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Mighty Life Twofer

4th June 2008

Bryan and I went to the San Francisco Black and White Ball last weekend, thereby fulfilling my long-held dream of limping between venues in a fabulous gown and necessarily uncomfortable shoes. It was totally worth the foot hangover, especially the swing dancing.

Plus! I got to check another dream off the Mighty Life list. In fact, I checked off two. We had dinner at Alfred’s and they had escargot on the menu, so…

The verdict is, garlic and butter are delicious, and snails taste a lot like clams. Ta-da!

This one night makes up for every nap I took this Spring.

Also? That big feathery thing on my dress strap is a hair clip, y’all. I felt like a sartorial genius when I clipped it on the strap, and I’ll be wearing it again at the first opportunity. Like, Tuesday is looking good.