Mighty Life List
Apr 30 2008

Litterary Figure

Heather just published her very first book, Things I Learned About My Dad (in therapy). It’s a collection of essays about fatherhood, and if you ever wondered how I feel about my dad, mine’s in there too. As is Alice’s. In fact, her essay about fatherhood and Star Wars also appeared in this month’s Wondertime magazine. (That’s why I have an 8.5″ x 11″ photo of Alice dressed as Princess Leia stuck to the side of our fridge. Also, one in my night stand drawer, but I digress.)

I’m excited for Heather right now, because I know something very big is about to happen. Sometime soon, a stranger will ask what she does. Instead of saying, “Well… do you read… like… how do I put this. Uh, I’m a blogger?” she can look them straight in the eye and say, “I’m a writer.”

And a damn good one too.

Apr 29 2008

Heirloom Baby Shower Gifts

I love commemorative gifts for births and weddings that are meant to be passed down through generations. That’s what we had in mind with the Heirloom Baby Shower Gift Guide on Mighty Junior. It’s full of lovely, significant gifts that will stand the test of time. Go have a look.

Also, we’re just starting to post ideas for Mother’s Day gifts (May 11), and the guide on that will be finished next week.

Apr 28 2008

Cutural Norms

I am in my car with friends in the Castro, waving to the tiny girl on the corner. Her fathers are holding her hands as they wait to cross the street. By the time they notice me, my waving has grown more desperate, and they exchange an uneasy glance. They look away, across the avenue, and finally see what my friends and I have already seen — a man, stark naked at noon on a Sunday, waiting to cross in the opposite direction.

The fathers squeeze the little girl’s hands and point at me, smiling. “HI!” I say. “Hi, ka-toots!” She waves back at me, puzzled, and looks up at her dads. All of us together are grinning urgently. The family crosses, and the naked man passes them while we continue to exchange imperative waves. “Hello! Hello! Hello! ”

When they’ve passed our car, the debate begins.

-What the hell is up, Naked Guy?
-Is this a thing? Convention? Street Fair?
-I don’t think so.
-I think that’s crazy right there.
-A dare maybe?
-If it were a dare, wouldn’t he at least be wearing shoes?
-Yep, that’s stark-naked crazy.

Then, Naked Guy crosses again, and we see him approach Naked Guy #2.

-Ah! There’s two of them.
-OK, then.
-That’s a thing.
-We officially live in a city where one naked guy makes us more nervous than two.

Apr 25 2008

Mystery Tea

So, a while ago, I posted my dream Tea Pantry, and mentioned that Bryan had brought back some lovely tea from China with (obviously) no English on the packaging. Lots of people made guesses at what it might be in comments, and a few people requested photos, so here they are. Name that tea, friends!

Update: I know it’s not gunpowder, so it looks like rough consensus says green oolong. Thanks, Internet friends!

Apr 23 2008

Vacation Time

At the coffee shop, the baristas are doing cups. They brew the coffee, use a spoon to sample from each bowl, swish the coffee around in their mouths, and presumably recalibrate the machines as necessary.

I watch for a moment, then space out for five minutes pondering who would have the strongest aura here if I could see auras.

California knows how to party.

Apr 23 2008

Guides Update

I just finished the Fun Stationery Wardrobe over at Mighty Goods. So if you decided to pay rent instead of spending $350 on custom letterpress stationery, these cool birthday and note cards might be more your speed.

Meanwhile, at Mighty Junior, Melissa has been on a tear with baby shower guides. We have a lovely set of classic baby shower gifts to join the unique picks, and Melissa is hard at work on an heirlooms guide, which should be finished next week. Can you tell that everyone we know is pregnant right now?

Happy shopping.

Apr 22 2008

Shopping Overload

When I close my eyes to sleep, I see flocks of sparrows in silhouette dodging thousands of multi-colored, oversized polka dots. In my dreams, I’m chased by forlorn children wearing hats with ears. I’ve almost forgotten that cupcakes were once edible. Also, if I have to look at one more handmade, semi-precious stone jewelry website, I may begin to pluck my own eyelashes to break the monotony.

These are cute though.