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9th April 2008

I just put my Mighty Life list over there at the bottom of my links, as a reminder to get started on the important stuff. I mean, I could be hit by a bus any moment without ever having rewired a lamp.

Just by putting the list into words, I find myself working toward the goals without thinking. I’ve accomplished so much already without even consciously trying. It’s also eerie how situations are just popping up that help me cross something off the list. A friend wants to practice his portrait-taking skills, and voila! We have a family portrait. After the presentation in Austin, a woman approaches to ask if we’d be willing to do one in Canada. Voila! I’ll be crossing the Canadian border in the near future. I want to own land, and this anonymous benefactor leaves me an acre along the coast of Northern California.

That last one isn’t true. But still, eerie, right?

Anyway, here’s the other progress I’ve made so far:

-Identified the violin busker to whom I’d like to give $100.
-I’ve started the first baby steps on a novel. Also, I’ve taken up pipe smoking.
-Have the infrastructure in place to launch a new Mighty site! Awww yeah.
-Purchased the Apartment Therapy book so I can do the home cure for my “Make a peaceful living space for our family” goal. I’m starting with de-lousing.
-The friend who took our family portrait said he’d help me try to do one in the style of my grandmother’s photo. Except she was sixteen when her portrait was taken, so I may also need someone who has excellent Photoshop skills.
-Started putting aside baby clothes for a quilt. I have trouble letting go of anything, actually. Little, tiny footie pajamas! Eeeny beeny socks! Soon our house will be a solid wall of our possessions with only a tiny path leading to the bed, where I’ll be chortling over one of Hank’s old onesies. With a robot on the front!

Have you done anything because of your list? Do! Then tell us, immediately.

26 thoughts on “Mighty Life

  1. fiona

    I started a list, coincidentally, the day before you posted yours. So strange. Since starting it, I’ve joined a running club, dyed my hair red, and bought a motorcycle helmet. I’ve also added to the list daily, which reminds me that I’d better keep moving on some of this stuff.

    Thanks for the added inspiration!

  2. magpie

    I had hot cross buns on easter!!! And I just bought a dress, in my efforts to wear them on non-dress requiring moments. I think I’ll add my list on a sidebar too. Keep it fresh in my mind. Cheers. :)

  3. amy

    awesome! i loved yr lists…I should comment more- bc I find you quite inspiring. Rock on. I am writing a novel now. hard stuff. I wish you well in all you do gal!

  4. Hilary

    Since revisting and updating my list I have purchased a ticket to Budapest and readied my backpack for adventure, signed up for tango lessons, and started playing the piano again. These were all things I was planning on doing (of course!), but I think the list was certainly an excellent catalyst.

  5. katie

    I am so glad I have started making my own list (thankyouverymuch!). Having it laid out in front of me makes me really want to start crossing things off and I think that if I didnt write it down some (most) of the things would never get accomplished.
    And yay by the way for coming to Canada! We are in Victoria (just in case your in the neighborhood) and I love it. Also there is a violin-playing busker here who dreses up like Darth Vadar, so be on the lookout if you are in town! Thanks for the great posts :)

  6. catherine

    I leave for Paris in two weeks. I’ve been teaching myself French. I’ve been approached to teach a cooperative of women in Mexico how to sew – which means I’ll be learning Spainish. I’ve come to terms with why it’s best I don’t open a store and so have put that item to rest once and for all and I’ve started back at my art sewing project. :) Thanks.

  7. Rebekah

    I’m delurking to thank you so much for the fire you put under my butt to put into words all the things I want to accomplish in my life. I haven’t accomplished anything YET but I am more determined than ever to make these dreams a reality. I truly believe that making a list helps you accomplish your goals. You are such an inspiration. THANK YOU!

  8. Ashleigh

    Hello! I’ve always had a mini list of things to accomplish…but after reading your blog I was really inspired to make a full 100 Things to Do list. By making the list the law of attractions is at work…two days after adding, “take hip hop class” to my list I received an email about a beginner hip hop class! It feels great to be actively participating in my life. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. JuicyBit

    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this before, but if you haven’t checked out Write it Down, Make it Happen, I suggest you do! Although you’ve pretty much gotten the gist of it on your own by making this list!


    Essentially, the power of writing things down is very powerful and by doing so, you naturally begin to lead your life oriented around what you’ve written and that you can even influence outside circumstances.

  10. ambika

    It’s funny how people came out of the woodwork with ways of helping me cross things off my list. So I can now join the local Audobon society and have a recipe to make bread (maybe this weekend?). And, given that a trip to Portland meant I’d be in proximity to *lots* of bloggers, I was able to cross #31 off my list, ‘Meeting a fellow blogger.’

  11. Jen

    I’ve also started hording, I mean, saving baby clothes for a future quilt. I hope you weren’t like me who sat in the middle of the room crying over a size 0-3 mo. Baby Gap t-shirt.

  12. sizzle

    I have been working my way through the Apartment Therapy book. It’s good and has great tips. I just wish I had more time and money to devote to it.

  13. Stella

    Maggie, let me tell you, this has really inspired me. I’ve been compiling a list myself and I plan to put it up on my blog soon (hopefully, as soon as I get a new layout). Thanks for starting this! It made me think of all those things I’ve wanted to do and how I should set about doing them.

  14. Nichole

    I haven’t done anything on my list yet, but I have been saving baby clothes. The jammies with the robot on the front are already in the Pile O’ Clothes.

  15. Andi

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful Mighty List with us. You’ve inspired me to start on one of my own.

    Coincidentally, the day after I read your list, my husband sent me a link to Amtrekker http://www.amtrekker.com/index.php, a guy who is currently travelling around crossing things off his life list!

  16. Christy

    You’re a very inspiring person.
    The list….I’m on it. AND I’ll be planting Mighty Life List seeds in my friends’ head so they also can be inspired.

  17. Ivy

    Since writing my list, I went ice fishing on Torch Lake in North Michigan and rescued another needy dog from the pound! Just these two items brought me immense happiness – thank you, thank you, thank you!

  18. CP

    You have totally inspired us over at 3giraffes and we are working on our lists now. I feel like a need a list so I don’t just feel lame when I read your incredible done/ to do lists.

  19. Mary

    Very nice list! I keep one myself and am living proof you can do whatever your heart desires. One of my “biggest” on the list was either going to art or culinary school. Two years ago, I sold my house, quit a job I was just absolutely burnt out in, and moved to a new state (RI) to get a baking/pastry degree. It was an amazing time in my life and changed everything for the better. I now have a great day job doing philanthropic things in a fun company, blog about baking/food, and am starting to teach both private and community cooking classes. Not sure what’s next, but I am working on it!

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