37 thoughts on “Mighty Life List: Grand Loving Gestures

  1. April

    Holy wow do I feel like an inadequate wife. I only made my husband peanut butter bars for his 40th (he was out of town). But then again, we’re not really gifters. We do the whole “buy it when you want it, no exchanging gifts for holidays” thing… I am dying to know what they were, too!

  2. beyond

    gosh, this makes me feel a bit incompetent. and cheap. even though we don’t really give each other gifts. i really love the way you wrapped them. lovely.

  3. Danabug

    My Mom did that for my 30th birthday (15 years ago!). We didn’t live in the same city so she mailed one thing per day for 30 days. It was the most fun! Sometimes it was just something silly, like a stuffed animal, other times it was a new outfit. As a recipient, I can say that I really loved it!

  4. Molly Chase

    I love this. My husband is turning 38 in a few months. As I am both due with our second child and planning on moving to another state within a few weeks of his birthday, I should really get on this now if I’m going to properly gank this idea from you.

  5. Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

    What a cool idea! For the first birthday my husband and I spend together, I gave him 28 birthday cards – one for every year I’d missed.

    That sort of thing is alot of work, but it’s always sooooooo worth it =)

  6. Meegan

    I’m hoping that if enough of us beg you will at least give us a partial list. Puh-lease? Because I really want to give my husband 40 gifts for his 40th birthday and I only have 2 years to prepare and I’m a terrible gifter and LADY I need your HELP! Inspire us, per usual.

  7. Assertagirl

    I did the same thing for my mom when she turned 40. I let her open a gift every day for forty days leading up to her birthday. It was fun for me and for her!

  8. auntjone

    How sweet! We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Monday but didn’t exchange gifts. I did give him a package of Reese Peanut Butter Easter eggs yesterday as a “happy 2nd anniversary of our wedding reception” gift- we married on the 30th and had the reception on the 31st. I got a smile and a kiss in return and I was happy.

  9. denise

    Is that your handmade ruffly pink sweater in the background of that pix? Looks like it is finished! We need an update! Model it for us!

  10. lindsay

    I agree w/Denise… Bryan is wonderful and all, but my eye darts over to the left-hand side of the picture to that flowery DIY project you mentioned in the past!

  11. Nancy R

    I too would love to hear about some of the items on the birthday list. My husband turns 40 next month and I have three girls that would be OVER THE MOON at finding 40 presents for Dad. I need a jumping off point, so spill it woman.

  12. Kristina

    My aunt either did this for someone, or someone did this for her, but I remember being really jealous of her. I was 8 or 9 at the time, so you know.

  13. brie

    What a great idea!

    I did something similar for my significant other. For the week leading up to his birthday we celebrated “Seven Days of Sean” and each day I gave him a little gift.

    Lots of little, thoughtful gifts are always so much fun.

  14. Kara

    Just have to add my name to the petition for pictures of that gorgeous jacket. And, uh, maybe instructions on how to copy you? Pretty please?

  15. linda n

    This works from a spouse or partner. Never let a parent do this, ever. My mother did this for my 30th birthday, except she recounted 30 lovely stories for me and my closest friends. Stories NOT of my choosing. One of which was a mortifying memory of something inappropriate that happened at the town lake when I was 12. Did I mention my mother is crazy??

    Also dying to know what the presents were.

  16. Joles

    Love the Paper Source wrapping paper…though, you know, they’ll wrap for you if you ask (might charge you a bit…times have changed). I used to work there (except here), and there’s lots of services no one will tell you about if you don’t ask for them.

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