Alt Style: Jen

28th January 2010


This is Jen Lover. When she introduced herself, I kept thinking she calling me lover. Like, “My name is Jen, lover.” And I was like, “Huh. I’m Maggie… sexy.” I had to read her business card before we got everything sorted out. Anyway, orange dress!


And this is Jen’s inspiring charm bracelet, which has a charm for every state she’s visited. Jen, I am ripping this idea right off. So genius.

14 thoughts on “Alt Style: Jen

  1. Design Mom

    Loving all the Alt Style posts!

    I think Jen has the coolest name. She was getting advice on a blog name from Laurie Smithwick and me at speed-networking and we both told her she couldn’t find anything better than Jen Lover.

  2. Jen Lover

    Remember my hesitation at getting my pic taken? This is why…I’m looking at myself and wincing a bit. Anyway, in case anyone is wondering, the dress is Tory Burch, the boots are Modern Vintage, and the charm bracelet…well, that I put together on my own. Alaska is the only one missing (and I’ll take care of that on a trip this summer).

    As far as the soon-to-be blog, I’m going with But, you’re right, I have a lucky name (props to my hubby), so I will incorporate it somehow or other. Look for it to be up and running in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks Maggie…sexy.

  3. Nora

    I was up in Vancouver last week, and saw charms a lot like that at a store on Main and 30th or so called (I think) Found. Those were mostly of provinces, though I do think there were a few states mixed in.

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  5. Jen Lover

    They’re the Wonda Boot by Modern Vintage and they’re available at However, I bought mine on Gilt (couldn’t pass them up on sale!).

  6. Sarah

    I have collected sterling silver state charms for all the states I’ve been to also. You can find a lot of quality vintage charms on Ebay.

  7. robin

    Jen, you look super-cute like a Lover should!

    Maggie, you are also super-cute and I really love looking at these photos of cool people and their amazing outfits. I have no right in the world to suggest this, but it would make me so happy if one (or two or ten or thirty-four) of the people you feature in the future could be a larger woman. I have been waiting for a woman who rocks a plus-sized outfit, and I am completely sure you know one (or two or ten or thirty-four).

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