4 thoughts on “Momversation: What’s the Rush?

  1. Chandra Endel

    This is such a great topic. Thank you for bringing it up and for being so honest. We are such a competitive, eat your own society… I have a 5 month old and DAILY am learning how to not care what others are saying and doing and to innately raise my son how my husband and I believe to be best! Keep it up girls!! Make em’ think!!!

  2. Megan

    Ha, I love that I recognize that you’re in dooce and blurbomat’s bedroom for this Momversation.

    In other news, you have luscious curls.

  3. meg

    I also enjoy Rebecca.

    But. That duvet. Cr*p. I see from above that it’s not your duvet, and here I was going to ask you for a source. Ahhhh….. Do you know?

    And, I agree with you guys so much I… have nothing to add.

  4. meg

    And after some sleuthing I found the duvet. I know what annoying non-related questions feel like ;) So, hooray. Carry on.

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