Mighty Life Twofer

4th June 2008

Bryan and I went to the San Francisco Black and White Ball last weekend, thereby fulfilling my long-held dream of limping between venues in a fabulous gown and necessarily uncomfortable shoes. It was totally worth the foot hangover, especially the swing dancing.

Plus! I got to check another dream off the Mighty Life list. In fact, I checked off two. We had dinner at Alfred’s and they had escargot on the menu, so…

The verdict is, garlic and butter are delicious, and snails taste a lot like clams. Ta-da!

This one night makes up for every nap I took this Spring.

Also? That big feathery thing on my dress strap is a hair clip, y’all. I felt like a sartorial genius when I clipped it on the strap, and I’ll be wearing it again at the first opportunity. Like, Tuesday is looking good.

45 thoughts on “Mighty Life Twofer

  1. Sunny

    We have black and white night in Hilo,Hawaii:-)I am sure it is not the same, but we do have fun.
    I saw that owning land is one of the items on your Mighty life list.If you are ever in Hawaii, look me up. When it comes to land, I am your girl.

  2. Lauren

    I know from a recent post that you just lost all the baby weight and I HAD TO MENTION how amazing you look! And congratulations on that! And I also love your hair too – if that wasn’t enough ass kissing already. But there just aren’t enough compliments going around these days, so lets be honest. :)

  3. brian papa

    Isn’t it crazy crossing things off your life list? I find it exciting, invigorating..and weird. Like going to Carnival. It was exciting; I was invigorated to cross it off my list and at the same time I didn’t know what to feel…disbelief, maybe?
    Anyway, I think your next goal is 2 pull-ups…I love that that’s on your list…I actually have a pull-up bar and my fiance can do 3!
    Go, Mighty Woman!

  4. Steph

    You are a much braver woman than I. Not only did you eat the snails without horking but you paid for them without horking. Bravo!

  5. Mrs. Kennedy

    You look fabulous, underline underline underline. I’m glad they served the snails in the traditional shells with lots of butter and garlic. That’s how Jackson likes them, too!

  6. Alibi

    What, no chicken feet on your list? (; And count me in if you are going to blow bubbles off the Golden Gate Bridge!


  7. Nichole

    Well done! I’d like to see a picture of the hair clip in your hair. I can’t even imagine what it would look like as a hair clip.

  8. michellew

    Well, these pics confirm that my desire to avoid escargot for the rest of my life is spot on. I fear they would not fare well if ingested by me. But, you on the other hand, look lovely. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Moxie

    I would like to see a photo of someone with that thing in their hair. And way to go on the life list stuff!


  10. Jan

    If you were okay with the escargots the way they were served there, you would probably be even okayer with them if you ever get the chance to have them served baked in the requisite garlic butter but inside phyllo pastry. I haven’t had that in two or three forevers, but it’s delish.

    (My mom used to serve escragot at her dinner parties and she used to stuff the shells herself. My mom is a tough act to follow.)

    Kudos on the list cross-offs and on the sartorial ingenuity. And you didn’t even have to tell us about that!

  11. Deidre

    Just wanted to join the chorus of ‘you looked fabulous’s!

    Also I just noticed that The Durian is on your mighty list — you are a brave woman. I tried it once. Nightmares – still.

  12. Stephanie

    We ate escargot on a cruise awhile back. You’re right that the buttery garlic part is tasty, but I couldn’t get over the texture. It was a bit too “slimy” for my liking…

  13. Gabby

    Tomorrow, you should sit Hank down with an ice cream cone in the kitchen while you make butterscotch from scratch.

  14. Stephanie

    Congrats on two more off the list. I’ve always wanted to go to the Black and White ball…maybe next time I’ll get to cross that one off my list. So, do you think you’ll go again?

  15. Sam

    Innovative use of a hair clip!!! Not so sure I could eat snails though as I am one of the fussiest eaters on the planet!! ;-)

  16. ambika

    This is fantastic–gives me hope of crossing off a few of mine before the summer’s end.

    And I never would have guessed that was a hair clip. Genius for sure!

  17. daisy

    The hair clip was a stroke of genius. What would be even better is if you were to wear it for two weeks straight but just altered its position each day. You could wear it on your wrist one day, like a feathery lapel pin another, hang it a la 80’s feather clip from your hair, and so on until people who know you start to feel awkward.

    Sorry – my sense of humor, deranged, I know.

  18. samantha

    I love escargot. I once had a dream of being a traveling food writer that wrote about all the ways people prepare escargot, but then I realized that eating it so often might ruin my enjoyment of it.

  19. jen

    Awww…Gorgeous, both of you.

    Though it was not on your list, you may also have seen Hookslide, my favorite a cappella group perform. Which makes me envy you even more.

  20. Megan

    I don’t understand the feathers as a hair accessory. How…what the..?

    And I didn’t know there was such thing as a ball gown hack. Way to invent a new category.

  21. Spatula

    Congratulations! An accomplished and fascinating woman just got more accomplished and more fascinating, by two units.

  22. Lori

    When I was a little girl, I believed that every woman was beautiful during the WWII era. The pictures that my grandma had of herself and her friends were so glamorous: the painted lips, the perfectly coifed wavy hair. Even the faces seemed structurally more beautiful. You evoke that retro beauty.

  23. The Scarlet Pervygirl

    I agree with Lori about the retro beauty. You two look like I imagine the Baudelaires’ parents looking.

    Um, not that you’re going to die in a fire? That’s not what I’m saying.

  24. Tea

    I’ve always thought that if it weren’t for the garlic butter, no one would really bother with eating snails…

    But you look stunning, my dear–like some movie star from long ago. And the two of you at the top, adorable. Sounds as if you did B&W proud.

  25. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    Maggie, in the one photo, besides looking lovely. You look like the scene in the movie pretty woman…and that the snail is going airborne any moment….great photos…

  26. Michelle

    I came on over from Dooce’s blog where you had guest posted. I did not realize until now that YOU were the Maggie behind THE book. I have read the book and out many of the prompts into posts on an old blog I had. Now that I have a new blog it just might be time to re-do some of the prompts!

    P.S. I love your hair in these photos! Stunning!

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