Secret Stuff, Awesome Stuff

You guys. Good stuff is happening for Mighty Mighty Media, otherwise known as the Publishing Empire Run from Our Living Room Couch. We’re making something new — exciting and new! — and next week I’m totally going to show you what it is. You cannot even wait.

In the meantime, Mighty Goods has been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Shopping Blog. (Woot!) Will you please go vote to help Mighty Goods reign supreme? There’s only one day of voting left, but it appears that we still have a shot at it.

Mighty Girl was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff, Best Humor Blog, and (awkwardly) Hottest Mommy Blogger. I’ve gotten exactly two votes for yummy mummy, but I am sure this is only because I didn’t actually post photos of my muffin top after just barely fitting into my pre-preggo jeans. Heather Armstrong is among those in the lead for Hot Mama, and I encourage you to vote for her. Because? Her cheek bones could cut glass. And? I’d like to mock her.

Also, it’s really nice to be nominated for stuff like this. Thanks you guys.

17 thoughts on “Secret Stuff, Awesome Stuff

  1. Awesome. Congrats!

    I have one little bone to pick with the choosers of these blogs, though. Cute Overload is currently leading the Best Photography Blog category. Does that blog really count as photography? Don’t they just take photos that other people have taken and post them on there because they’re cute? The Cute Overload people (person? – I don’t know) aren’t photographers, really. Just any schmuck with a digital point and shoot and a cute dog or whatever.



  2. You’re so right. I CANNOT EVEN WAIT.

    Oh, and congrats on the nominations. My vote is definitely between you or Heather. Agh. Cannot. Choose.


  3. That is so exciting – I can totally relate. We just launched a week ago.

    Such exciting times, something new. Yummy Mummy, a cute kid (that Hank is adorable), and a new cog in the Mighty Mighty Media empire.



  4. Ok, I will await the “something new” from the “Publishing Empire Run from Our Living Room Couch”
    but I am warning you it better be pretty pink and shiny!!!!



  5. O.k., it’s next week now. Wherefore art the secret stuff? The awesome new secret stuff? I was one of those kids who snooped for Christmas presents and was all “is it bigger than a breadbox?” when my birthday rolled around. So you can see why I’m on the edge of my seat!


  6. Oh, crap, I missed you for the shopping blog one – but I had voted for you in the other categories long ago.

    And also, I did a whole post a long time ago about the travesty of Cute Overload being in the lead of Best Photo site. Not that I don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE Cute Overload. It’s just *not* a “Photography Site,” yo!


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