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23rd October 2007

It’s ready! So, here’s the big news:

Today, we’re launching a sister site to Mighty Goods called Mighty Junior. It’s a shopping site dedicated to good stuff for kids and the people who love them. It is also wicked awesome, and I almost can’t believe it’s finally happening.

Melissa Summers, who some of you may already know from Suburban Bliss, is the new site editor, and we couldn’t be luckier. I’m so pleased to be working with her, not only because she has great taste and a mean sense of humor, but also because she’s one of the people who makes my life more fun.

So, go look! And let us know what you think.

37 thoughts on “Kid’s Stuff

  1. Julisa

    Congratulations! The site looks great! It will be a godsend when I’m ready to tackle Christmas shopping.

  2. Mar

    The gift guide by age is perfect! With the great taste behind it, this is just what I need — I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  3. superblondgirl

    I am SO EXCITED that you featured the faucet fountain there!! I have been looking everywhere for one since I saw it… someplace… and couldn’t remember where. My son will flip his lid when we get that!

  4. Sara

    Wonderful — another beautiful design and concept from your empire; what a nice gift for an otherwise ordinary Tuesday!

  5. steph

    Great! There goes my whole day AND my paycheck! :D Ah, well, it was bound to happen – Christmas is coming up, after all. Looks great so far! Good job ladies!

  6. Rachelskirts

    Sweet! This is a GREAT idea. With so many of my friends starting families, this site is definitely going to come in handy. Thanks so much to both you and Melissa!!

  7. BOSSY

    Hey, good luck! And such a coincidence, because Bossy just launched something too. Oh wait, that wasn’t a launch. That was a burp.

  8. Spandrel Studios

    Just what this Aunt needed! Already, I’ve favorited Mighty Junior, between the ultra-cool stuff for kids and the lovely commentary of Melissa Summers. Congratulations and good luck!

  9. Matt Haughey

    Oh man, this is freaking awesome. I read babygadget and a few other babystuff type blogs and I have to say I really like the things you covered on day one. It’s definitely all new stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else and for the crowded world of blogs about stuff, that’s no small feat.

    Congrats on the launch, it’s totally subscribed in my reader.

  10. Michelle

    Thank you! I’ve always been a big fan of MightyGoods, and MightyJunior comes at the same time all my friends are starting families. Hooray for kids’ stuff!

  11. ML

    Great site! I’m so excited with my baby coming in 2 weeks I can go straight to this new site for indulging :) Congrats!

  12. Lost in Place Kim

    Dear Maggie,

    I know you don’t know me but you just became my new best friend.

    Holy Crap That Site is Awesome!

    Congratulations! It looks awesome. I’ll definitely be sending it around to all my friends. Very cool!

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