Life List: Glowing plankton

I’m writing from Puerto Rico. Ay! Ay!

Intel sent me here so I can swim with bioluminescent plankton. It’s pretty OK.

Bryan is busy running his startup, and Hank has a toddler’s commitment to routine, so with the help of a few frequent flyer miles, Melissa met me at the San Juan airport. Her luggage was lost, so I tried to make her feel better by taking her shopping. There was a wide selection at the local gift shops, but she was dubious.

This pair of shoes had zippers up the back. In case you had to get out of your shoes. Like, immediately.

She disdained the classics on offer, even though I told her we would hardly ever come into contact with escalators on the island.

How cute would this be with a lei? Right? I know!

And as the day wore on, she started to come around.

But just when I’d convinced her to trust my sartorial instinct, her bag showed up. She unpacked her Land’s End swimsuit and held it to her face while she wept softly. I poured celebratory glasses of wine, and we headed up to the roof to watch the sunset.

Today we left Old San Juan for Vieques, and I’m typing this on a very bumpy Ferry ride. Excuse me for a moment while I move my laptop so I can place my head between my knees. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Intel is making my site more interesting by sponsoring my Mighty Life List over the next few months. They’re paying for my trip to Puerto Rico so I can cross another dream off my list. Sponsors of Tomorrow, indeed.

25 thoughts on “Life List: Glowing plankton

  1. When we went to Vieques, we set up the bioluminescent bay swim with a fairly casual organization. The night we went out, we were picked up at the roadside by a man in a pickup at the local convenience store. We sat three across on the bench seat, with his chihuahua on my husband’s lap. That 10 minute ride was almost better than the bay.

    Almost, but not quite, because the bioluminescent bay swim is the most awesome thing we ever did. You guys are in for the biggest treat, I’m so excited for you!


  2. I’m so jealous of this. My boyfriend and I went to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago and were told that we couldn’t swim with the bio-luminescent plankton because the oils on our body would kill them. We had to settle for a kayak trip with a group of people who didn’t know how to maneuver a kayak. Have fun!


  3. So insanely jealous. You and Melissa together, with pink fruity drinks in a tropical location? I’m heading to the airport right now. You don’t mind if I stalk you, do you?

    I’ll be the one in the pink mock-alligator stilettos.


  4. Wear tons of bug repellant when you do it. I got tons of mosquito bites, like at least 20 (I’m not kidding).

    Have fun on Vieques. Culebra is also a slice of heaven.

    If you make it back to Old San Juan, eat at Cafe Berlin. Affordable and really yummy.

    Have fun!


  5. Goodness gracious me, Ms. Maggie – that first pic of you inspired me to book a vacation. So lovely.
    Congrats to you on the good things happening!


  6. Please pass on info on your trip. I plan to go to San Juan in September and really want to visit Vieques as well. Where did you stay…eat…please!


  7. Hmmm…By the looks of the “roof shot” it appears that you’re staying at the same in where I spent my honeymoon a few years ago! Were you at “The Gallery” in Old San Juan? The B&B/Inn/whatever full of birds and original paintings by the owner?


  8. Lucky in love, lucky in life, lucky in work (if you can call a free trip to PR “work.”)

    P.S. — I just saw “Public Enemy” (& as I suggested before) you really DO resemble the beautifully quirky Myrna Loy in her hey-day. Complete with cocktail (ala Nick & Nora!)


  9. that is kind of insane of Intel! I have a list too -how can I get sponsored? I mean, seriously, that is awesome for you but it’s not like you are unfortunately ill or poor or anything… don’t get me wrong – i like your writing, I am just baffled.


  10. amy, are you being serious? Because I would guess the answer would be along the lines of “have a widely-read blog that is in demand for advertising to tech-savvy 20 – 30something women.” They’re not the make-a-wish foundation, providing charity to someone who’s sick or needs it. This is an extremely creative advertising campaign. They’re not just buying banner space, they’re inspiring content that everyone who reads knows came about because of their sponsorship. Honestly I think it’s brilliant. I barely even notice banner ads, and certainly don’t change my opinions of companies based on them. But this? It has definitely positively influenced my opinion of Intel. Which I’m pretty sure is exactly what they’re looking for.


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