16 thoughts on “Suspense, Killing Me

  1. Lisa

    I know you’re not the spokesperson for this product but questions do spring to mind. Maybe your readers can help. Namely, why I would be taking baby into a public bathroom stall. Even in case of emergency, public toilets = Ew. Maybe the harness can be adjusted to hang from a tree branch or handy bush, because I’d rather risk the wild than take my child into a public facility.

    There was also no info whatsoever on what to do if some world-weary 17 yr. old comes in with a switchblade and cuts baby’s safety harness for the heck of it. More info needed please. Like, if a quick-loading parachute comes included or is sold separately.

  2. Vikki

    Every once in awhile, I step into a public bathroom and see a baby seat with straps which serves the same purpose as this harness. I’ve used it and been happy that I don’t have to watch helplessly while my toddler touches every filthy surface just out of my arms’ reach. I suppose I could just put her on my lap but I’m not into restraining another human being while I pee.

  3. Anna Adam

    Okay, I’m not sure I can handle my baby staring at me while I pee. I mean, I know that I get no privacy at home anyway, but usually the kids are in and out of the bathroom. Not dangling in front of me staring at me. And at a public restroom, I’m doing the squat and hover. I’ll only use a public restroom if MAN DO I HAVE TO PEE RIGHT NOW and then I wouldn’t have time for that contraption anyway. So it’s into the handicap stall and pray toddler doesn’t crawl under the doors.

    But check out THIS contraption:

  4. Shannon

    I’m confused. Do I drape my coat over the baby’s head or just ask her to hold it while mommy is peeing?

  5. Maggie Post author

    Also, if you’re the parent of a toddler, is your coat going to be much cleaner than the bathroom floor anyway?

  6. Ryan

    I just want a wall with a row of these. Each with a plucked turkey dangling inside it. It would be some weird installation art piece for Thanksgiving.

  7. Janelle

    I have a question regarding an order I made for your Mighty Girl t-shirt… how would I get in contact with you?

  8. maggie

    You are going to be a great mother! Just wait though – when the kid is kind of potty trained, you’ll take her into the stall with you, let her pee, sit down to pee yourself, and watch helplessly as she crawls under the stall door to freedom. Yup. On that disgusting floor.

  9. Allyson

    The bathroom dilemma is the major reason I never went anywhere with my daughter without dragging someone else along. Only if I knew I was going to the mega-mall with the huge family bathrooms that you could roll the stroller right into did I venture out alone. That seems to strange now, as it’s been several years since I had a toddler, but it made perfect sense then.

  10. john

    One of my co-workers was upset because she thought this was real… .
    Another was upset because he realized it wasn’t!

  11. Amy

    I like the puzzled expression on the face of the toddler in the baby-holder photo. “How the heck did I get up here?!?”

  12. Alishia

    Don’t you love all the stuff people want to lug around when they have a baby? Baby bathroom restraint? Check. Grocery cart thingy? Check. Diaper bag? Check. Ad nauseum.

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