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  1. Anne

    I agree with Lindsey. You look spot-on fantastic Maggie.

    It’s good you had Mindy representing the “guy’s girls” Some women are just more at ease around men and shouldn’t feel bad about it. I used to think these types were self-gender-haters who were insanely threatened by other women. Now I don’t necessarily think it’s true. We all have our comfort zones and they’re not identical.

  2. Jan

    I’m not a mom so, if a comment on this post is inappropriate from me, please delete. That said…

    I’m another one whose “nights out” when I was younger (about the age of the ladies I see on the momversations) were mostly with guys, because most of my friends were guys, because I worked for a long time in an extremely male-dominated field. There were a few other women and we were all equals, male and female. I was accepted and enjoyed my nights out with my friends just as much as I suppose others enjoy girls’ nights out.

    Dear me, the stories I could tell…except I’m not sure the statutes of limitations have expired on all of them.

  3. Cyndilou

    Maggie – just have to note that GNOs are not any easier to schedule for single people. My mom friends are often busy at night with kids, but my single friends tend to be busy at the same time with their own lives. The only real difference is many of my friends with kids generally spend less time on non-family-related activities (i.e. one or two nights a week on hobbies or such as opposed to every night).

    Perhaps if we all went to the same church, or worked for the same employer, or had some other social outlet in common it might be a bit different – but as you get older and more involved in life (and I am still pretty young!) you find that the disposable time you had in your teens and early 20s to just hang with friends seems to exist less and less. Complete spontenaeity is rarely an option.

    That all being said – GNOs are a life-saver sometimes, even if we have to make a date a month in advance to make sure everyone can get together! :)

  4. another Libby

    I love me some Girls Night Out! And, as Libby is not the most common name, when you were relating the anecdote about your friend I totally felt like you were talking about me. Clearly the name Libby imparts free-spirited kooky-ness upon those who bear it.

  5. dgm

    ‘Kay, first of all? Maggie you are so stunning every time you appear in a video clip(and I’m not even trying to pick up on you).

    I’ve always been more of a “guy’s girl”. I have a few different sets of friends and acquaintances who do GNO, and I’m happy to join in, but not because it’s a GNO per se–in fact, if the rest of the group is too “girly” I can guarantee it won’t be too much fun for me. I am happy just to get out and socialize. Truth be told, I much prefer nights out with mixed company (with my hubby there if he wants to be), where everyone laughs and drinks and laughs some more. And then someone sober drives me home.

    Don’t judge me!

  6. Alana

    Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but I got a really negative, unkind vibe from you when you basically told Mindy that her feeling left out by other women was her own fault for being the “kind of person who says things like ‘I’m not really a ‘girls’ girl'”.

    Uncalled for. Shame on you.

  7. Sarah

    I find it very ironic that you speak so unkindly to Mindy in this video and yet you were the very one who brought up the topic of “Mommy Wars” and how unsupportive women are of each other. Interesting.

  8. M

    Maggie was not being unkind. Just pointed. Saying “I’m not really a girl’s girl” is isolating–to the person who utters it and the person on the receiving end. Whether it’s intended this way or not, most people on the receiving end hear “I am not even going to give you a chance because I generally don’t like your kind.” That’s off putting to many.

  9. sevedra

    I felt bad for Mindy. I, too, have always had an easier time being friends with male gendered people. I just don’t mesh the same with women. I am not about make-up or fashion or shopping. I find that after a few weeks, other women don’t have much to say to me anymore. I am not, at all, beautiful or model-like. I am not the sort that other women are jealous of, ever. I am just not as into girly things as most girls are. I do almost all of my activities with my kids, too.

    I am jealous of girly-girls who have girlfriends though. I feel left out. Like I am missing something crucial. And like I am missing out on something special.

  10. EricaLucci

    I’m lucky enough to have a weekly girls night out. We get together on Thursdays to ride our bikes. It’s a very social ride and we usually end up having dinner together.

  11. Laurie

    Jan – On behalf of others who share your status, please don’t apologize for speaking because you haven’t had children. Mothers do not fail to comment on posts of mine, or posts anywhere. People without children are mentioned in this video. Opinions and perspectives are universal. Represent.

  12. Deanna

    Is it still being unkind if the second comment on the post is Mindy saying that Maggie is exactly right? There’s a difference between “mean” and “constructive.”

  13. Caroline

    I completely agree with the posters who felt that Maggie’s comment to Mindy was snotty. Bitchiness is not attractive, Ms. Mason.

  14. Melanie

    I agree on two, not opposing, counts. Maggie did sound a little harsh when responding to Mindy’s “Not a girls girl” comment. AND I agree with the point that Maggie was making. If you put out a “not interested” vibe and/or you don’t make time to cultivate deeper relationships with women – well, your not going to have girls to go out with. For me its more then the one night – its a sustained, fulfilling relationship with women who support and understand me in a different way then a partner.

  15. Heather-in-Australia

    I think the comments to Mindy would have been softened a little – yet still held their truth – if the phrasing “you’re the sort of person who says I’m not a girl’s girl” wasn’t used. Inadvertantly or not, “you’re the sort of person” sounds innately judgemental & unkind & it did come across that way a little here.

    I agree that Mindy saying “I’m not a girl’s girl” might send the message that one doesn’t want girlfriends, so I think Maggie made a good point about that within this particular conversation. IMO that point could have been made a little more thoughtfully, too, but to call Maggie “snotty” or “bitchy”? Come on now, people. Does that fit with the general persona you see here? A little credit wouldn’t go astray.

  16. lucesco

    I also felt a little sting at the comments to Mindy. I am very much a guys girl, but I used to have a GNO. Due to circumstances, such as some moving, cancer and one going crazy. I lost several girlfriends in the last few years. I desparately miss them, but am still content hanging out with the guys, which I do all the time (my husband and our mutual friends.) I still feel bad and lonely about not having girlfriends – and I don’t know how to find new ones! I am not a mom, so I can’t link up that way. I feel I am a moderately attractive person who guys seem to like, but seriously there just so many women I see out there that are just model gorgeous and they are with their girls. But, I have also felt that what you said is true, women are not nice to girls who are attractive and don’t consider themselves to be a girls girl, and it doesn’t not feel good to be judged or shunned, especially when you are on the outside feeling lonely.

  17. Valerie

    Maggie,is there a problem with Mighty Girl’s feed? This is the last post I get through RSS (“this” being the Ladies Night post,btw), and I know there have been a bunch since.

  18. AS

    Hey Maggie. I tried emailing you, but haven’t heard back. Are you getting feedback from anyone else re: problems with your RSS feed? I use NewsGator and haven’t seen any updated posts since your Ladies Night submission. When I click on your RSS link, it brings up a paragraph of choppy text and code, instead of your RSS. Would love to get you back in the RSS mix!

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