Lots of good designs and products to scan this week. Here’s where we’re keeping them:

-My wine-rack roundup for my gig with JC Penney’s. Time to stop keeping our wine on top of the fridge.

-I’m restraining myself from purchasing almost everything in the 50 Problem Solvers Under $50 guide that Melissa put together for Mighty Haus.

-Melissa also has some excellent guest editor picks over at Mighty Goods.

-I just finished up 15 Must Haves for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers over at Mighty Junior.

-The beloved Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera is guest posting on Mighty Goods this week! Keep an eye on this space to see what she picks.

5 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Ooh good timing… too many wine bottles and I have no place to put them.

    Also, last one…. moonbeam alarmclock?


  2. The 50 under $50 is great! I just bought two things I hadn’t known until this very evening that I couldn’t live without! I got the bottle-top tripod maker and the faucet fountain (my cat likes to drink from the bathroom faucet… yeah, I know).


  3. The mesh on the sleeper folds down for nursing. Really?!? All that time and I never thought of that.

    Could be because I was so freaking sleep deprived… sigh.


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