I finally took photos of my finds from last month’s Alameda Flea Market:

-A signed, limited-edition print of a thistle, which I pretty much stole for $5
-Beer steins with slightly detached handles
-A blue Tonka truck from the ’70s for the little guy
-Georgie a rubber baby doll. I’ve been looking for a good one for Hank, and had to have Georgie when I noticed he had one blue eye and one brown, like Bryan.
-A very small jointed doll, which I’ve added to my small-impassive-doll collection. The big gash on his face is part of the charm. I was going to pop him in a terrarium, but Hank has adopted him. He calls him “Guy.”
-A few more cool little cars for Hank. The ones with the best moving parts aren’t pictured because Hank has hidden between couch cushions or somewhere similarly secret.

A pretty good haul for about forty bucks.

9 thoughts on “FLEA MARKET FINDS

  1. Maggie,
    I have been reading here for about a year. I hink I came over when Melissa Summers announced Hank’s birth on her blog. Great finds indeed! Careful to test especially the toys for lead. You probably already know that you can get a lead test in any home store. Just thought I would point that out!


  2. And to think I never noticed that Bryan had one brown and one blue eye! I went back to look at Flickr photos, and shazzam! Indeed he does.

    I hope you knew you had a keeper on your hands, the minute you laid eyes on him. I imagine, that you did.


  3. Not to be a worry wart, but it’s in my nature. I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before, but it never hurts to hear it again (unless it does, in which case DON’T READ THIS ALOUD). Giving small children (small enough that they might chew on them) old toys (old enough that you can’t discern if there have been recalls or if they contain lead paint or what-have-you) is often frowned upon by the child-expert-types. So, you know, be careful.</lecture>


  4. The little jointed man is from a dollhouse set…I had the whole little perfect jointed family when I was young…thanks for reminding me of them.

    (Oh, and just teach Hank not to eat trucks, and he’ll be fine. We all survived.)


  5. Wow cool finds. Flea Markets are always cool. I always see people selling jewelry at flea markets all the time. Once I saw and old lady selling her engagement ring from a previous marriage and I recommend that she sell it to http://www.idonowidont.com which is what I did after I divorced my cheating hubby! She got a lot more money for it too!


  6. I love flea market finds. I have been a shopper for years and I have been a vendor for the past two years. I especially love the doll and tonka trunk. Nostalgia at it’s best can be found in your local flea markets 🙂


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