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Mighty Life

9th April 2008

I just put my Mighty Life list over there at the bottom of my links, as a reminder to get started on the important stuff. I mean, I could be hit by a bus any moment without ever having rewired a lamp.

Just by putting the list into words, I find myself working toward the goals without thinking. I’ve accomplished so much already without even consciously trying. It’s also eerie how situations are just popping up that help me cross something off the list. A friend wants to practice his portrait-taking skills, and voila! We have a family portrait. After the presentation in Austin, a woman approaches to ask if we’d be willing to do one in Canada. Voila! I’ll be crossing the Canadian border in the near future. I want to own land, and this anonymous benefactor leaves me an acre along the coast of Northern California.

That last one isn’t true. But still, eerie, right?

Anyway, here’s the other progress I’ve made so far:

-Identified the violin busker to whom I’d like to give $100.
-I’ve started the first baby steps on a novel. Also, I’ve taken up pipe smoking.
-Have the infrastructure in place to launch a new Mighty site! Awww yeah.
-Purchased the Apartment Therapy book so I can do the home cure for my “Make a peaceful living space for our family” goal. I’m starting with de-lousing.
-The friend who took our family portrait said he’d help me try to do one in the style of my grandmother’s photo. Except she was sixteen when her portrait was taken, so I may also need someone who has excellent Photoshop skills.
-Started putting aside baby clothes for a quilt. I have trouble letting go of anything, actually. Little, tiny footie pajamas! Eeeny beeny socks! Soon our house will be a solid wall of our possessions with only a tiny path leading to the bed, where I’ll be chortling over one of Hank’s old onesies. With a robot on the front!

Have you done anything because of your list? Do! Then tell us, immediately.