Luxury Gift Guide

22nd October 2007

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m so excited, I’m doing a little shimmy in my chair.

In the meantime, the very first holiday gift guide is up at Mighty Goods, it’s the Mighty Goods 2007 Luxury Gift Guide for folks who are feeling flush and spendy (or those of us who like to window shop with our computers). Go see.

4 thoughts on “Luxury Gift Guide

  1. Phoenix

    Ooohhh I so want some of those. And I wish I knew a 10 year old boy to buy that Harry Potter Castle for. Thanks for posting that list.

  2. Jenn

    $681 for the NYT for ONE YEAR? Maybe I’ll just remain blissfully ignorant. Some really different gifts there, though – thanks!

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  4. superblondgirl

    I’d kill for that Francis Francis. Espresso at home in that adorable thing? Better than Starbucks, I tell you. And that’s saying something, because I adore Starbucks.

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