Alt Style: Janel

28th January 2010


This is the very bright, capable Janel Laban of Apartment Therapy and her enviable haircut. (Hi, Janel! You cutie.)


She says she tells her stylist to aim for “cheap wig.” I couldn’t get my hair to do this if I had a ceramic straight iron and a pact with the Devil, and so it’s all I’ve ever wanted my hair to do.


Janel’s super functional bag is by Highway, which seems to specialize in that sort of thing.


Also, this hat! Janel says her dog freaks out whenever she wears it because it looks like a little animal attacking her head.

4 thoughts on “Alt Style: Janel

  1. Janel

    First of all, thanks Maggie (you cutie)!

    Secondly, it is not surprising to me that I’m mid-word in the first pic – every wonderful minute of downtime at ALT was a giant chat fest (my kind of fun)!

    Thirdly, it really IS the bag – I love it and my netbook fits right in there. Perfection.

    Finally, hooray for cheap wigs! I wanted to wear one every day and this was the easiest way to do it without scaring everyone at carpool.

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