13 thoughts on “Blogher Photos

  1. daisy

    Oh my god, I liked your bangs in the ‘just cut’ pic, but seeing them in full action here, why, they are absolutely awesome!

  2. elayne

    Darn you, Maggie. Darn you to heck.
    Or darn me, one or the other.

    A week – one single lousy WEEK – after I go and chop off all my hair, the results of which I am very unhappy with, I FINALLY see a hairstyle that is the epitome of what I want and feel comfortable with. Why couldn’t BlogHer have been two weeks sooner, so I would have seen these pics in time to salvage my own locks?

    Oh well. In two years or so, when my hair grows back out, I’ll come back to this picture and go for it then.

  3. meghan

    Is that a picture of Al’s attic? I love that store…it’s right down the street from my house…I was wondering if you would ever mention that place.

    lovely pictures as usual!

  4. Anissa@Hope4Peyton

    I so agree that your final pic could be an advertisement of what it means to go to BlogHer and be part of the blogging community. Great shots, you’re just bursting with talent.

  5. Lindsay

    Hey look, it’s my internet (s)heroes! Also, that picture of Alice (2nd pic on “3”) is gorgeous. Uh, can I please look like her? kthnxbai.

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