20 thoughts on “5 Minute Baton Book

  1. Jacinda

    I took baton in the third grade. I loved it. We did an end of the year recital to Neil Diamond’s “America.” Today!

  2. Grammar Snob

    I like how over time the drum major’s, uh, instrument, has become a “mace” instead of “baton.” Mace is certainly more manly, don’t you think?

  3. Matthew

    I was a drum major in the high school marching band. This brings back memories. I once went to a USA Drum Major camp – along with 300 flag girls. Good times.

    Oh, and the left hand placement on the hip is just as important as what the baton does. You’re impressed I picked up on that, aren’t you?

  4. Logos

    So now my landlord is screaming at me about the shower curtain sawed in half and Im holding frozen peas to my black eye. This whole baton thing can get dangerous.

  5. wheezer345

    Ah, i love the stail smell of old books.

    I was never in band but i was in orchestra.
    And one time, in orchestra camp!….

  6. cjh

    Started learning baton twirling in 1st grade. Was an actual elected twirler from 7th-12th grade. I could have gone to State competition my senior year but who really wanted to do that after graduation? And wheezer345, I was in band, attended band camp, played the flute, and had/have red hair. Good times.

  7. Renate

    Oh wow. I used to be so jealous of the baton girls in our 17th of May parade. Now I can show those bitches who’s the boss of baton twirling. BRING IT.

    Also, I second the suggestion of you learning how to do this and then grace your readers with a video. Please?

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  9. Barbara

    Calling Dr. Freud…calling Dr. Freud

    We used to watch the baton twirlers with the marching band in their sparkly, slightly too small outfits. Rooting for them to miss. They rarely disappointed.

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