The Regional Assembly of Text

3rd June 2008

This little store was one of the most magical things about Vancouver. It’s a gift store devoted to the love of text. They’ve collected many local zine-type publications, and there’s a couch at the front where you can type a letter on an old school typewriter if you buy stationery there. Best of all, on the first Thursday of every month, they host a letter writing club complete with tea, cookies, and typewriters. These are my people.

Also, I’m in love with the wall of file cabinets at the register. I’d love to make a faux wall out of old cabinets. It would be a great way to block off a cozy office in a large space, and an even better way to store my ever growing collection of magazine tear outs.

63 thoughts on “The Regional Assembly of Text

  1. robyn

    my favorite thing for magazine tear outs? page protectors in binders. i have loose organization by things like “knitting patterns”, “bath and beauty”, “yoga”, fashion”, and “home” amongst others, and i can just grab them off the shelf and flip through them any time!

  2. daay

    OMG I would love to be part of letter writers club. I wonder if I could make a meet-up and if other people would join.
    I might have to add this to my list.

  3. sarah

    waaaaaaah! i was in vancouver this march and i had no idea this existed! :(

    between this store and tojo’s—i know where my next vaca will be.

  4. laura

    I love this store! On my first visit, I think I actually flapped my arms in excitement.

  5. Spatula

    That sounds so wonderfully quixotic! I love that someone would start a store like that. I’m sure it does fine, but there is something so impractical-sounding about it, it makes me happy that someone would even try it as a business.

  6. andee

    ohhhh! this is one of the shops I miss most since leaving vancouver. Thanks for the reminder. You did well to find this hole-in-the-wall on your first foray into vancouver(& canada)…I always thought it was a hidden gem – but then, I guess finding the coolest of the cool is kinda what you do, huh?

  7. daisy

    This is fantastic. Thanks so much for posting about it. Much to my regret I left Vancouver five years ago. The silver lining is that the grandparents are still up there, babysitting and a vacation!

  8. elliebiscuits

    What a great place! I like the idea of letter writing sessions. It really is a lost art. I just started a blog and incorporated a letter writing section into it. Haven’t written any letters yet (maybe I’ll write one to you!), but I did use your 100 Words idea. I’m having so much fun with it. Thanks!

  9. Sandi

    This is just one of the many cool places I have yet to check out in my neighbourhood. I walk past it but I wouldn’t try to get my twin stroller through the door. Glad to see that you got to explore my neighbourhood!

  10. kerry

    Ooh! I have been pining to go to that shop since I saw some amazing letter my sis got as a gift….Soon I will take a break from my three boys, hop in the car and coast all the way down to Vancouver for a “me” day. Shopping in Whistler is rather sad…I have almost given up. p.s. We did a great Eco post regarding TED last week…Cradle to Cradle…

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