Your “Worth Its”

2nd April 2008

A few of my favorites from the comments in the 100 Things Worth Doing entries:

Jan: The time D woke me up at 12:01AM on my birthday with a coffee cup full of tiny wild roses he’d picked from the bluff outside our front door. (We were newlyweds and sooo broke.)

Dani: Going through the departures gate at Sydney airport and looking back to see my girlfriends flashing their boobies at me
Feeling his hand behind my back when ‘friend’ was flirting with him
Knowing he came all way across town by himself to a party when the only one he knew was me – and I opened the door in an afro, gold boob tube and flares

Jennifluff: Mud fight with my mother at the beach at sunset

Karen: [Eating] a peach in the shower.

Dangercat: The second I swung the hammer and hit the first stake on my own land for the foundation of my own house I built with my own two hands.

Moose: March of the Ghouls on Halloween in St. John’s cathedral. Men in spider suits rappel down columns while masked creatures on stilts lumber stiffly through the smoke.

Niz: “Dance parties” at the children’s museum where I worked, looking like a fool but not caring because the 3-year-olds were awed by my mad skillz

Julie: Watching my 1 1/2 year old daughter see the ocean for the first time, and run full steam ahead into the waves with her clothes on, oblivious to the fact that it was 40 degrees outside.

JoAnn: Walking quickly through the cold streets of Prague with a fresh, warm, round loaf of heavy, dark bread for my roommates and I. The bread store only baked on Tuesdays (This was just after the revolution and before Western stores found their way in). I can still feel the warmth through my coat as I rushed home.

April: spending all night on a panga in the ocean in San Blas, Mexico and after holding my pee forever finally having the courage to hang my rear over the edge and go (with my husband holding on to me)…
naps on the couch with my dad when I was little enough to sleep between his legs

Sara: Drinking Oolong on Alishan mountain in Taiwan while looking over fields of tea.

El: Grabbing Bono while he was crowd surfing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, 1982. He has freckles on his arms and was wearing the same t-shirt as me.

Tina: Smelling Beezy’s cheek when I brought her home from the hospital and thinking…how could I have thought I didnt want another.

Stella: Drinking tea with the long eared women of the Kilian tribes north of Chiang Mai.

Em: Being pushed in the wheelbarrow through the tulips when I was four.

DimKnit: G rubbing his eyes and holding his blanket, bumping into furniture after he woke up. Flyaway hair and soft, warm cheeks. Yum.

Andrea Heimer: Being so close to a hummingbird I can feel it vibrating.

Henning: Seeing my parent’s tears of joy the day the Berlin Wall fell

Emily: riding an elephant through the rainforest in Thailand.

Jan: my sister and me, ages 6 and 8, holding hands between our beds as we fell asleep
my mom paying a kid to go to the bottom of the community pool and retrieve my two front teeth when they both came out unexpectedly (age 6), so the tooth fairy could come that night

Meaghan: My mother-in-law politely telling me that the gladiolas were on fire

Sara: Waking up late, naked, warmed by the sun, and thinking I was a mermaid for a minute before my brain woke up.

Kimblahg: seeing not one, not two but three sacs with fluttering heartbeats on the ultrasound.

Catherine: Pulling off a Lloyd Webber medley, self-arranged and orchestrated, with 50 singers and musicians

gilly: walking on hot coals, holding a sparkler

Sarafina: Spraining my ankle getting off the bus in eighth grade, being carried home by Justin Saunders.

misstraceynolan: Seeing Terence Blanchard play in New Orleans about 6 months after Katrina. Herbie Hancock sitting in.

ellen: Listening to birds in the back yard and knowing who was who.

Carly: Helping my grandmother shell peas in her living room with her hair in curlers watching Price is Right.

Valerie: Catching tadpoles and putting them in bubble yum containers.

Anne: Sitting with other recovering alcoholics at the diner after my first AA meeting, feeling so much hope that it made me gasp.

Amanda: The first fly ball I ever caught and not understanding what it meant. Short stop. Six years old.

Stephanie: Writing naughty words with sunscreen on the mean girl’s back while she was sunbathing at the church pool party.

35 thoughts on “Your “Worth Its”

  1. Carly

    oh my goodness! My favorite memory is one of your favorites?

    That’s also what I remember when I think of my grandmother.

  2. Moose

    How lovely to make the list! That particular cathedral would also play silent films on a big screen. Watching vampires pursue buxom maidens in cloche hats from a church pew is quite the thrill.

  3. Jan

    Maggie, I’m so flattered to be in such good company. Thank you very very much for the great idea that started all this! (Maybe we could all contribute and give you enough to put together your next book…?? Hmmmm? I’m just sayin’…)

  4. DimKnit

    After I tell one of my dear friends a story about my kiddos, she always gets misty eyed and says, “You have a good life.” She doesn’t say it in jealousy and she’s not reminding me to not take it for granted or anything like that. It’s a simple, declarative statement. She’s just so genuinely moved by the beauty of life.

    And I always answer her, “I do.” It’s so nice to stop and appreciate what I have – and there were so MANY of those small moments I could have written forever.

    Thank you for these posts. You reminded me so much of my friend.

  5. Sara

    Lovely to join so many other wonderful memories. I love seeing my tea story with the one from Stella; a tea-themed memory list would be compelling.

  6. Louise

    May I add one more?

    Watching the moon slip into eclipse over a deserted Nebraska lake and when it finally darkened, hearing an unseen rookery of herons start their haunting chorus. I still get goosebumps remembering that.

  7. Julie

    I’m one of the billions who read this and was inspired by my own and others memories. How the tiniest moments can be equal to exotic locales. What an awesome impact. Some days I love the internet. THANK YOU.

  8. Kat

    One more (well, really two):

    Our first date, star gazing on the beach, wondering why in the world someone was playing the bagpipes in the bushes at one in the morning.
    5 years later, that same beach, hearing another bagpiper, realizing what he had done, and turning around to see him down on one knee.

  9. Jennifluff

    There hasn’t been a day since you started this that I haven’t thought about my happy memories. What’s more, I am aware of the wonderful moments that are happening right now. I cannot thank you enough for that.

  10. Lynn

    I second the book idea. I would buy that book. I also have a few memories of my own I would contribute.

  11. Sara

    I made it! *grins*

    These lists and all the comments have made me so happy and grateful and hopeful. Come here internet, let me give you a hug.

    Ok, and I want to be friends with Stephanie.

  12. dani

    And 10 years on the boy who came accross town is about to become a father to our first… I knew he was the one when he came to that party.

  13. kelly

    Sometimes I stumble on a blog post that causes an intake of air, a small gasp, because it is so simply beautiful and true. This is one of those posts.

  14. Beverly

    @ Gilly the coal walker: When, where, why, how?? I am working on future memories and this would definitely be “worth it.” Hoping to find somewhere in the Bay Area…

    Thanks for getting everyone going Maggie!

  15. Beverly

    Oh and I’ll add my own:

    Waking up the morning of my 27th birthday in campground in Venice, Italy to a loud chorus of happy birthday being sung in English a few sites away. I was traveling alone and I don’t know who was being sung to, but I claimed it as my own celebration. I moved to a proper hotel as a birthday treat to myself, affording my amazing, sneaky mom the chance to call the front desk and tell them it was my birthday. I was serenaded with a birthday song in Italian when I returned to the hotel that night and went to bed (in room #27 coincidentally) just about as happy as I’ve ever been.

  16. ellen

    So gratified that one of my defining memories was on that list.
    Loved the mermaid and the sunscreen and the sleepy toddler and…

  17. Stephanie

    I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I don’t even know any of you, but I feel so blessed to have a glimpse into your memories.

  18. Richard

    I have loved this list. It has been so encouraging for me. I’m in seminary right now, and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on regular life. Everybody’s comments have reminded me that there is extraordinary moments in all of our life stories.

    Here are some of my “worth its.”

    -Having a Maya Shaman interpret a dream
    -being too excited to sleep the night before
    proposing to my wife
    -preaching my first sermon
    -listening to a live performance of my first
    music composition

  19. claire

    ooo i just thought of a good one!

    swallowing my heart back down into my throat as i climbed over the guard rail of the Pinnacle at Halls Gap (vic, australia).
    the 10 minutes we spent sitting out there was amazing. i can still remember the smell of the eucalypts and the sound of laughing kookaburras.

  20. serafina

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but I have been reading all these life list-y posts and loving them. Surely this has come up, but let me second: **you MUST turn this idea into your NEXT BOOK**, a combination of PostSecret, “Everyday Matters” and 1001 Things to Be Happy About, but awesome. :)

  21. Heather

    You inspired me to list my favorite moments in life, too. My husband was a little annoyed to find out that one of my favorite moments was when a former boyfriend asked me out, but C’est la vie!

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