8 thoughts on “Look At Me

  1. El Gray

    Thanks for this post! It got me wondering if they’d be back to Atlanta anytime soon. Lo and behold, they are the openers at the Kate Nash show next week that my sister can’t make it to! Now the tickets are MINE, ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHA!

    Man, I hope they have some more corporate training slides. That stuff was solid gold.

  2. MontanaJen

    A mere 16 minutes after I was told that yes, my furnace was indeed simply scrap metal and I should probably pimp my dogs out for money I watched this.

    And then everything was ok.

    The happy for me was their gold and blue curtain fabric styling. Snap!

  3. karoline

    I heart them so very much. I listen to “Eggs” probably, oh I don’t knowm, 20 times a week. You could say I’m a bit obsessed with that song. :)

  4. andrea

    I’m now addicted to this song. I’ve watched the video two days in a row and both times I’ve had a huge grin on my face.

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