Worth Repeating

3rd April 2008

Catching up on a year’s worth of old magazine subscriptions. Some snips:

Julie Morgenstern in O Magazine — “If I ran out of time today, what would be the one thing that, completed, would give me the greatest sense of accomplishment and contribution?”

New Yorker Mar. 20 article “Pretty Things,” about Hedi Silmane models — “They seemed in imminent danger of getting laid.”

Dave Grohl in Esquire Nov. 2007 — “Anybody who has to focus on being real has a problem. It’s like having a panic attack over how you’re prone to panic attacks.”

11 thoughts on “Worth Repeating

  1. Christy Cegelski

    I guess I should take the advice of Julie Morgenstern, and focus on one thing…maybe then I won’t just want to pull the covers back over my head in the morning!

  2. Amy

    re: Dave Grohl’s quote

    I am incredibly anxious about flying. My doctor gave me anti-anxiety medication for my plane trips. He told me the side effects. I was never able to get over my anxiety about the pills to take them. And now I feel kinda silly.

  3. Kathy

    Seconding the Dave Grohl for president comment. Harp rocks. (Too bad it looks like that issue will be the last.)

  4. m

    If the Foo Fighters didn’t actively deny the connection between HIV and the AIDS, I might take Grohl’s words more seriously..

  5. Alyce

    Is that NYer articler the one where they wax rhapsodic about a certain model Slimane discovered on a street twirling around a lamppost? I don’t know why that stuck with me all this time…

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