Alt Style: Anne


This is Anne Sage of The City Sage, who was married very recently. Though many of us have coveted the over-knee boot, who actually purchases a pair and works them into her wardrobe? Anne does.




In conclusion, yes to elbow patches.

6 thoughts on “Alt Style: Anne

  1. A model is only as good as her photographer–was honored to work it for your camera Miz Maggie!

    P.S. I know a charming little bakery just around the corner from you. The proprietress makes a to-die-for chocolate chip cookie dough pie, and she rocks a mean knee-high boot…


  2. Love the chignon, or whatever you call it. I wish I could make my hair do that, because it is fine and wispy. I would probably look like a hobo, but on you it is chic.


  3. I also LOVE that chignon – Anne, any chance we might get a tutorial? And…information on your glasses? I love love love them.


  4. As long as we’re making requests… I have ALWAYS said yes to elbow patches and adore that cardigan. Would the lovely Anne be willing to share where she snagged it?


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