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Jan 28 2010

Alt Style: Jen


This is Jen Lover. When she introduced herself, I kept thinking she calling me lover. Like, “My name is Jen, lover.” And I was like, “Huh. I’m Maggie… sexy.” I had to read her business card before we got everything sorted out. Anyway, orange dress!


And this is Jen’s inspiring charm bracelet, which has a charm for every state she’s visited. Jen, I am ripping this idea right off. So genius.

14 Responses to “Alt Style: Jen”

  • Kristen Says:

    Where can we get that charm bracelet and those state charms?? I have to have them!!

  • Design Mom Says:

    Loving all the Alt Style posts!

    I think Jen has the coolest name. She was getting advice on a blog name from Laurie Smithwick and me at speed-networking and we both told her she couldn’t find anything better than Jen Lover.

  • Katie Kreiger Says:

    I agree! Where did she get those AMAZING charms!?

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    Lovely name, sexy boots, cute bracelet!

  • Jen Lover Says:

    Remember my hesitation at getting my pic taken? This is why…I’m looking at myself and wincing a bit. Anyway, in case anyone is wondering, the dress is Tory Burch, the boots are Modern Vintage, and the charm bracelet…well, that I put together on my own. Alaska is the only one missing (and I’ll take care of that on a trip this summer).

    As far as the soon-to-be blog, I’m going with purehappy.com. But, you’re right, I have a lucky name (props to my hubby), so I will incorporate it somehow or other. Look for it to be up and running in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks Maggie…sexy.

  • Nora Says:

    I was up in Vancouver last week, and saw charms a lot like that at a store on Main and 30th or so called (I think) Found. Those were mostly of provinces, though I do think there were a few states mixed in.

  • Spandrel Studios Says:

    But the boots–what about the boots?! What brand are they and wherever did she find them?

  • Jen Lover Says:

    They’re the Wonda Boot by Modern Vintage and they’re available at shopmodernvintage.com. However, I bought mine on Gilt (couldn’t pass them up on sale!).

  • Sarah Says:

    I have collected sterling silver state charms for all the states I’ve been to also. You can find a lot of quality vintage charms on Ebay.

  • Suzanne Perron Says:

    This is a I enjoy examples of the articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I will definately be visiting again!

  • Rebecca Says:

    I love the dress, the boots, and the bracelet! No need to wince, Jen, you are “Lover-ly”. :)

  • robin Says:

    Jen, you look super-cute like a Lover should!

    Maggie, you are also super-cute and I really love looking at these photos of cool people and their amazing outfits. I have no right in the world to suggest this, but it would make me so happy if one (or two or ten or thirty-four) of the people you feature in the future could be a larger woman. I have been waiting for a woman who rocks a plus-sized outfit, and I am completely sure you know one (or two or ten or thirty-four).

  • Amy Says:

    I do similar except I challenge myself to buy a fabulous wine cork from each country I visit!