Shopping Overload

22nd April 2008

When I close my eyes to sleep, I see flocks of sparrows in silhouette dodging thousands of multi-colored, oversized polka dots. In my dreams, I’m chased by forlorn children wearing hats with ears. I’ve almost forgotten that cupcakes were once edible. Also, if I have to look at one more handmade, semi-precious stone jewelry website, I may begin to pluck my own eyelashes to break the monotony.

These are cute though.

9 thoughts on “Shopping Overload

  1. Kim

    I love the cupcake necklace. If it wasn’t sold out I’d buy it for my friend who manages the Cupcake Royal in Seattle. I also love the print…to cute in an imp kinda way. Wait, I like it because it reminds me of my daughters.

  2. Kim

    Clearly, I haven’t edited my comment before clicking the button! I meant to say “too cute in an imp kinda way”. Grammar was never my forte!

  3. Jen

    It’s official, I’m a full fledged mother. I looked at the ring and my first thought was – that’ll take out someone’s eye. *sigh*
    Also, I need to start an Etsy savings account so my house can be filled w/ adorable prints

  4. DimKnit

    Girl, you are truly Mighty. Totally getting the print…needed something offbeat for one wall in our house. I could spend all day on Etsy.

    p.s. superblondgirl – Etsy porn made me giggle.

  5. Inez

    Over birds (sparrows and owls soecifically), deer (which is sad because they were once my favourite animal but that’s been driven into the fricking ground), and cupcakes. Yep.

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