1st March 2001

3:04 p.m.

Overheard: Young Love on the J-Church

Characters: Badass prepubescent boy slouched in his seat, practicing tough face. Sassy prepubescent girl stands in the aisle near him.

Her: Stop stepping on my shoe.

Him: Huh. Huh.

Her: HYUH! HYUH! (Mocks him with corresponding “this is how inbred you look when you laugh like that” face.) Stop stepping on my shoe!

Him: I ain’t.

(She shoves him. His head rocks back and bumps the bus window.)

Him: HuhHuh. I ain’t. (He isn’t.)

Her: HYUH! HYUH! (Exaggerated threatening face, raises hand to hit him. He flinches, holds hands up to shield face.)

Him: Huhhuhhuh.

Her: Why you run from me when I try to hit you? You afraid? Afraid of a giiiiiirl?

Him: Nah. I ain’t afraid. Huhhuhhuh.


(He makes a face. She makes a face. He makes a face. She makes a face. Both gather their things to exit at the school stop. She kicks at the backs of his shoes as he shuffles off the bus.)

Her: Go dawg.(kick) GO! (Kick) Go dawg. (kick) Go dawg. (kick)

Him: Huhhuhhuhhuhhuh.

9:49 a.m.

I’ve been collecting silhouette photos.