At Mighty Junior

22nd October 2008

When I had Hank, I obsessed a little over the hospital bag. When he came a week early, I was glad I had. If you remember nothing else, toss in a couple of comfortable knit dresses to wear as nightgowns. Half the cost of maternity PJs, and you’ll be cute for all the photos. The rest of our ideas are over here:

Maternity Hospital Bag: 16 Essentials for Moms in Labor

11 thoughts on “At Mighty Junior

  1. Kat

    I think it’s interesting that you recommend a nightgown above anything else because I found the whole birthing and recovering experience so messy that I was happy to use the hospital gowns. They brought me as many as I wanted which meant I didn’t have to worry about blood and leakage (sorry) ruining my clothes. I doubled the gowns up and wore one backwards to keep my back covered when leaving the room during labor, and just put on a bathrobe over the gown during recovery. Besides my bathrobe, I didn’t touch my own clothes until I was actually discharged from the hospital, even though I had to stay a few extra days due to the fact that our baby was premature and jaundiced. I thought that I would want something cute to put on for visiting hours, but I was in bed under covers for most of the time, anyway.

  2. Liz

    I liked having my own gown for when visitors came. I recommend getting one with buttons down the front or a deep V-neck if you’re planning on nursing. I got mine for $14 at Target. Handy for when you’re home from the hospital, too!

  3. lenore

    Interesting discussion. I’ll have to remember it if I ever have a baby. Right now, I’d be inclined to pack my bag with a ton of books – but I guess that is probably unrealistic.

  4. Christine

    I’ll challenge the suggestion of taking a $65 nursing bra to the hospital. My lactation consultant made me take off my (cotton stretch) nursing bra and entire shirt (not just open it up, either — take it all off) to make sure my little one was latched and nursing correctly. And the last thing you want to do while you’ve got a squirmy, squawking 8lb baby rooting at your neck is unlatch a lacy bra. A bra like this works when you know what you are doing, when nursing is second nature to you… the first few days — complete moron mode. I was much too dumb for hooks and lace and structure.

  5. Zak

    The lip balm is a must! When my daughter was born, I was planning a home birth and had to be rushed to the hosptial and hadn’t even packed a bag. I remember my lips being so unbelievably chapped, I thought I would die. With my son, I had the lip balm right beside my bed.

    And I agree with the nursing bra. Fine for your second time, but with the first, I would recommend nursing tanks or the sleep nursing bras from Motherhood.

    The maternity dress as a nightgown is genius. Oh! And always pack TWICE as many baby clothes as you think you will need. I had a few outfits and the first night at the hospital my son pooped on everything I had. My mother had to buy more!

  6. K

    In theory I love the idea of dresses as nightgowns, but my first thought was the same as Kat’s: but the blood…the BLOOD.

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