Bryan’s grandmother passed away unexpectedly, so we’re currently in Illinois for the funeral. We took a red-eye to get here in time, a flight I like to call the Happy-Birthday!-No-One-Sleep-for-48-Hours-Cross-Country Spectacular.

Yesterday, I turned 33. I consider this an auspicious number, and expect to have a very good year. However, for one week, all of us are going to pretend that never happened. Let’s meet back here at the same time next week and discuss birthday stuff in more celebratory detail.

For now, we’re enjoying time with Bryan’s family, acquainting Hank with extended family, and celebrating Grandma Mason — who was a very good grandma indeed.

16 thoughts on “ILLINOIS

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Take good care of each other.

    As for the birthday, I suggest throwing yourself a party in four months to celebrate your one-third-of-a-century milestone. For some reason 33.3 is an extremely pleasing number for me.


  2. happy birthday and although they usually do not go in the same sentence, sorry for your loss. i think i remember some pictures from hank’s younger times of him with grandma. hope you can come back on a flight in mid day, preferably nap time. does that work with toddlers?


  3. I’m sorry for your loss but glad to hear that she was a very good grandma. I hope you will share lots of happy memories this week.

    I hope your delayed birthday is a happier one.

    Big hug!


  4. Happy Birthday.

    Celebrating the life of a fabulous grandmother, despite the red-eye, sounds like a near perfect way to celebrate hitting the dreaded third of a century mark.


  5. Happy Birthday from one 33 year old to another. Here in Western PA, home of Rolling Rock beer (before those traitors sold out) we call this the Rolling Rock birthday. RR has always mysteriously printed the number 33 on its labels and the speculation as to its meaning has been the subject of many a drunken debate. Alas, we all take the opportunity to celebrate our Rolling Rock year by raising a glass. On Saturday, I’ll say an extra toast to you and Grandma Mason.


  6. On my birthdays I like to google the number that I’m about to hit (probably some practice that I picked up from some ridiculous blog somewhere). It’s interesting to see the significance of the number across history and various cultures or religions.

    33 is a very good age to be.


  7. I felt sad (and teary? I’m hormonal, clearly) for you, and then Antigone’s comment really touched me… I think she’s right. What a better way to turn 33 than to celebrate a long and wonderful life well lived?

    Cheers to you, and to her life. My her memory be a blessing.


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