21 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. yotko

    yay O-ball!!!!! my 4 month old loooooves that thing….nice and grabby, but she is unable to cram it in her mouth

  2. dregina

    Oh man, I’m not trying to start a fight here, but I think freebirds is one of the most overrated burrito joints out there. You live in CA, you can get great burritos everywhere you go. Focus on tacos! Tacos! Tacos! Are you coming to Austin? If you come to Austin, hit up Juan in a Million’s for breakfast, or Las Manitas downtown. Have a great trip!

  3. HeatherK

    Not sure if this is an on the road shot or not, but make sure the straps aren’t twisted and the chest clip is up by his armpits, not the belly. /end annoying carseat psa

  4. denise

    if you’re going to lake texoma, try watsonburger in denison. family owned old-skool burger joint with the BEST fries and milkshakes. “city limits” on the sherman/denison border is a local classic – everyone in both cities has eaten there at one time or another. jones family bbq – also in denison, just down the street from watsonburger is fantastic (if it’s still open).

  5. Kay

    Yeah, seriously. You can’t just say you’re off to Texas without being specific…it’s the size of a quarter of the U.S. or something like that. So my two cents: if you’re headed for Dallas, eat Tex-Mex at Pepe y Mito’s in Deep Ellum (spinach enchiladas or spinach quesadillas are muy bueno) or if you’re headed to Ft. Worth, get BBQ at Angelo’s.

  6. Dangercat

    In my opinion, true Tex-Mex is to be found only within 30 miles of the border. For authentic Mexican food, I cannot reccomend strongly enough that the only place to go is where you see “Personas Latino” dining. Remember that Tex-Mex is going to be much more “picante” and leave your taste buds blistered. Most food styles from most states in Mexico are not overly heavy on the chiles and peppers. Subtlety and grace will mark the truly great Mexican chef. Another tip: the Sopas de Mexico are devine. Seafood chowders, hominy and frijoles negro con cilantro, and moles are all out there for the trying.

  7. Josh G.

    Freebirds, three things struck me. Order the monster burrito and get a mix of beef and chicken. Tradition has it once you peel off all the alum foil the make a charector and leave it in the store. Great way for recycle eh? Lastly, never go during a rainstorm. Nothing sucks more than a great meal and then getting drenched by a Texas deluge…have fun fun fun

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