16th October 2007

Four cool things about food:

Popular Science’s The Future of Food, which is a gallery of kitchen tools that let you make cool food. Whipped cream pancakes? I’m in!

Boccalone’s Salumi Society. They don’t ship yet, but Bay Area residents are bless-ed indeed.

What does 200 Calories look like?

This Imperial Tie Fighter is made of gingerbread.

16 thoughts on “Delish!

  1. Alyssa

    Your book just came in the mail last night and I am so excited! Now instead of reading everyone else’s blogs at work I can also plan for my own. Know any good books about how to technically put one together?

  2. Strizz

    Good thing I cook my pasta, I get to eat way more for the 200 calories. Who am I kidding? I give a crap about calories and eat by the handful out of the strainer at the sink.

  3. heather

    I’m very excited to see that almost a whole doughnut is only 200 calories, as is almost a Snickers bar. My diet just got much better!

    But what’s up with the celery? I’ve always heard that it takes more calories to eat celery than you get from the celery itself. So, does this mean celery isn’t “negative calories” that cancel out all the other calories I’ve ingested? What? No fair!

  4. Kristie

    I’m disturbed by the piglet thing on the pig site. Not that I don’t enjoy bacon or ham, but I don’t want to eat anything named after a Pooh character. Not today at least.

  5. superblondgirl

    I’ve suddenly decided that I’m going to be eating a lot of cereal. I mean, you can eat a shitload of cereal for only 200 calories. Delicious cereal. I can even get the fortified kind so I don’t die from eating nothing else.

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  7. BOSSY

    That 200 Calories thing is the coolest thing Bossy has ever seen and she’s printing it out and wallpapering her house with it…

  8. Christy

    a lot of the geeky kitchen gadgets were used on this week’s NEXT IRON CHEF. just in case you wanted to see those tools in action (the gadgets, not the chefs).

  9. Ken

    Very cool gadgets in the PopSci article – supremely impractical yet extremely desirable – the American way indeed. Now about #5: I’m thinking there just might be another purpose for this device…

  10. mai

    that 200 calories thing, totally influenced my decision to buy an apple instead of candy before i went for a swim. thanks lady!

  11. Amanda

    Have you ever eaten Taylor Pork Roll?
    We used to only be able to find it on the East coast, however, we have recently found it at the local Fresh Market.
    It’s like if Bacon and Bologna got together and had a baby. A tasty, tasty pork baby. Best eaten sliced into patties, fried and eaten with crusty bread and butter for breakfast.

  12. aimee/greeblemonkey

    We go a lot of nutrition web sites at work, and I have spent *days* photographing things similar to that 200 calorie web site – where we need to show EXACTLY the right size fruit of whatever for the serving. So, I had a little PTSD looking at that site. But I loved how they brought all those things together to give a good comparison.

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