Vacation Time

23rd April 2008

At the coffee shop, the baristas are doing cups. They brew the coffee, use a spoon to sample from each bowl, swish the coffee around in their mouths, and presumably recalibrate the machines as necessary.

I watch for a moment, then space out for five minutes pondering who would have the strongest aura here if I could see auras.

California knows how to party.

9 thoughts on “Vacation Time

  1. Christy

    Wow, now there’s a sight not often seen…what a wild and crazy bunch. Even I could do better than that, and I’m a mother of two and can only manage froo-froo drinks. :)

  2. dani

    oh I live with one of those types. He is only a home barista (trying to give up the well paid IT career to become a full time barista) and will do a cup and reject it after one sniff/taste due to a multitude of reasons – then go and rejig the grinder to make it perfect.

    All of which makes no sense to me as I am 6 months pregnant and havent had a coffee in 29 weeks.
    But I do admire the passion. Always had a weak spots for the anoraky ones.

  3. Shelley

    I love your Blog. Sooooo glad I discovered it – will be a regular visitor! Enjoyed all your “100-things-worth-doing” entries.

  4. Becca

    Thank you for this moment of spacing out. Reading this gave me a moment to stare into space and chill. And ponder California, nice republic that it is. A place where a barista asks me what consistency I’d like for the foam on my cappucino. But, I say, you’re the expert- I’d like to know how you do it best. I don’t think he understood that, perhaps so used to people choosing their own version- and that’s just too many choices for me. I just want to get down and drink my java. And marvel at humanity.

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