8th April 2008

And in the category of Ads that Would Never Fly in the States:

I took that in Argentina, it’s an ad for Tang featuring two young children who have fashioned a beer bong for Tang delivery. Madcap! Bong imagery aside, to my jaded eye, it looks like they’re pouring vodka and Kool Aid into the funnel:

What are we teaching the children?

Kids, listen to Aunt Maggie.That’s no kind of way to treat vodka.

6 thoughts on “Chug-a-Hugs!

  1. Faith

    These are not children…they are small college students. This is quite popular in college if I remember correctly, and it has been a LOOONNNNGGG time so I might be wrong there, we didn’t use a life jacket or goggles though. Those might have come in handy.

  2. Megan

    As a fairly recent college grad (last year), it looks to me like they are preparing for a long night of studying.
    I never used goggles when hitting the beer bong, but it probably would have saved me a lot of discomfort if I had.
    What concerns me most is that there does not seem to be any sort of valve on the funnel to control the flow. This wouldn’t matter if they were merely using beer, but, without a valve, there is no way that the liquor and flavour crystals are going to get a chance to mix properly.

  3. Valerie

    Could you imagine how wretched it would be to actually drink vodka out of a beer bong? Oh, the idea of it makes my stomach turn…

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