A Serious Expression

20th November 2006

-So I told him to grow up, and he was like, “I don’t plan to.”
-Whoa. You have to take him at his word there.
-Don’t I know it.
– I’ve never understood guys who say shit like that out loud, like it’s some badge of honor. “I don’t ever want to grow up. I’m still exploring my childlike wonder.”
-It’s like, “Later, virgin.”

13 thoughts on “A Serious Expression

  1. Phc

    Hey! I totally dated that guy!

    I saw you at brunch on Saturday but opted not to be creepy-Internet-stalker-girl and accoust you at your table. I’m cool that way.

    Instead, I leave creepy “I saaaaaaw you” comments on your blog.

  2. MontanaJen

    In his defense, telling someone to ‘grow up’ is only in the middle school maturity grouping, as opposed to the third-grade response he leveled.

    If it were my husband, he would have come back with something like, “I don’t grow up, I give it up, and when I look at you, I throw it up…”

    He’s so cool…

  3. Allyson

    I totally dated that guy too.

    However, I must add that I reserve the right to explore my childlike wonder any darn time I please, thankyaverahmuch.

  4. Michelle

    I married him. Sigh.

    [but, he did finally grow up in the important ways. Now he’s just entertaining.]

  5. john

    I sent the baby cage link to a couple of co-workers.
    One was upset because she thought it was real.
    Another was upset because he realized that it wasn’t!

  6. Elly

    I’m not sure there’s anyone BUT that guy left in the dating pool. Up here in Portland, Maine, they all hang out in the cute little orange Carharts at a bar called Brian Boru. When anyone of us takes to dating one of these guys, we like to refer to it like: “Oh her? Yeah… she got the Boru-bonic plague.” Because dating a manboy is easily comparable to getting the plague.

    And yeah, I’m so not kidding.

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