to work at my college mentor’s charity), and South Africa (more friends.)

    Such wanderlust. Maggie’s bag will certainly come in handy.

  92. Teresa

    I would go to Greece! It is the one place I’d love to visit since my great grandfather is the one who came from Greece to American which in turn made my life possible.

  93. Lenore

    Vietnam sounds nice… but I *really* want to go to Lebanon. I’ve been all over the Middle East, but never there… and the culture, politics, geography and history of the place just fascinate me.

  94. NN

    I’ve had the chance to travel a bit, but always for work, which means you don’t really get to see anything except the hotel room.

    I have the BEST road trip planned, but just need the opportunity to take it!

    Across the US/Canada, hitting parks – Glacier, Grand Teton, Jasper (Banff), Yoho, (Canada) over to Vancouver, then to Crater Lake, Sequoia, down the California coast, into the desert – Grand Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Mesa Verde oh I could go on!

    My camera is already charged!

  95. Melissa

    The list is long… Peru, Argentina, Italy, Greece, India, South Africa… ticking off these one at a time is taking a while. Maybe you are on to something with the whole quit-job-wait-tables-in-Europe idea. I am also agreeable to teaching English just about anywhere too.

  96. Maggie

    If I could go anywhere right now, my answer would be Peru (the answer changes day to day though!)

    A conversation my friend just had her boyfriend:

    Boyfriend: I can’t believe you’ve never been to Peru!?
    Friend: I can’t believe YOU’VE never been to CANADA!

    She wins… he’s lived within six hours of the border his whole life.

  97. ChrisBL

    My husband and I want to go on a tennis tour — Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in NYC!

  98. Sarah

    I’d definitely go to Australia! Well, once I have this baby — it’s too long a trip for a pregnant person.

  99. Erin

    I would go to Not Buffalo. Does that count? Like I’d head to downtown Anywhere But Buffalo.

  100. Kimberly

    I want to go to Hawaii. Ever since I saw that Brady Bunch episode when I was a kid (I know, I know), I’ve wanted Hawaii, but somehow it always seems just out of reach.

  101. Lisa

    England. I must have lived there in a past life. Not that I believe in that sort of thing but when I am near Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, the hair on my arms stands on end. Weird.

    And I married an Englishman. Go figure.

  102. Karen

    ooh, Maggie’s bag would have SO come in handy when my husband & I were stationed in Europe & traveling all the time! Now we don’t travel quite as much, and actually have a list of US places we want to see: redwoods in California, Florida Keys, Grand Canyon…(seriously, I’ve been to Paris 5 times, but have never. seen. the Grand Canyon!)

  103. b

    I work in Tanzania so my go-to vacation is Zanzibar! I am desperately in need of a go-to travel kit! :)

  104. Mary

    My husband owes me a trip to London. We were 2 weeks from departure, 20 years ago when he came down with chicken pox. Needless to say the trip was canceled and never rescheduled!

  105. Ariel

    Costa Rica – for surfing, swimming, exploring the jungle and a lovely relaxing time!

  106. Christi

    I’ve been dreaming about Edinburgh from reading all of the Alexander McCall Smith books (the ones set in Scotland, of course). Although, this time of year I always want to head up to the arctic circle and see some Northern Lights. So, I’d go to Scotland via the far North!

  107. Jessica

    I’d love to go back to London. I went in high school but I didn’t have freedom to do what I wanted and we spent a lot of time doing lame theatre classes.

  108. Valeta

    Love it!

    I would go to France. I have always wanted to go there since I was a little girl. It would be hard to get husband to go with me, but I’d find a way.

  109. Sharon

    I’d go to Spain! My brother is there right now and I am so jealous! A young son and home business keep me here but I am a gypsy in my mind!

  110. Liz

    I’d love to move to another country permanently… but I’d settle for a long trip to Spain or a return trip to Italy.

  111. Jennifer

    My husband and I are dying to go to japan. Preferably in the spring to see the blossoms. But really, we’d go whenever. We’re not that picky.

  112. JT

    Anywhere?! OK, I choose Australia. I’ve often been intimidated by the flight prices and a general feeling that maybe life there wouldn’t be as different and other-y as I prefer when I travel, at least in the city. But this is nonsense.

    So I will go to Australia, and photograph a kangaroo.

    Also? I think that taking a recently laundered pillowcase from home is my number one favorite travel item. It makes any hotel room feel and smell like home.

  113. Sarah

    I like to imagine that you show up, Ed MacMahon-style, at my door and tell me that I can go anywhere. (Instead of a suit and big glasses, you’re wearing something cute and vintage-y, with a splash of H&M.) The only catch is I have to go right now. No passing go (or my closet for a new outfit).

    I’d grab my camera bag and passport, and go to Egypt to see the Nile, and the Pyramids. State Department warnings be damned.

  114. Krista

    I would go to India. My boyfriend’s sister+family is there so we have been saving for it. I am so excited to go.

  115. Kate

    Costa Rica!!! It’s top on my list. Though I’ll be in Maine much sooner and probably in Seattle before I get to Costa Rica but SOMEDAY, darn it, SOME DAY.

  116. mjb

    I’d go to Tokyo, but I’d never complain about a second trip to Vietnam! Really I love anywhere in Asia.

  117. Janell

    I would love to visit everywhere in the world, but lately I’ve been wanting to visit Iceland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Greece, and Hawaii. I was thinking of taking a 3-week study abroad course just for a good excuse!

  118. Sarah

    I don’t want to jinx myself with where I really want to go (hopefully will have opportunity soon), so I’ll say Buenos Aires, which has always been high on my travel list.

  119. Jamie

    I would go to New Zealand and ski. On water or on snow or on the backs of small animals. Whatever’s convenient.

  120. Janice

    My eight year old wants to go to ancient Greece. I told him unless he invents a time machine he will have to settle for the non ancient version. :)

  121. Kat

    I am lucky enough to be going on my dream trip in August! Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam! We are going to be in the air 24 hours there and 24 hours back. Important question: how many airplane-sized wine bottles fit in the dopp kit?

  122. Megan

    If I could go anywhere, I would go to Mundgod, India and teach English to the Tibetan refugee children living there.

  123. Michelle

    I’ve definitely been inspired by your life list and have created my own. A dream trip for me would be to go to go Ireland and Great Britain, especially Scotland. I want to shop and visit pubs, see everything there is to see!

  124. Emily

    Southern California. Never been and it’s been awhile since i have been on a beach. I need some serious, sun, sand, and cocktail right now.

  125. kat

    Well, I am going to India in about 6 weeks so this would be perfect. Totally excited, overwhelmed & scared at the same time.

    I would love to go to China next

  126. Ashley

    I would head to Istanbul to revisit honeymoon memories of early calls to prayer and daily schwarma sandwiches.

  127. Jen

    The kit is SO cute! Perfect for a long flight….which is what I would need if I could go where I wanted to go: to go on a backpacking trip trhough Chile and Argentina and visit the glacier and provincial park in Patagonia.

  128. Susan

    I would go to Denmark with my mom so she could see where her parents were born and grew up.

  129. Dan

    I’d go to Morgan’s Point, Texas and teach my 85 year old grandmother how to use a computer.

    Before I go to Vietnam to teach english.

    God I love their sandwiches.

  130. shauna

    I would follow the Motorcycle Grand Prix around Europe for the summer season, watching every race and eating a lot of fancy ham and gelato!

  131. Meghan

    I want to loose myself in Paris for a week. It is cliche, I know. But, I love wandering the streets.

  132. Marissa

    Going to England has always been a dream of mine, so it’s the first place I’d go.

    Love the travel comfort kit ideas!

  133. Karen

    If I could go anywhere, I would probably go to Egypt, which is convenient because I’m going there in October. I’ve been saving money for 2 years for this trip, and, after booking and paying for it, I still can’t believe I’m going. I hope to win this set because I’ll need it for the plane ride over. Hello 10 hours in a coach seat!

  134. Michelle

    Oh, I would go to France with my boyfriend. First stop — southern France to visit the family he stayed with for six months while studying abroad and to gorge ourselves on shrimp. Then Paris. Oh, Paris. I can hear your siren call.

  135. Kristen

    I’m headed to India next month! Other than that, my dream vacation is to go to Thailand at some point.

  136. Kate B.

    Since you said ANYWHERE AT ALL, I would take a trip to Antarctica. I want to cross all seven continents off my list and Antarctica poses the most challenges, which makes it the go-to answer to wish-questions like this.

  137. gesikah

    I can’t decide. Greece, Alaska, Italy, UK, the entirety of Asia, Hawaii, New Zealand.

    If I had to choose RIGHT NOW, I would probably choose to actually forgo the plane, and take a cross-country road trip with my husband.

  138. Emma

    NYC at Christmastime…or California to visit my grandparents. It’s been too long.

  139. Kathy

    Going anywhere sounds good to me right now. It’s funny that someone just commented that they’d go to Costa Rica because I’ve been hearing about how great it is recently from various people. That or Vegas. Either one.

  140. Cait

    My best friend and I are going on a road trip in August. Every one of these things would be massively useful in our rental car.

  141. ktbuffy

    If I could go anywhere, I’d grab the husband and set off for several weeks touring around Australia and New Zealand. No internet, no phones, no obligations — just great people, fantastic sights, and my sweetie.

  142. Rossy

    Istanbul (Not constantinople!) via Florence, never been to the first, but have terrific memories of the latter when it was just the husband and me, before babies made travel ‘challenging’.

  143. Leah

    I’d definitely have to go to Eygpt, the pyramids have been calling my name for years.

  144. Rebekah

    I do hope I win so I can take it as a sign to quit the job I’m in and finally do something I love – I don’t know that waiting tables in Europe is it, but maybe running away to Barbados and working in a low-stress/highly-physical job outdoors is the thing for me. But I’d also settle for a short camping vacation in the Grand Canyon. :) It’s nice to dream…

  145. BreAnn

    My dream vacation would be to Greece. I will make it there one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  146. Samantha

    I would go to Antarctica and scuba dive, where the water is so clear you can see for hundreds of feet. I want to see the 9/10ths of an iceberg that is not visible. And maybe a few swimming penguins.

  147. Tara

    Hmm… I’ve always wanted to do a several-weeks (months?)-long B&B hop of Ireland, Scotland and Wales to trace my ancestry. And maybe never come back.

  148. ~beautyandjoy~

    We were juat talking about this over sushi, my husband and I! My kids want to hike the Grand Canyon but we want to take them on a sailboat trip around the Med and then take them to Cinque Terre. Or to Auckland because they have never been to where their Daddy is from. Or to Geneva where we want live someday. Or to Amsterdam…Do I have to choose one? Cinque Terre.

  149. Buffy

    Where would I go? Toughy. I would really like to go to Ireland- Dublin, maybe; my husband is of Irish descent and we’d both like to see where his family came from.

    In that same vein I’d like to go to Oklahoma to see where Geronimo is buried, as I am descended from him.

    I’d also like to go to Costa Rica again; that trip was the first and only time I’ve been out of the country and I don’t think I took full advantage of the trip.

  150. laurie

    Since I went to Hanoi last year, I’ve wanted to go back to Vietnam, and teaching English would be groovy.

    I also want to go to Australia. And London. And everywhere else. :)

  151. dorrie

    Is it too, too boring of me to say Kauai, Hawai’i? I know it’s a bit pedestrian, what with the easy peasy English speaking and all, but what can I say? PARADISE.

  152. BOSSY

    If Bossy could go anywhere at all it would be sailing around Scandinavia. Bossy is all about the chilly nights and the midnight sun. Except Bossy is sort of over boats, so maybe Bossy would prefer to sail around Scandinavia in a hotel room.

  153. Annabelle

    Oh, and right now if I could go anywhere it would be bed. Or Italy. Definitely Italy.

  154. dawnl

    If I could go ANYWHERE…I would assume that I would have a limitless budget…so a month long tour of Europe. First Class of course.

  155. Susan Lerner

    If I could go anywhere I would go to Amsterdam with my husband. It is his favorite city. I’ve never been and would so enjoy making some memories there with him.

    Thanks Maggie!

  156. srah

    Well, if I have to go teach English in Vietnam, I guess I’d better go to Vietnam. If not… Botswana. I haven’t been to Africa yet!

  157. Megan C.

    I would get back to California. Not the most faraway place, but I’ve only really been when I was a kid to see the sights. I want to get back and do Yosemite, San Fran, the coastline.. and bring my husband with me!

  158. Christine

    I’d go to Spain and learn flamenco. Okay, that’s a lie. I’d sign up for lessons but never go, but I would wear flamenco shoes and eat lots of chorizo

  159. Liz

    Iceland…or the East Coast of the United States. Been on the left coast my whole life!

  160. Toni

    I would go to Canada next year for the Olympic games. It’s on my life list! :) Have fun this week!

  161. allison M.

    I would love to go to Greece! I have never traveled overseas though, so anywhere is fine by me!

  162. Maria

    I really, really want to go to China, specifically Chengdu and hang out with pandas.

  163. Rua

    Great travel kit! I would go to London. I went as a wee tyke, but I was too young to fully appreciate it. I’d love to go back and revisit landmarks and make new memories!

  164. Beth

    I’d be happy to be a lot of other places right now…anywhere but my desk in my dark, windowless office.
    – A cottage in Maine near the ocean
    – A secluded cabana on a white sandy beach (exact location not important)
    – Backpacking through Europe
    – Cuba
    – The Boundary Waters
    – Costa Rica

    I’m open…

    Thanks, Mighty!

  165. Amelia

    A one bedroom cabin overlooking the water on the coast of British Columbia. With husband, wood burning stove, red wine, a deck of cards and 10 days of no plans.

  166. tinyzero

    Hmmm. At this point, probably Prague, Edinburgh, or Manchester. I have some unfinished business in Manchester…

  167. Corrinne

    I would fly back to the UK to visit my mum. I live in the US now and don’t get to see her.
    Ooh, or I’d go to Japan. Or Belgium. Or Mexico! I’m not picky. Anywhere would be nice really.

  168. Alison

    Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s an amazing old city and the Adriatic is a beautiful sea.

  169. Jane

    First – to DC to drop off the kids with Grandma and Grandpa.
    Second – my husband and I to the Scandanavian countries and part of Russia.

  170. Gaby

    I would return to Igls, Austria. I visited that city while on a study abroad trip, and it was beautiful, quiet, and filled with kind people. I would love to share that place with my husband. Thanks for the opportunity to win, Maggie!

  171. Bethany

    OOOOOh – somewhere near the water. I realize this is pedestrian, but I haven’t been out of town in over a year and I’ll take anything I can get.

  172. Mara

    I’d go back to the Alhambra in Spain in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, most of my traveling is going to conferences.

  173. Dodi

    Venice, Italy.
    With only 58 days until I turn 40 I’ve left it a little late to do anything spectacular in the countdown, but I am going to finally apply for a passport. This bag goes very well with that concept.

  174. Amanda

    Because I am 6 weeks away from my due date with Baby #2, I wish I could be in Las Vegas by the pool sipping a mimosa in a hot little bikini. But let’s be real… I’d go to France in a heartbeat and hike through the South of France.

  175. Becky Emmett

    Assuming I had the time and babysitters in place, I’d love to check out the Greek Isles. Now, any chance you can help with that whole time/babysitting thing? :)

  176. Marianne

    Oh I would take my boyfriend across Canada. Since we moved to the north (Yukon) we need to see the rest of the south to remind us of how Canada is beautiful south of 60 too! :-)

    Home sweet home!

  177. Josie

    I need to get myself to Latin America. Anywhere really but Costa Rica, Argentina and Chile are frontrunners. Mi corazon esta en America Latina!

  178. Valerie

    My real dream, expensive-as-anything, may-never-happen destination is Norway. I want to hike, see fjords, see other green things and buy a rumoured $6 apple.

  179. Rebecca

    I’ve been wanting to go to NYC since I was 17 (that was a long time ago!) and I want to go desperately badly. I cannot explain why I haven’t made the trip yet. So, either there or to Berlin to visit my college roommate.

  180. Donna

    I need to go anywhere with a beach and an ocean and some sun. I am so not picky about where this needs to be!!!

  181. Lisa

    Well, I had always wanted to go to St. Martin and now have a trip there planned for this October so this kit could really come in handy!

    Other than that, I’d love to visit Ireland, wander around Paris, stroll the streets of Italy… I’d go anywhere.

  182. Kelley Q

    If I could go anywhere I’d go to Wyoming! I love horses and big beautiful skies. But, if I went I don’t know if I’d make it back—sounds too good to be true!

  183. Emily T.

    I would finally take a trip to Italy…I’ve been wanting to go for years, but something always seems to come up…

  184. Erin

    I have never been off the continent, so I think I would visit Europe. I especially want to see Ireland.

  185. Karyn

    I would like to go to Africa to visit my Compassion International sponsored child! :)

  186. Emily Claire

    JAPAN! I’m getting married next year, and our dream honeymoon would be to fly into Tokyo for some culture, shopping and huge city madness, then fly to Osaka for food and a sumo match, the maybe a week in the country side for a bit of Zen. Of course ideally, I’d like to see Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam also, then go back to Thailand and Singapore, but I guess I will take what I can get!

  187. Elisabeth

    It’s not dramatic, but more than anything I want to go to Campobello Island, in down-down-down-east Maine, and watch the sunrise in an Adirondack chair while I’m swaddled in fleece and dip my feet in a frigid Maine ocean and look for seaglass and eat lobster twice a day and feel my heart crack open a little wider.

  188. Catie

    Maybe back to Dublin? Or off to Canada to see what all those awesome Canadian bloggers keep talking about!

  189. Dawn

    I would take my husband and 10 month old to Ireland and then to Germany to see where my family came from! And after I think I would take them to Sicily. I went to Sicily a few years back for work and it was beyond awesome and I have been dying to go back, but this time with my family.

  190. Kris

    This is an awesome travel kit! Hmmm, if I could go anywhere right now I think I’d pick the Netherlands to visit friends who moved there last year.

  191. Amy

    anywhere in the WORLD? Greece, obviously. or wherever you recommend, since you’ve been around the block a time or two.

  192. Emily

    I would also love to take a trip to Paris… something I’ve dreamed about for years and years. I’m planning on going once I’m finished with my degree as a little ‘good job, self,’ trip. :)

  193. Andrea

    Too adorable. I would go back to Sevilla, claro.

    Or maybe Prague. I just like the idea of going to Prague for some reason.

  194. Brandi

    I would go to Delaware because that is where al my family and dearest friends are and I miss them terribly.

  195. Alex

    Anywhere at all? Egypt, I think. I was named after Alexandria, and I learned to read hieroglyphs in grad school (though I’ve forgotten most of them). Though if I could have time travel as well as space, I’d go adventuring through the Middle Eastern deserts with Gertrude Bell.

  196. Amy

    I really, really, really want to see Mount Everest. I don’t want to climb Mount Everest, I just want to stare up at it. For days.

  197. Tamra

    Too much good stuff… must comment… I would either go to Russia, to see all the gorgeous churches, or to England to indulge my Brit Lit obsession :)

  198. Catherine

    I will totally swap places with any of the commenters who want to come to Ireland! :)

    My dream trip is a two-parter: fjording in Norway and then a plane ride north to see the northern lights in Finland and stay at the ice hotel in Kemi.

  199. Michelle

    Ooh! Those are awesome, and essential.. If I could go anywhere, I’d go to Punta Arenas, Chile.

  200. Renata

    I would go to the Florida Keys – white sand and blue blue water and good ol’ southern hospitality – perfect combination!

  201. Heather

    I would GLADLY go teach English in Vietnam if it meant getting the heck out of dodge for a while. But if my options were broader, I could envision visits to Spain, Mexico, UK, Hawaii, and/or a million other places on the horizon.

  202. Melissa

    I’d go back to San Francisco – my husband and I took our honeymoon there and I LOVED it. I’m a country mouse but I’ve been to a lot of big cities for work and San Francisco is the only place I ever felt really comfortable visiting and was sad to leave.

  203. Chelsea

    I taught English in Taiwan, so I could do Vietnam, why not if I had this travel bag! So many amazing places I want to go, but right this second I am thinking African safari, tree house hotel, exotic animals…

    p.s. Congrats on the Intel sponsor of your life list! So envious (admittedly) and inspired that I rushed out and started jotting down my own which I can’t wait to start checking off!

  204. Kaitlin

    I would go back to Rome in a heartbeat. If winning this means God is telling me to work in a trattoria, so be it. :)

  205. Lydia

    I would drop everything and go to Santorini. I think I’d make my living learning how to make feta cheese.

    Congrats on your new sponsorship!

  206. Bree

    If I won, I would actually take a honeymoon when I get married in September, not just go back to work the following Monday. But I would probably just go to Mexico because I would still be pretty poor.

  207. Jenny

    Peru, India are the big dreams. In the near future–Knoxville, TN-twin godsons at 2 months.

  208. Becky

    I think Italy is next on my list. Not that I’m very far down my list! I could cross off at least one of my life list items, though!

  209. Kelly

    I would go to Italy, along with many other readers it seems. But first I would lose 10 lbs, so that I could stuff myself with yummy pasta, vino, and gelato and still fit into my clothes for the trip home. :)

  210. Kimba

    Oh, I’d go back to Australia in a heartbeat. I spent 4 months studying abroad there, and have longed to take my husband and show him around! Plus, I’ve had a hankering for their mango smoothies for like, uh, over 4 years now. Ahem.

  211. ChrisC.

    What a great travel kit! If I could go anywhere right now, I’d go for a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia — Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, etc. Have a good trip!

  212. Cynthia


    (luckily am getting married in a month and heading there with husband-to-be. but i’d rather be there right now!)

  213. Kait

    We unexpectedly got custody of a family members two daughters, but prior to that my husband and I were planning a month long trek through Ireland and England. While we still hope to do it in the future with our new daughters, it’s been backburnered until the adoption is complete. So if I could go anywhere, it would be that trip that we had planned.

  214. Kim Smith

    If I could go anywhere, I’d take a bicycle tour of Tuscan vineyards. That’s my dream one day.

  215. Maria

    I think I’d actually like to see San Francisco and New York! (But I am in Brazil, so I don’t think I’m eligible for the kit… :( )

  216. rebecca c

    There is a J.W. Waterhouse exhibit going on in London right now at the Royal Academy of the Arts. I would SO go there if I could. With the travel bag, of course.

  217. Lucy

    Internationally, I’d like to go Iceland. Domestically, I’ve been itching to go to Big Bend National Park for years now.

  218. Sandra

    Ever since I went to New Zealand, I feel like I’m seriously offending Australia for not even stepping foot on that continent. Obviously, I need to go snorkeling there.

  219. Cara

    Quitting my job to wait tables in Europe is extremely tempting some days. For that matter, I would go teach English in Vietnam, too.

    But if I had to pick a vacation spot, it would be Paris. Or Bali. Or Greece. Or Brazil. Maybe I should just throw a dart at a map.

  220. greta

    my summer travel plans actually involve doing a cross-country move with a toddler and a cat. fun! i think these travel items would be pretty handy for that, too. but if i could go anywhere? by myself? i’d do a round-the-world trip, stopping in one country on each continent. there are too many places for me to go to pick just one, and at least that way i’d get a taste of a lot of different places. Can you throw a plane ticket into that travel kit too? :)

  221. Kat

    several weeks ago my family was playing a game and this was one of the questions. the answers were secret until revealed, and both of my kids said paris, as did i. so, i’d LOVE to take my kids to paris.

  222. Jenn Bo

    Costa Rica – This is a locale I’ve had on my list for several years. A couple years ago we went to Belize – so I’m getting closer!

  223. Lisa

    Scotland! Or Ireland…..its a tough choice. How about we just say both since I would already be over there for the one anyway….

    I have to say, I love that you are getting to do stuff on your mighty list! I look forward to reading about all the cool things you get to experience over the next few months. Keep up the good work!

  224. Jen

    If I could go anywhere, I’d go island hopping around Greece and Spain with my girlfriends. We’d all find hot Mediterranean med to have scandalous affairs with now that we’re all old and married. Or, we’d drink too much grapa and tell each other how much we love each other in that “drunk girl” way that girls do and then go to bed early. Either way, we’d have a fabulous time.

  225. meg

    I have been dreaming about Buenos Aires for 12 years, since I was studying Spanish in high school. So, that.

  226. Alyia

    New Zealand. In a heartbeat. In an accelerated, whoa-do-you-think-we-should-call-the-doctor heartbeat.

  227. amy

    If money weren’t an option, and I could have a month or two off work, I would visit my very best friend ever who now lives in Oslo, Norway… I would pick her up and then we would travel all over Europe together. Doing fun girlie things. Drinking lots of wine. Eating lots of cheese. And laughing. Oh there would be laughing!

  228. Heather

    Spain, because siestas and sangria are two of my very favorite things. With enough of both, I might forget that I spent this entire summer studying for the bar exam.

  229. Stephanie in Arkansas

    I would like to go to the tippy tip south tip of the Florida Keys. Also, one day, to Cuba.

  230. livlaugheat

    greece. or croatia. or japan. does it include food spending money? if so, definitely japan – i would gorge myself on the best sushi i could get.

  231. Colette

    Paris is my destination of choice. I wanted to go there for my fortieth birthday and never managed it. It’s now been put back on the list to be done for my fiftieth.

  232. Annie

    I would go to Argentina. More specifically to Buenos Aires for the crazy fusion of European and Latin culture.

  233. Sara

    Spain is at the top of my list– I wrote my senior thesis in college on Antoni Gaudi and his architecture, but I’ve never been there to see it in person.

  234. Daffodil Campbell

    I’m responding as much for the shot at teaching in Vietnam as I am for the travel kit !

    If I could go anywhere, I would go to Greece. I have never been, and Oh Baby (as my step dad would say – I love my step dad). My grandmother adored Greece, and I want to go see what all the fuss was about. And maybe renew my wedding vows in one of those mountain top chapels. (Oh Baby !)

  235. zoe

    this is so great maggie! if i could go anywhere in the world i’d go back hoome to the southwest of england (plymouth to be exact) for my granny’s 90 birthday lunch this summer.

  236. Alison

    Ooh I love all these things. I would go to San Francisco first – my best friend lives there, swear I’m not stalking you. Also it happens to be my favorite place even without a best friend.
    Next I would go to New Zealand, Japan, France, and Brazil, with an extended finish in Switzerland.

  237. Alice

    Um, um…. I would go to London with my husband (who I think is actually British despite his birth certificate from New York).

  238. Elaina Winter

    If I could take a trip anywhere, it would be tuscany! Thanks for the free give-aways!! Good luck with your Mighty List!! I think it’s awesome you have the opportunity to do some of the things on your list! I made my own list after reading yours!

  239. Kathleen

    Oh, I hope I win! My mom just got back from Russia and said it’s amazing! Maybe I’ll go there….

  240. Lynne

    Where would I go? Anywhere at all, you say? Anywhere tropical with my husband where we can sip slushy drinks and not have to cut anyone’s meat for a whole week. Parenting young children calls for that sort of vacation from time to time. And it’s definitely Vacation o’clock here!

  241. Martha

    I would go to Machu Picchu with my husband! So lame and predictable, I know, but that’s the way lifetime dreams are :)

  242. Yolanda

    If I could go anywhere it would be Tokyo, Japan. I have been fascinated with that city from afar for decades (!), now. I once said I would go by my 35th birthday, there’s still 1.5 half years to make that happen…

  243. Alicia

    I would do an Ansell Adam’s styled trip of all of the American National Parks with my baby (4.5 months old called Gemma), camera (Canon 30D) and husband (Tony as head sherpa)

  244. kate2.0

    Australia! I went to Sydney twice for work, and I fell in love with the place. “Go back to Australia” is one of the items on my life list. :)

  245. katie

    i don’t know if i could decide…i want to go EVERYWHERE! i had a dream last night i was on the coast of greece and it was pretty fabulous, so i guess i will choose that for this!

  246. Bronwen

    I want to take my husband-in-two-months to Italy. We’ll be having a mini-moon on the California coast just after the September 6th wedding, but once we save up enough, I’m taking him to see where I used to live in Bologna.

  247. gunter

    Dream destinations change so frequently…… i would LOVE to go to Vietnam. please make me go :)
    (This year have also been itching to go the Way Out West Music Festival in Goteborg Sweden – Wilco is playing)

  248. Moose

    I would love to go to Portugal. And do whatever it is people do in Portugal. Hunt for lucky roosters, perhaps?

  249. shoppingsmycardio

    now that’s what a call a travel kit! love the inclusion of the dagoba chocolate, by the way…i’m much less accepting of strangers in close quarters when chocolate’s involved.

    no vacations for me this year…i heart the recession. but if i got to choose, i’d so love to be wandering the streets of florence right now!

  250. Beth

    Absolutely, hands down: Nepal. I need to see Everest with my own eyes. No need to climb the fool thing, though!

  251. Kim

    Sweet prize! I’m leaving Europe after living here for 3 years and heading to Hawaii for a few years there. I’ve got some airline miles ahead of me and that pillow would see some serious drool.

  252. AnEmily

    If I could take a vacation anywhere it would have to be Australia. At least that’s where I’d like to go right this moment. Ask me again in ten minutes.

  253. Liz

    I know it’s a cliche, but there’s a reason clean sandy beaches studded with palm trees is such an inviting image.

  254. Lisa

    Let’s see, I would go to Ireland, then tour the 50 states, and then I would hile the Appalachian Trail. I know you only asked for one, but this is mighty girl, right? :)

  255. Jenn

    I’d take my sister to Cabo for an awesome bachelorette party! (And we’d for sure take that cute little bag; it’s precious.)

    P.S. — I love Tyler Candle Co., especially their “man” scents like Cowboy and Leather.

  256. Lauren

    I would definitely be on a tropical island somewhere… right out of a Corona commercial.

  257. elaine

    i would go to australia or new zealand, because i’ve never been to the southern hemisphere. but i’d go by way of the bay area, so i could see my family.

    crossing fingers…

  258. freddy

    It doesn’t sound glamorous, but more than anything I’d like to head back to Germany to visit dear friends from when I lived there. For a brief post-college period I was visiting regularly but now that we have a house and a kid on the way we can’t afford it. I miss my friends, and their rapidly-growing children, and biking on beautiful bike paths on rolling hills, and good pretzels and pastry with poppy seeds, and being somewhere that feels like a home of sorts, even if it’s not my home at present.

  259. Lindsay

    Fun! And I want to go to Paris. Why have I never been there, huh? WHY, I say?!? :)

  260. alaraca

    I’ve traveled to Bolivia, Spain, and Turkey, among other places, but if I could travel anywhere at all right now, it would be to California to visit my husband who has just started a new job there while I begin a grad school program in Oregon. We would do the 20-mile ride up Mt. Hamilton to watch the condors fly around just above our heads at the Lick Observatory–only this time we would leave very early in the morning, to avoid almost becoming a condor snack by perishing of the afternoon heat one mile from the top. Though the flight would be short, it would be stressful because I’d be leaving my dogs behind. The travel kit would be a delightful comfort.

  261. sharon

    i have a long list of places on my life travel itinerary but here’s a few:
    – tango in argentina
    – volunteer in africa
    – see an opera in italy
    – visit relatives in vietnam

  262. Chris

    I have always wanted to go to Prague, and would like to travel across Europe from there. I grew up in England, but I want to bring my husband along on my European adventures this time.

  263. JD

    I would go to Copenhagen, and I would magically have the equivalent of 10,000 dollars in my pocket, and I would then spend every last bloody cent of it on classic scandanvian design that I could lovingly stroke until the end of my days while exuding an aura of class.

    And all of it would match my new luggage tags.

  264. Diana

    There are so many places I would love to go – it’s hard to pick just one… but I think the top of the list would have to be Greece. I’ve always wanted to go there. I think it looks so beautiful and there is so much history

  265. Emily

    Fiji for sure…I think that travel kit will keep me good company on the 13 hour flight!

  266. Kat

    Hmm… anywhere… I think I would travel to Fiji or Greece… I can’t pick! Alright… Greece, but you are twisting my arm.

  267. Sarah L.

    I’ve been feeling an urge lately to visit Macchu Picchu. After that, I’d take a boat trip down the Amazon into Brazil. Tropical diseases, I am so ready for you!

  268. Portia

    I think I would have to Sweden. I’m part swedish and I took a semester of svenska.

  269. Meg B

    Oh, oh, pick me! Because I am in fact quitting my job, not to wait tables in Europe, but to travel around and have fabulous adventures in Europe. And I think these adventures would be 100% more fabulous if I had that eyeshade and neck pillow. Please and thank you!

  270. Lisa K

    Patagonia! Chile, Argetina, Bolivia, Peru would be an ideal trip (and a nice LONG trip)…

  271. Rebecca

    If I could go anywhere at all, it would be to Portugal for two weeks, then to Prague, then to Italy. Hey, you didn’t give me a time limit! :0)

  272. Kimberly

    This is SO great! If I could go anywhere…so hard to choose! I’d like to see it all. However, I am particularly inspired by checking out the ruins in Peru. So that!

  273. Jennifer

    I would take my orange-haired and freckled 11-year old daughter on a cycling trip to Ireland. We’d start with the Dingle peninsula…

  274. Lisa

    I want to go to so many places! I think the top f my list, however has to be Italy. Tour the whole country, but especially stopping by Calabria where my ancestors are from.

  275. monica

    I’ve been dreaming of Turkey for years now. East meets West. Hookahs and bellydancers and prayers and Cappadoccia and Turkish baths. Could I be exempt from teaching English in Vietnam? I already spent two years teaching English in China! Been there, done that. Just send me to Turkey, please!

  276. Kristen

    Bora Bora. In one of those little cabanas over the water. With a nice adult beverage.

  277. Yulia

    If I win, I am going to Italy and taking the scented candle with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cute kit!

  278. Erin

    Greece. (In my head that sounded like Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeece!) It’s calling to me and has been for months now. Time to make it a reality!

  279. Erica

    If I could go anywhere in the whole wide world, I would go to Japan. Love the food, love the people, love the culture, love the history! Too bad my bank account can’t swing it. Maybe one day…..

  280. Brenda

    The luggage tags are fantastic.

    I would hop onto a plane to Australia in an instant. And then head to New Zealand from there. Or maybe Italy. Choices, choices…

  281. Erika

    I would look super chic with all these goods on an African Safari!!!!Yipee! Pick me!

  282. Madison

    I think Italy would be lovely! Although, as others have said, perhaps not in mid-July… ;)

  283. Mfree

    Love, love love! the luggage tags!
    If I could go anywhere.. Barcelona! A little sangria by the sea, some nice olives. mmmm.

  284. Dawn

    If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to Vietnam. To teach English. Aaaaaaand, in more selfish news, I would really go Italy and eat for a month straight.

  285. Jenny

    I’d love to go visit my best friend in Argentina when he moves there next month :( But at least now I have a reason to go!!

  286. Erin

    My grandmother has travelled the world a few times over and always returns to Peru. So if I were to go anywhere in the world I would go find out what makes it her favourite spot.

  287. molly

    My boyfriend and I are unfortunately going to be plagued by the dreaded Long Distance Relationship soon, because I have to leave Ireland and finish up my last year of college in the States. All I want to do is come back to see him as soon as possible! And as a frequent traveler, that bag? Ideal.

  288. amy

    Our schedule is jammed full of travel this summer. All places we want to go, obviously, but nothing extravagant. If we’re talking extravagant, I would love to go to New Zealand or the Galapagos Islands.

  289. Melissa

    Istanbul — and then on to the rest of Turkey. I can’t think of anything better than ferrying across the bosphorus all day long “ooh look I’m in Europe”….”oh no, I mean I’m in Asia”.
    Yes Turkey please.

  290. Virenda Mendoza

    I would go to Costa Rica first then stop off in Scotland and before heading home have a minor layover in Puerto Rico. Now if only I could find the $10,000 to do that and a babysitter…

  291. rene

    My husband and I are plotting to escape to Italy next June, but I think I’d use my one free ‘anywhere’ pass to visit his family in South Africa. It would be win-win: Gorgeous country, lots to see and do, plus hanging out with seldom seen (and missed!) family.

  292. Maren

    There is a disagreement in my home — I want to go (back) to London and see the art project in Trafalagar now with people standing on the plinth; my husband wants to go to Tahiti. I guess I can’t really argue with the latter, though.

  293. Pamela

    Oh Maggie, what fun! I would love that eye mask! I would happily go to a B&B on the west side of Michigan if I could go anywhere today…not quite Vietnam, but I have two little ones at home. I’m practical, even when I’m dreaming. :)

  294. Christy

    Hmmm.. I wold love to take one of those barge cruises through Europe. Imagine waking up to a new village or city every morning! This would also be in the spring or fall, as I live in Arkansas and am sick! of heat. And my husband and 2 year old could come if they sleep in their own room. And we had a nanny with us. Can you add a nanny to the deal?

  295. Esther

    What a prize! I’m in the middle of packing for a 2 week trip to Ireland and I could reeeeeeeeeeeally use everything on this list. We leave in 10 days!!!

  296. Katie

    Since I am headed to Hawaii for my honeymoon in a month I think I need this spectacular travel kit :)

  297. Alison

    The Philipines. I am hapa (half); my dad was born/raised in Hawaii & we don’t know any of our distant relatives in the PI. None of my relatives (stateside) even speak in Tagalog. So I’d love to go, find some relatives & connect with my roots. And, I hear the water is even more fab than Hawaii. And I think my kids (4 & 2) would dig the adventure.

    Other places of interest:
    Puerto Rico with the fam
    The Greek Islands, with just hubby
    Wine Country Spa Weekend, no hubby/no kids

  298. steph

    OH, I have to go to Ireland. I finally (after saving and waiting for 10 years), FINALLY went to Scotland this year, and it was wonderful. So next I want to go next door to Ireland. :) Then probably back to Scotland. I so love that part of the world.

  299. amanda

    Where wouldn’t I go? I want to go everywhere! I want to eat cheese in France, hike in the Swiss Alps (again, okay?), eat real sushi in Japan, float in a hot spring in Iceland… so much!

  300. Kelly

    I want to go to Germany and Amsterdam with my friends next summer, which I suppose is fortunate, because we already have our trip planned!

  301. Accidental Olympian

    The luggage tags are adorable! All this time I never thought to bring a travel candle… brilliant idea.

    If I could get on a plane right now for a dream vacation it would be tropical. I would do nothing by read, sleep, and relax for at least two weeks. A girl can dream right?

  302. Sarah

    My boyfriend’s parents are moving to Bavaria for three years, so I’d most want to go see them and also hit up Prague and Salzburg.

  303. Claire

    I would love to go to Barcelona with my husband. That’s my number one dream at the moment!!! The site looks great, I love the photos along the top.

  304. Brenda

    I would just want to go on a long road trip with my husband. Anywhere would be great, but if I had to pick a spot I suppose it would be something East Coast. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to pry myself away from work this summer, but I’ll keep hoping.

  305. clair

    I want desparately to go to Hawaii, hike a volcano, and sit for a couple of weeks on the beach. But that didn’t work out, so I’m headed to Tahoe instead. Not a bad trip, but not Hawaii.

  306. Niamh

    If I could go anywhere, it would be South Africa. I am fascinated by the history, the culture, the music, and the natural beauty of the country.

    Love your idea for the travel bag–particularly the candle. I had never thought of that, but I have been in many hotels that could have used them.

  307. Michelle

    Love the travel kit. I travel long haul across (from Ireland) across the Atlantic to the West Coast (Vancouver Island) at least twice a year and hops within Europe. My travel kit includes q-tips (so many uses), hand cream (why must everything be so dry on the plane) and I always carry a bed-time only body cream to lull myself to sleep.

    If I could go anywhere I’d go to the Galapagos Island. I love the pacific, wild life and sunshine. If only!

  308. Gabie

    This is actually a very hard question for me because I have not traveled much at all and I always thought I would want to visit all of the states before traveling outside the country. So I guess the answer is all 50 states.

  309. Caitlin

    I’d take it on my next choir tour – to eastern Canada (and hopefully other exciting places soon!)

  310. Sue

    I would go back to Sardinia and take my son so he could see where his mom and dad spent their honeymoon. And I would find the one ruin for which we fruitlessly searched and spent an entire day lost in the woods.

  311. pam

    i would go to hawaii, because i’ve never been (sad, right?)

    and also back to japan. just love it there.

  312. Kate

    Israel. My fabulous boyfriend has traveled the world. He’s humble and knowledgable about it, and has incredible stories to tell. The place I love hearing about the most is Israel. And it’s where I want to travel with him the most!

  313. Ryan Elizabeth

    What a great goodie bag! I’d love to go visit my very best friend, who just moved to San Francisco, and then on to Greece or Spain!

  314. Rochelle

    In February, 2006 my husband, daughter, and I took the best vacation ever to Disney World and its our dream to go back as soon as humanly possible.

  315. Liz S.

    Love these items. I’d go to Budapest – I’ve loved maps of Budapest for a long time.

  316. Jennifer

    I want to go to Tokyo!!! Please give me a sign to quit my job and travel… and teach English to all those I encounter.

  317. Liz Anderson

    Some call this a stay-cation. I call it two bored kids driving me crazy while I secretly count the days down to the return of School. If I had the opportunity (read: money) to go on a proper vacation. I’d be sitting in a beach chair sipping something cold and fruity where they have no Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute blaring from their orafices. Could be anywhere, really, and I’m flexible on the fruity drinks. The MJ Tribute? Not so much!

  318. Lesley

    Ever since I saw the first photos, I have wanted to go to Petra. Also, when I comes right down to it, I will go anywhere in Italy, at any time, on any day.

  319. Alexandra

    Back to Australia for a visit – haven’t been there in 11 years, this time with husband and kids!

  320. stephanie

    I would be singing that the hills are alive on top of a mountain in Austria. You know which one.

  321. ellbee

    Oh! Red is my very favorite color! If I could, I’d love to travel to the UK. All that history…

  322. Alison

    If I could go anywhere, I would go everywhere! If I have to choose a spot, I’ve always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef. But since I’m going to Las Vegas (a trip with a good friend that serendipitously fell into my lap) in a couple weeks, this little kit would make the trip even better.

  323. Janelle

    The dream trip I cooked up today (three parts): To the Alps. In an RV filled with wine. To watch the Tour de France. Viva la Tour!

  324. Julie

    I’m totally on board with teaching English in Vietnam, but it will unfortunately have to wait until after I’m done being pregnant. I don’t think I’ll be allowed to travel out of the country soon, divine though that may be.

    Until then, I keep thinking I’ll cross paths with Melissa in Northern MI, since that pretty much covers the extent of my summer vacation plans this year.

  325. susannah

    there are so many amazing places in this world i would love to explore… but honestly, if i could go anywhere right now, i would go see my family in florida. i miss them!

  326. Elise Gorseth

    It may be cliche, but I’ve never seen Paris. Or the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

  327. Erin

    I’d take my daughter to London. The first time she saw the LiLo version of Parent Trap, she was about five. She started sobbing when she saw the London scenes and when I asked her what was wrong she said “It’s so beautiful!”

  328. Lauren

    I would love to take a safari to Africa. I know it’s kind of dangerous right now, but what is a little travel without danger, right?

  329. Elizabeth

    I’m really itching to go to Spain at the moment. I want to eat some manchego, drink some rioja, and flirt with an hombre. Or dos.

  330. val

    hmm… well, if I could go ANYWHERE it would probably be ireland. but i’m going to new england in three weeks, so don’t tell them that.

  331. Tawny

    I want to dance with my husband in Venice. He has never been out of the US and I think a trip to Venice would be a great start for him.

  332. Jen

    If I could go anywhere it would be outer space. The moon, perhaps. I would love to see the Earth from out there, to see the colors and have the most profound “My God, we are tiny and insignificant” moment ever.

    If you simply must limit me to anywhere on our fair planet, I would go to Scotland. I’ve been there before, but I never wanted to leave, so what better place to go back to?

    Did I mention that I have a trip to Vancouver coming up and I could definitely use your fabulous and well thought out travel kit? I did? Good. :)

  333. Natalie

    I would love to take a trip to Prague. All the beauty and history of Western Europe, a smaller price tag and some Eastern European flair to boot!

  334. Leona

    I would go to Ireland. I dream of seeing so many shades of green in one place. Perhaps I should not live in a desert. Hmmn?

  335. sparklytosingle

    Those luggage tags are awesome! And for some reason I am quite smitten with your candle idea for hotel rooms, despite not really being a candle person in general…

    If I could go anywhere right now, it would be to BlogHer in Chicago later this month, but alas that cannot happen. But I can dream. Maybe next year :)

  336. amanda

    If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to Alaska. Far from Georgia and probably “exotic” enough to satisfy my travel bug.

  337. emily

    This travel kit looks like amazing! If I could go anywhere right now I would take a trip to Greece. I have wanted to visit ever since a dear old friend of mine told me that it was the best place she ever went on vacation.

  338. brooklyn

    oooh, so many amazing places with amazing people to consider. my husband and i started planning a “honeymoon/retirement” trip–we never honeymooned and will have the time when we retire–to India. Hopefully we’ll find some long term volunteer work to do there as well. I can’t imagine a more interesting, beatiful, chaotic environment to explore. He we come Mumbai!

  339. Megan

    If I could travel anywhere, I would go to France for three weeks in July and follow the Tour de France.

  340. Aisha

    How about English in China? I have a basic grasp of Chinese, so I’d lose less in translation. ;)

    If I could go anywhere, I would go to London, because, A, London!, and, B, the Broad Street water pump, for my dorky, public health historian tendencies!

  341. Jennifluff

    Anywhere? I’d go back to Denmark to see if the packet of California Poppy seeds that we spread over my grandmother’s grave ten years ago took over the graveyard.

  342. Allison

    For some reason I just recently started thinking I should go to Ireland. Don’t know why. Although Trinidad has also been on my list forever.

  343. Karan

    Spain. No, I pick Portugal. No, I pick Italy. No, I pick Ireland. No, Greece. No, I mean Wales. No, make it Iceland. Or…Maine.

  344. nancy

    (LOVE this website). I would go to Hong Kong, primarily because I love to eat, and it seems like there are many, many tasty treats to be had in Hong Kong. Treats that cannot be found in central Virginia. . .

  345. Liz

    Great list, Mighty Maggie!

    I would go to China, Beijing specifically, to visit my brother who works over there. We are super-pals and don’t get a chance to see each other as much as we like, so Beijing is always at the top of my list!

  346. Joelle

    I’m a particular fan of Paddywax candles…they come in nice tiny tin sizes, and the flavors are unusual. Most scented candles throw me a headache, but the Olive Tree, Sage and Fig ones are just right.

    Right about now, I could go for Puerta Arista, MX. I was there for 3 days, once…no phones, no tourists…just soft sand, clear water, and a hammock. Oh, and sea turtles.

  347. sarah

    I would go to Paris because I’ve wanted to go there my ENTIRE life and I’m 40. My husband said he’d take me for our honeymoon and then changed his mind. Divorced. My last boyfriend promised to take me there and then wanted to know where my share of the trip cost was at the last minute. Broke up.

    I’m done waiting for someone to take me. I’m going by myself as soon as I’ve saved up.

    Also, I’m totally ready to teach English in Vietnam. My sister takes supplies to orphanages there and knows peeps, so I’m ready to go.

  348. Kristin

    Oh man, there are too many places to choose from. Right now I am dreaming of a trip to Amsterdam, John Irving style.

  349. Robin

    I would go to Prince Edward Island because I’m a nerd and because I didn’t get to go there for my honeymoon 6 years ago. My husband muttered something about no all inclusive deals and promptly booked us a trip to Hawaii. Along with 50 billion other honeymooners. Not that I’m bitter or anything. But Gilbert would’ve found a way to get us there.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  350. katie

    New York City! I have never been and my little boy is obsessed with the idea of an underground train. He recently told me that one day him and I are going to have a “date” on the subway and that “Daddy and Syl can stay at the hotel and watch a movie.”. So yeah, I think I would take him up on that!

  351. Maggie

    I would love to spend a summer or a fall in Vienna. It would be amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  352. Rebecca

    Already taught English in Vietnam. =) But I want to go to India and learn classical Indian dance and Bollywood dance. And wear one of those pieces of jewelry that’s a chain with an earring on one end and a nose ring on the other.

  353. Shannon

    Either India (dream destination but I’m too chicken) or Mallorca, Spain and Italy, since I have friends there who want me to visit and I love to eat!

  354. Darcie

    I cannot promise that I will go to Vietnam and teach English, but I ~have been to Taiwan to visit a friend who taught English. And I even visited her school and snuggled adorable Taiwanese 5 year olds…and I’d have KILLED for an awesome kit like this when my 20 hour trip to Taipei turned into 2.5 days.

  355. charis

    There are a thousand places I would go given the chance, but if I HAD to pick just one, I would say India. I’ve never been there, so that’s appealing. My five year old is eager to go there, and I think it would be a blast to take her along.

  356. Elsa

    Here’s the thing, I love to travel but if I were to go anywhere right now, I’d want to deploy to Afghanistan to help in the capacity of my job – medic. It wouldn’t be a vacation, but worth so much more to me.

  357. erin

    Angkor Wat is a glaring omission on my travel CV… and I plan to finally remedy that in the next year!

  358. Michelle

    Right now anything warm and tropical sounds like heaven. French polynesia maybe?

    Great products.

  359. denise

    i want to go to poland and see my grandfather’s relatives and the family graves dating back to forever.

  360. Rachel

    If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to Spain, and start hiking El Camino de Santiago!

  361. Emily

    GREECE! I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. I have 1/4 greek blood, the most in my mutt make-up. Hoping to get there next summer for my 10th anniversary.

  362. Payal

    Anywhere?? New Zeland! In the meantime, I’m going to Mexico in two weeks and would love to take that stylish Dop kit with me!

  363. Sarah

    I’d go to Boston to visit my mom — she’s dying of breast cancer and (since I work in California) I don’t get to see her much.

  364. Rebecca

    I’ve been reading this book called _Disappearing Destinations: 37 Places in Peril and What Can Be Done to Help Save Them_. I’d like to go pretty much anywhere on the list….the Congo Basin, Peru, the Dead Sea, the Appalachian Trail…but for some reason Machu Picchu is calling me. Probably because it’s so fun to say. :)

    In the meantime, we’re heading to Deutschland for a Bavarian vacation.

  365. Manders

    Seoul (to go look for my roots), Seattle (because I love the Pacific NW), or back to Scotland (b/c I am apparently attracted to cold, wet, green places).

  366. Tamara

    I would travel to Beijing to see my baby brother perform in an American musical review for which he was just cast. He will be working with tony-nominated choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett. I am so very very proud of him!

  367. duyen

    I’ll live in Vietnam for 6 months, if I win. For now though, I’m going to Sardinia. Is that good enough for you?

  368. Heather M

    In honor of the day, I would like to take a trip to the running of the bulls (San Fermin festival) in Pamplona, Espana, one year from today! Granted, I am probably too chicken to put my own body in front of the bulls as they are running down the streets, but I will celebrate this festival in every other way possible…!

  369. tuliptoe

    I’d be off to Scotland in a flash! A walking tour would be just the thing, as long as I bring my wellies!

  370. melis

    I can never sleep on flights, but I bet that pillow would help! I’d love to try it while I’m on my next flight to your fair city.

  371. Rachel

    I would go to Paris with my husband, to celebrate 12 yrs of life and love together.

  372. Allison

    Ireland. I want to go sing drinking songs with locals in an Irish pub. (I’m not letting the fact I hate beer stop me!)
    Or Italy or the Greek Islands or Australia or London or… is it bad I picked a lot?

  373. Sarah

    The luggage tags made my cranky pregnant self laugh! Simple pleasures I guess. If I could go anywhere I’d head straight to Costa Rica!

  374. kym b

    i want to spend a week in greece with my husband sans kids. love them, but want to go to greece without them :o)

  375. Kat

    If I could go anywhere at all, I would rewind time (oh, that’s anywhen)…but truly I would head out for a European vacation that never happened when I was in my twenties!

  376. Devon

    I would go to Ireland. I have a very Irish family and have never been.

    And I would quit my job and wait tables, of course.

  377. Adrienne

    wow… i love/hate to travel, so all of that would help so much! If I could go anywhere, I would wander around Europe for a while, soaking in all the history…. ahhhhh

  378. Adriana

    Want to go back home to visit family, and you are familiar with this place: Argentina!

  379. Kay

    Ironically, teaching English in Vietnam is EXACTLY what I would choose, if I could go anywhere! Just kidding – it would really be the trip to France that my husband and I have been planning for next year but which will likely be postponed indefinitely as we use our vacation fund to pay for rent while he continues to look for a job. Ah well, c’est la vie…

  380. Aryn

    great kit – I’ll be headed to Munich in a few weeks and that inflatable pillow is exactly what will get me through the trans-atlantic flight!

  381. Patty

    I would go on an african safari – as luxe as they come – and finish up my trip with a week in the Seychelles doing NOTHING but thinking about how awesome the safari was and getting a savage tan.

  382. Emily

    OMG! I would take my husband and daughter to Ecuador. I went there on a trip that changed my life and it is on my “life list” to take them to that magical land where I grew up a lot and became a citizen of the world!

  383. Gabriela

    Thanks for the opportunity, Maggie! If I could go anywhere, it would be Greece. Greece! With all of its isles! Enjoy PR.

  384. Megan

    I am going to Ireland at the end of the summer, and I’d also go back to Honduras. Does it count if I’ve already taught English overseas, albeit not in Viet Nam? There’s a whole long list of places to go. Those luggage tags would definitely be used well!

  385. Heather

    i would go back to trinidad- where i fell in love, ate plenty of lovely fruit, drank coconut water straight from the source, and spent hours floating in buoyant, luxerious, warm salt water :)

  386. brighton c. metz

    if i could go anywhere, i’d go to milan. i have a travel book from there and the first words in the list of needed phrases are, “help!” and “police!” now doesn’t that just sound charming?

  387. Trish T.

    I’d love to go to Norway. My boyfriend and I have been planning our dream trip there for the past couple months. He’s Norwegian and wants to trace his roots. I’m German and already spent time there in college, so I defer to him on this one.

  388. Sheila

    I would love to go to Vietnam…teachng English, not so much. I NEED to go to visit the Galapagos Islands before global warming eradicates them.

  389. heather

    I would love to travel to Scandinavia. I have two little boys and my husband’s in grad school, so it might be a while. But yeah, Scandinavia.

  390. Erin

    I would travel to Chile, where I could see deserts, glaciers, fjords and volcanoes. And I would wait tables there, too, if necessary.

  391. Evolving

    Hmmmmmm, 630 something, what does that make my odds?

    Right now I am planning a trip to a teensy town in the North of Spain to take photos of said town for my mother’s 60th birthday. It is the setting for her book, and I want to give her inspiration.

    After that I would hop over the US visiting friends because I haven’t been back in nearly a year and that’s a lot of catching up I have to do!

    Do I win?

  392. shannon

    Such yummy items!! My dream vaca would be a cruise to Alaska, it will happen one day!

  393. samantha

    i want to take a train/riverboat trip through india for at least a month. i want to soak up another culture and some of my favorite food, fabric and films come from india. i am an artist, so the visual stimulation of a culture so vastly different from my own would be inspiring. and i would stop over in japan on the to/from to buy fabric and marvel at a city even more cramped than my own (nyc) ! :)

  394. erin

    Where would I go…I would start off in Amsterdam. My husband is close to getting his Dutch passport, so I’d do some househunting. Then I’d head over to Spain. I’ve only been to Barcelona, and would love to see more of that country. I’d then have to head over to Portugal. Never been there. I’d spend the rest of the time drinking wine, then drinking some more wine, and finish the trip off with some more wine. I’m sure the eye mask will come in super handy at that point :)

  395. Samantha

    Love the luggage tags and the idea about the travel candle to create scent memories.

    I need to go back to Florence, Venice, and Rome…two weeks wasn’t long enough!

  396. Tashina

    I would go to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I so desperately want to visit Africa to see the elephants.

  397. Alyce

    Venice. It’s always been Venice.

    Though lately I’ve been wondering if I can pick up enough French via a podcast to go to Paris and feel like the menu wasn’t in Klingon.

  398. rk

    Anywhere?? The possibilities! I’m living in Bangladesh right now, so really anywhere is a vacation from here! I think the next place on my list is Cambodia.

  399. KC

    Home to see my babies as I’m traveling for work at the moment. Then scoop them all up and head to Bali to see my sister. Safe and happy travels.

  400. Sandra

    Venice for sure. Ever since I read Anne Rice’s Cry to Heaven in high school I’ve been in love with Italy in general and Venice in particular. The reality is, though, that I have a seven-year-old. So unless it’s got roller coasters and tacky souvenir shops I’m not likely to get there any time soon.

  401. michelle

    I would use it for my next trip home to Vancouver. My husband and I came to China to get a head start on learning Mandarin. It was supposed to be 5 months…but we are still here after 5 years and counting.

  402. Kiki Smith

    My dream trip: I’d travel to the Italian country side. Stay in a quiet villa. Ride my bicycle or scooter down the hill to one of the only cafes in town for breakfast and then spend the day exploring the villages and beaches. Heaven.

  403. The other Margaret

    When David and I got married, we hardly had two dimes to run together. We returned a bunch of wedding gifts to buy him a suit! But we scraped funds and planned a honeymoon in the Bahamas.

    A week before our wedding, my beloved canuck called me to gently, calmly, timidly inform me that he had received his approved sweetheart visa (yay!) and that once he entered the US and got married, he couldn’t leave for several months (boo!). So no Bahamas.

    13 years later, I’d love to do that trip. And smile ruefully at US immigration on the way in and on the way out.

  404. James

    Would love to take a couple of months and go on a road trip with my wife. Try to hit some state fairs and roadside farm stands. Maybe a ball game (little league preferred).

    Slow it down a little.

  405. M

    Hi Maggie!

    I would like to go to Northern Italy, near Switzerland, specifically to a little village I read about in a book.

    But I need a new travel kit because I am lucky enough to be going to New Zealand in August and the flight is super long! First time on such a long flight!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  406. Susan

    Fun!! Where is that airplane of yours headed, I wonder? MY airplane would be taking me to Portugal! Tonight!

  407. Kate

    I’d take the kiddo on a high school inspection tour. We’ve gotta start looking… armed with goodies for the trip would spur me into action!

  408. Charlotte

    I would go to Amsterdam and spend a few weeks sequestered on a houseboat filled with marijuana pot and house plants. Also, cats and chocolate. Mm. When are we leaving again?

  409. Amanda

    My ideal plane ticket would take me to the past, five years ago, stepping off that plane in Seattle, and looking around confused trying to figure out how to reach my luggage from the terminal. Then I’m on the pay phone, dialing a crumpled cell number looking for my best friend, waiting for her voice on the line. Her walking towards me, her hands wide and free as she steps solidly forward. And the feeling that not a moment had passed since I had seen her last.

  410. Maria

    I would Love to go back to Mexico! I taught English there for, all too brief, a summer back in college and I loved every minute of it!

  411. Elis

    Vietnam is very close to where I’d go, which is Borneo! There’s no deadline on that whole go-teach-English clause, right?

  412. Amihan

    I would visit one place in each continent, including McMurdo Station in Antarctica!

  413. Beth

    If I could go ANYWHERE, I would go to Antarctica. I’d really like to see the frozen calmness and wilderness and seclusion all together. And I also want to see the penguins.

  414. MissusB

    If I could go anywhere, I would charter a yacht or sailboat and I would spend a solid week at each of the islands in the Caribbean. I would snorkel and swim and think deep thoughts as I sat in an island bar each night, soaking up rum like a sponge. Can you make this happen? Pretty please?

  415. Laura Jane

    I would take my new man who loves me in a way I was not sure existed to Madrid– to show him the city that stole my heart just before he did.

  416. Bridget

    I would go to Australia on a 3 week vacation. I want to hop around with the ‘roos!

  417. amanda

    I would take my new husband to Le Cinque Terre and we would hike the path among the five villages before settling down to a five-to-seven course dinner with wine pairings.

  418. Seanie

    First of all – congrats on this whole Intel thing! How freakin’ awesome is that?!?

    Second – if I could travel anywhere in the world, I would take my boyfriend to Ireland. We both love the culture (I’m part Irish, he’s not, but loves it anyways), and I have always wanted to spend a month or two there. :-D

  419. Bev

    If I could go anywhere – I would go everywhere. The Grand Canyon first. Europe next. Who knows after that? I just like to travel.

  420. Laura

    I would go back to Nicaragua in an instant! They are a beautiful and sympathetic people.

    I went as a student and have wanted to go back ever since. I have more Spanish textbooks to try and teach myself that I have books left over from (way back) college. (And I hoarde.)

  421. Sandy

    If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Paris… I know, I know total cliche – I can’t help but fall in love with the city when I watch it in movies.

  422. Cyndi

    I have been fortunate enough to visit several of my dream destinations, but I am dying to go to Bora Bora and stay in one of those huts over the water.

  423. Pihoqahiaq

    Your little touches are so considerate. Just perfect for a world traveler. If I could go anywhere, just now, I would travel to Folegandros, Greece. Glorious Oceans on a tiny island. Heaven!

  424. Christine

    I was inspired by your top 100 list, especially now that my little girl is a year old and I’m trying to re-find myself outside of mommyhood. :^p

    One of the items on my list is to take a bike ride across Europe and since I want to start in Denmark, Denmark is the place where I’d love to go.

  425. Anita

    I would love to travel to Hawaii – I want to go snorkeling again! Of course, as long as we’re talking about dreams, I also want to go to Paris (love, gardens, gothic architecture) and Peru (Macchu Picchu!) As you can see, it’s too hard for me to pick just one!

  426. Sarah

    My husband & I and our 4-yr-old son are spending 9 months in Israel for our sabbaticals as part of our life list. We intend to spend much of that time traveling to other places using Haifa as our home base. (we’re NY’ers).

  427. Gina

    Dakar, Senegal. To see my husband’s family and introduce them to their grandchild.

  428. Beth

    If I could go anywhere–Thailand. Where am I really going next? That would be the Dickens Project Conference in Santa Cruz.

  429. Mike

    I have left the country many times, but my wife has not yet had the pleasure. She’s always wanted to see Paris, so that’s where we’d go.

  430. Melinda

    I would go back to Ireland. That whole 9/11 thing kind of ruined the first trip. If I win the kit, I promise to add “teach English in Vietnam” to my life list!

  431. jennifer

    swimming with humpback whales off the dominican republic…best trip ever and i can’t wait to do it again.

  432. Jessie

    If I could go anywhere right now I’d go to Spain. It would be more awesome if I could teleport there to avoid the long flight, but I would deal with it for getting to go somewhere so awesome.

  433. jamie

    I would LOVE to go to India. At least a month’s worth of traveling throughout, yoga, eating, and sharing thoughts with locals.

  434. Becky

    I would go to Alaska. My sisters live there and my son can’t wait to meet his aunts. Alaska it is!

  435. Lisa Flint

    Though a quick trip, I would head to Sonoma County, Cali to go cheer on my friend who’s doing her 1st Ironman August 1st. Rock on Tina!

  436. leandra

    I already quit my job to travel (okay and start my own company, toMAYto toMAto) but if I could go anywhere at all, I would go to New Zealand for the waterfalls and wine tasting.

  437. Ames

    I recently got talked into taking a trip to Morocco next month — and I can’t wait!

  438. Anna

    I would accompany my husband to Holland on his work trip this fall (if it’s not cut due to budget restraints) either with the kids or not. I’m leaning toward not. ;)

  439. Lauren

    Cambodia – we had friends just go there and their photos are amazing. They’re very well-traveled and they said it was one of their favorite places that they’ve ever visited. Sign me up!

  440. superblondgirl

    Honestly, anywhere there is not a funeral I have to attend. We just did two more over the weekend, driving 12 hours to Virginia and then another 6 to Pennsylvania n top of my grandmother’s funeral (near home, thankfully) in February. I am DONE with funeral travel, or travel by car at all, for a looong time. So…. I don’t know, somewhere warm and beachy and full of living people.

  441. kara

    A luxe resort somewhere in the Carribbean–preferably St. Lucia or Antigua, or perhaps some tiny private island I haven’t even heard of?

  442. Frances

    I’d go to Morocco for my honeymoon, and incidentally, I did teach English in Vietnam….

  443. meghan

    New Zealand. hands down. I might just go there permanently, set up a sheep farm and enjoy the quiet life :)

  444. jessica fantastica

    I’d planned to go to Amsterdam this year and even got my passport, but things didn’t work out for me. Sigh.

  445. Olivia

    Angor Wat, Cambodia. Cannot WAIT to see it in real life, and like a typical tourist, take a gazillion pictures of it. Looks amazing.

  446. Lisa

    Hawaii. May sound boring to some, mundane even, but I have never been there and am dying to go!!

  447. Leanne

    Cambodia, no question. I studied South Asian Art for my masters in Art History and somehow never got to go there. Seeing the art would be amazing, but I would love to get to experience the food and culture as well. And the little bit of pampering in the kit would go a long way while I was there:)

  448. darlene

    ohhhhhh ~ what great travel must have’s … since i’ve been traveling more, i so need to put together one of these must haves …

    spain. most definitely spain. uh huh. :-)

  449. Lizzie

    it is so hard to choose, but at this very moment Mexico(city) is sounding great. Thanks for this sweepstakes Maggie.

  450. jackie

    Sweden! I have a baby nowadays, and I want his first international destination to be a Scandanavian country bc they are so awesomely kid friendly in such a matter if fact way. Plus–Gotland? Simply gorgeous!!!

  451. katie

    I would return to New Zealand to visit friends from my semester abroad as well as fully tour the North Island this time.

  452. Janelle

    I only have one item in my life list so far: to spend at least one night in every state in the United States. I would like to start with Austin, Texas.

  453. Amy

    Weeeell, I just got back from Swaziland, but since I’m a study abroad advisor it takes me all of about 10 seconds to think of my next amazing choice place to visit. I would really love to check out Borneo. Thanks for the guidance on travel swag!

  454. Lara

    Antarctica and also South Africa since, conveniently, that’s where the boat leaves from.

  455. Julia

    I love the range of places people would go. There are just so many wonderful parts of this world to choose from. I’d have to say I’d probably go to Ireland to start with, although China would be pretty awesome.

  456. Rozanne

    I have two travel related goals: I want to go to Antartica and South America, its the only two continents I have left to set foot on. I can’t wait!

  457. Kate

    I have a long list of places that I would love to visit – Australia, Thailand, South America, but most of all I would like to visit my Grandma in New York.

  458. Kate B.

    I really want to go to Vancouver. I’ve never been. My fiance and I plan to go for our honeymoon next year, but I wish I could go sooner.

  459. Chi

    France, definitely. And if I win, I will go to Vietnam to teach English. I don’t mind ’cause I am Vietnamese.

  460. Catherine

    if i could go anywhere right now, i would go to spain (madrid, seville, barcelona, i’m not picky!) and show my mother i can take care of myself just fine even alone in a foreign country!

  461. Vanessa

    Dear Heavenly Blogging Father, please let me win this cache of goodies!
    Travel is my favorite thing EVAH and I know I could put ALL of these items to very very very good use.

  462. Megan

    I’d go to Italy to the place where my husband proposed! Also, I work for a nonprofit, so that should score me points, right?

  463. Caitlin

    If I could go anywhere, it would be Easter Island. I love to travel, I love airplanes and airports and I love new strange places, but I hate tourists and giant crowds. I like to think Easter Island is this very calm place where the few tourists are chill and I could cuddle up next to a giant, confusing head sculpture in relative peace.
    That being said, I also really want to go all of the places with the crowds, just on the day they aren’t there.

  464. echo

    I’m currently spending the summer in Berlin and I’d like to make some short European trips. Spain or Sicily would be first on my list.

  465. wheezer345

    I think i would go to Alaska, or somewhere up north. I would like to see the stars in a less populated area where they shine brighter because of less city lights.

  466. Alana

    I’d go back to Minnesota, where I’ve gone every Summer since I was 10, and visit my two sisters, three nephews, niece, and BIL. My sister and her husband have flown my other (little) sister out every year since she graduated law school. She recently quit being a lawyer to teach and can no longer afford to fly us out. I am a poor college student, and can’t even pay my own way. So this Summer, I don’t get to see what has changed in my niece and nephew over the past year. Not cool.

  467. Lindsay

    Having gotten pretty lucky in the travel department (I’ve lived in Germany for the past year and really taken advantage of RyanAir’s cheap flights…), I would definitely head to northwest Illinois – home. I would pat my parents’ happy dog on the head, relax in the humid IL summer evenings, and then travel to TARGET! Bliss.

  468. Megan

    My instinct is to pick something far away, which right now is home. Living abroad is odd that way. But since I’m already headed home in August… honestly I’d like to see Havana, as it is now, before the Castros kick it and the Starbucks and TGIFridays of the west move in to homogenize everything.

  469. Bea

    I’m not expecting to be included in the draw, being from NZ and all.


    If I could go anywhere, I’d visit my very bestest friend back home in Canada and, by default, meet my beautiful god-daughter born last September. I’m dying to say hello to her!

    Megan, I’m with you on this one. The farther you go, the more home becomes your #1 destination!

  470. Ariel

    It’s so hard to choose! I very briefly lived in Paris a few years ago and I miss it like crazy, but I think in the vein of seeing something new and less chi-chi I would love to travel to Central or South America. I have friends who grew up in Costa Rica who rave about it, and I’ve always wanted to go to Argentina.

  471. latenac

    I’ll teach English in Vietnam. But if I could go anywhere I’d love to go to Sicily and take the boat to Tunisia so I could see all the blue and white my Arabic professor talked about.

  472. McNeill

    Hah! Funny story…my fiance and I are going to teach English in Vietnam! We leave in September.

  473. Helen

    If I could go anywhere, it would be to any beach in January where there isn’t a wind chill.

  474. dreadpiraterach

    My boyf and I are going on a RTW trip for 6months in Sept and I have yet to buy any of these sorts of things; this would make me very happy..

  475. Katie

    I would love to go back to Japan with my fiance. He has never been, and I went with a foreign exchange program in high school. I have fond memories of baby octopus, Hiroshima and time spent with my homestay family. Now, I would love to make memories of the palce with him.

  476. Melanie

    Hmm..tough to choose, but I’m going to have to say New Zealand. Somewhere on the beach, in New Zealand.

  477. Synge

    assuming this is a childless trip my top contenders right now are Cambodia, Turkey, Argentina, and Tunisia. The order of preference changes every 10 seconds.

  478. Sara J

    I would go where I am now… a small island in a big lake in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It’s my hideout, my brain relaxer, my calming potion. It’s where I have breakfast on the dock with the loons singing and the eagles flying overhead.

  479. Jae

    I’d love this kit and I’d love to say I’d take it somewhere awesome and exotic but I’d probably take it to either my mom’s or my in-laws’ house. We’ve been going to both places non-stop since our baby came in January.

    If I had a choice, though, I’d totally take it to Vegas! I need to wander around drunk in public again! It’s been entirely too long.

  480. Rin

    oh, so badly… i want to go to Greece and/or Croatia. Looking forward to the plankton report!

  481. wendy

    i love your travel kit. never thought of traveling with a candle…great tip!

    i would travel to mexico to some all inclusive with my husband. i want a seaside bungalow, all the fruity drinks i can stand and a hunky pool boy to deliver them.

  482. Krista

    I would go back to cozumel with my fiance. Its where we went together on our first vacation together, and its where we plan on getting married next year.

  483. Brit

    I would love to go to New Zealand. Seems to be the perfect blend of the mountains and the tropics and snuggly animals.

    I would also love to go to the Pacific North West – Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and all the towns in between. I suppose that is a bit more likely to happen someday.

  484. Lora

    I spent last Thanksgiving in Hawai’i, and have since decided that I will be retiring there. Or Greece. Or Italy. Maybe I’ll just become so fabulously wealthy that I’ll have homes in all three places.

    A girl can dream.

  485. Liza

    I would go to New Zealand, or Vietnam, or South Africa, or skiing in Chile, or, or, or. Sorry, I can’t think of just one place!

  486. Sara

    Right now, I’d go to Greece….to visit a friend and swim in those impossibly blue waters.

  487. Lee

    Sound of Music is my favorite movie ever. I’ve always had a hankering to go to Salzburg and twirl around on a mountaintop…

  488. Liesel

    Anywhere? I would take my husband on a honeymoon to Australia, New Zealand, and the Figi Islands. He lost his job three months before we got married and was unemployed for almost a year. Needless to say, we have yet to take a honeymoon…

  489. Emma

    While I would love to go to Hong Kong, I don’t see this happening anytime soon. However, I do have a trip planned for the Netherlands in September and this travel kit would be perfect!

  490. Annie

    I would go to China again, this time to walk at least a huge section of the Great Wall. I would then hit up Vietnam (I could teach English!) and then on to Angor Wat.

  491. Amber

    Wow – that is the hardest question ever. If I could go anywhere, TODAY, it would be to Pamplona, Spain. I went years ago and witnessed the running of the bulls, but the night-time fiestas are what sealed it for me – what a fantastic party, and going on now!

  492. Barbara White

    I would like to take my family to France. The logistics of traveling to France, while somewhat daunting, would totally be worth it, I am certain.
    I would also like to take my family to the Olympics – If I had a life list, that would definitely be on it!!!

  493. Meagan

    Oh! Travel! How I’ve missed you. I clearly need to go somewhere – you know you’re jonsein when the though of earplugs makes your heart speed up.

  494. Beth

    Well…..I would think I would take a trip back to my Grandmother’s homeland of Slovakia.

  495. Meg

    Lovely! I had a trip to Oxford this month fall through; clearly all I need are some snappy travel accessories to make this thing happen.

  496. Bethany

    I have tried 3 times to go to Ireland, but each trip fell through for a different reason. I don’t want to believe the Universe is telling me not to go; if I won this prize, that would sure clear up the Universe’s intent!

  497. Stacey

    I’d love to hit the International Oyster Festival in Galway, Ireland. Guinness, oysters, and my sweets – a trifecta of my favorite things.

  498. speedyb

    Iceland! it’s so quiet there right now with the decrease in tourism, I would love to go somewhere that’s not crawling with tourists

  499. Kat Dey

    I too have the Dopp (in bright green). I’m pretty sure i got the initial idea from Mighty Goods years ago actually. Love the candles. When i did advance work i always had one with me!

    I would take my parents to Europe for a multi-country train trip (in stylish fancy cars they attach to the back of normal trains of course). My mom’s never been, which is a travesty.

  500. Kait

    If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Australia! I studied abroad there in college and miss it sooooo much. So everything in this kit would be amazing for such a long trip!

  501. Sarah

    Domestic- Seattle (why, I’ve no idea. I feel a tug towards it for some reason).
    International- Ireland & the Philippines (I’m Irish and the hoosbond is Filipino, and we’d both like to visit the “homeland”.

  502. Liz

    I would go to Spain. For the running of the bulls (maybe next year!) or to India and study under a guru. Or I would go to New York and take in the lights of Broadway and off broadway. Or I would go to The San Juan Islands. Or to the fantastic Yucatan Peninsula. Not too picky, this one.

  503. Rachel

    If I could go anywhere. . . it would be on an exteneded motorcycle trip around the country.

  504. Beth

    Definately a small remote island with absolutely no connection to the outside world.

  505. Jen

    I would love to be able to take my husband to Ireland so he could watch a good rugby game and find where his family came from. We just got back from Mexico, and I wouldn’t mind going back there, either!

  506. Nancy

    I would be happy to go anywhere (my first summer working full-time since my kids were born-hubby laid off last winter)-but if I had my dream, I would go to New York!

  507. Arielle

    First things first to Prague. Tried to go two years ago, but couldn’t find the bus in Budapest. I want to be able to tell people how breathtakingly beautiful it is.

    Hopefully, with a beautiful bag to ease the travel. ;)

  508. Jess

    I am dying for a trip to Europe. A trip full of historical sight-seeing. I’ve never been to the UK or Denmark or the Netherlands, so I’d start there.

  509. Erin

    Ireland is so cliche, really, but I’ve been there twice and if someone offered me a plane ticket on the condition that I leave tomorrow, I’d do it in an instant and cry from the happiness. I love that place so much.

  510. Christine

    I would take my husband to France. I’ve been – he swears he won’t go but it’s the most lovely place on earth. I want to be there now!!!

  511. Caitlin

    I’d go to Germany – I’ve been dreaming of it for years. Then to Prague, Poland, Amsterdam…

  512. Stacey

    Maggie what a great kit! I love to travel and am hoping to go to Ireland within the next two years. Then Italy, Greece, Puerto Rico…the list is endless.

  513. Flora

    My very first choice would be to see as much of Vietnam as possible. My mother was born there and hasn’t been back is 25+ years. I want to see Halong Bay and go on a culinary tour of my mother’s home country.

  514. meg buzzi

    …back to rural Kenya, or perhaps Mombasa. I’d take my daughter with me, and we’d ride the old-fashiondy rails overnight to get to the coast. At some point we’d also have to go camping in the national park with all the angry hippos.

  515. Donna

    I would so go back to Paris! I fell in love the first day, just walking around on a Sunday afternoon with all the families, and beautiful streets, and OMG the food.

  516. cynthia

    I would definitely go to Costa Rica. If I had the time and money to take a vacation. Instead I’ll probably go to Chicago or Boston or Atlanta on business and hope that my meetings end early so I can see a little of the city and find a local restaurant to eat at.

  517. amy

    Croatia! That was our initial honeymoon plan until financial woes and all…we did have a pretty nice time in Montreal though. A bit of European on the cheap. Sorta.
    Anyway, I would definitely return to Vietnam & teach English; do I need to know Vietnamese though?

  518. Tali

    I’m already set to go on a trip to Israel this fall to visit family and I can’t wait – my first overseas trip in years. One thing I do dread is the 22 hour trip. Joy.

  519. JuJuBee

    Anywhere? With my anniversary coming up on the 11th of July (6 years!) I’m inclined to say Oahu, to the same place we honeymooned…it’s nice to relive those memories that started our marriage.

  520. Jen

    Anywhere in the whole world? Well, I’d sure like to explore South America with my newly learned Espagnol! :)

  521. Marguerite

    I’d go back to Kathmandu! Friendly people, excellent food and I loved the city insanely when I lived there.

  522. Minerva

    I’d go back to the Bay Area and eat salted-caramel ice cream in Dolores Park. Since I’ve left SF, I realize why everyone loves that city so.

  523. Jerri

    If I could go anywhere, I’d go to Japan. (Then I’d go teach English in Vietnam)

  524. jen

    the trek that takes you to the Mt. Everest base camp. Or to visit my friend from college who lives in Paris (and she’s been there for 3 years! and I haven’t gone to visit!). Or Spain? This may be why I end up not going anywhere…

  525. Amy

    This kit is fantastic! I would go to Morrocco next, I think. Either that or do a tour of Scotland/Ireland.

  526. Anne

    Love the dopp kit. :)

    There are SO many places I’d like to go. But truthfully? If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’d go to my hometown in Minnesota. It’s been too long since my daughter has seen her grandparents.

  527. Cameron

    I’ll take that deal! I’m 5’11”, so I’ll just use shock and awe to teach small Vietnamese people English. And I make documentaries, so I’ll film the whole experience and send you a custom DVD!
    I travel all the time, 90% for work, so I end up in places I would never choose on my own. And each one is a wonderful adventure. If I could go anywhere, I’d go to Cameron Castle in Scotland to meet my distant relatives, then head to St. Andrew’s Old Course for a round of 18. After that, it’s single malt scotch in a warm, cozy pub.

  528. Brendon

    It’s a toss up between the beach- Puerto Rico, Costa-Rica, or Hawaii preferred, but I’ve also never been to San Diego, so that works too- or a road trip around Oregon & Seattle to escape the texas heat! I hear there are beaches in Oregon, too… hmmm.

  529. Leah

    A year and a half ago, I was in Spain and took the ferry to Morocco. I was supposed to spend a half day there, but storms blew in. After one hour, our tour guide hurried us down to get the last boat back to Spain.

    The place was lovely. I want to visit again. So, Morocco is the place to visit next!

  530. Lisa

    I need to go to Italy, not want, but need. I feel like it’s calling my soul, and seriously, how can I deny that?

  531. Elizabeth

    I love the luggage tags. I have a couple of hot pink ones with snappy sayings on them to match my hot pink luggage. I loved them passionately until I saw an 8 year old girl with the same luggage and realized that maybe I have a little too much pink in my life.

    But if I could go anywhere…I think I’d go back to Russia, but to a different city. I’d love to see the White Nights in St. Petersburg.

  532. raych

    I would go back to Thailand and visit my orphans, and because this is a totally hypothetical situation I would also bring them childhoods-with-parents and also not-having-HIV, but then I would figure out a way to keep this from messing up the space-time continuum and making it so I’d never met them.

  533. bellabrunette

    I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, but have been a tiny bit wary of the long flight. Obviously the flight would fly by with this kit. Pick me, pick me!

  534. Susan

    I’d pack my bags, grab my hubby, and head to Italy. We had tickets to Rome five years ago, but when it came to fly, I was about 8 months pregnant, so we didn’t go.

  535. Jenny

    Coming out of the woodwork for this awesome giveaway. I travel nationally a few times a year.
    However, I would love to visit Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Greece… *sigh* Pretty much the other half of the Northern Hemisphere. Then eventually we’ll work our way south.

  536. Lisa

    I would take a trip to California. I’ve never been there and I have been told that it is so beautiful I would never want to leave. Is that true?

  537. Allie

    I would love to travel throughout South America, with longer stays in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina to visit with friends. :)

  538. Kathryn

    If I could travel anywhere, I would go to Italy w/ my husband, to visit the family he’s never met. We would travel across the country, eating as we go!

  539. Mary

    if i could go anywhere, i would plan an awesome all-out european honeymoon for me and my man. We just got married May 2nd and since he is a fireman and i’m in med school we couldn’t afford to go on a honeymoon. We’ve always talked about taking a trip through europe, buying a eurail pass and just spending a month seeing everything we want to see, and then never coming back. That’s where i would go.

  540. Lauren

    I’d love to tour Europe, but if I had to pick just one country it’d be Australia!

  541. Jade

    Greece or Italy, actually both and stops all around. Warm air, bright sun, blue water. Beautiful things to see, fantastic food to eat, good wine to drink and a comfortable place to sleep.

    This is a trip for our future. Hopefully not to distant future. There are four children, seven years down to twelve weeks. Just a little while till we can make this happen.

    Oh to dream.

  542. denise

    probably too late to enter, but because I am actually ON a trip I thought I’d give it a whirl. I am headed to Cologne, Germany, and have already been in Dublin and Paris this week. So right now, if I had to pick somewhere to go…I’d go home. :) But alas, not until Saturday.

  543. Brandi

    This travel kit is so nice maybe I’d just take a round trip back to where I started and enjoy the ride! OK, but if I haaad to stop somewhere it might be Japan. That’s my dream trip.

  544. Ngaio

    I’d go anywhere warm! My feet are just about numb with cold right now. The F-1 Night Shade is so dreamy I’d be able to use it here to hide behind while I imagine summer in the northern hemisphere.

    I feel better just thinking about that!

  545. Lauren

    Since I teach at a French school and don’t speak French…I’d just have to go for some language immersion in France! Or maybe instead just go to lush tropical island somewhere where I can lounge around and drink fruity drinks all day. Either way, now I’m ready for a vacation!

  546. Amy

    I know it’s not very original, but I’ve never been to Paris, so that would be my first choice! (Especially if I had a Eurail pass.)

  547. Kelly

    Belize! Mainly because I read an article once about tubing through caves with a headlamp on. (floaties and headgear, what more could one want?) We were totally going to do this for our honeymoon, but chickened out due to hurricane season. So far, this is the only site specific thing on my life list.

  548. Jennifer

    I so could have used this kit on my nine hour flight four days ago! If I could go anywhere, I’d go back to Istanbul for some kofte and turkish coffee.

  549. Erin

    I would go to the deepest, darkest Peru with this kit. It entails a lot of flying, so the kit would come in handy. Thank you!

  550. jes

    Anywhere? Anywhere at all? Do I have a time limit? Because if not, maybe I would just travel the entire world. Otherwise, I would choose Thailand and Cambodia. Or Italy and Croatia. Or Budapest and Prague. I won’t be picky, but I like them best in pairs.

  551. Tanya