29 thoughts on “Adaptive Path Head Shot Outtakes

  1. Stacey

    I love these. It’s a shame, really, that photos like these are not generally accepted as headshots, so much better than the more sterile stuff that gets used. These just have so much life and personality.

  2. misha

    damn, competition – i totally have a thing for Roland too – does he want to move to some east coast mountains… or hey i will be in san fran for 10 days quite soon – he be single?
    Yes. They call me Shameless.

  3. Sara

    I love these! Too bad they won’t be the ones used unless, of course, the chosen ones are even more fantastic.

    I see I’m late to the fight over Roland…

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  5. Berit Jacobson

    woah, I know sarah nelson but haven’t seen her for years! we grew up in the same small Ohio town and her mom taught me to play the flute. hi from seattle sarah, nice to “see” you!

  6. Victoria

    It’s funny, I was looking over these photos thinking “Damn, I wish she’d take my picture, these people all look so awesome and beautiful and hot” And then I realized if I saw a picture of myself I’d probably only see the flaws and I wondered if these folks might do the same. I sure hope they can look at these pictures and see how beautiful they are, cuz they are!

  7. Kim

    Your photos are beautiful but here are my absolute favorites:


    Isn’t it fun to take pictures up close?

  8. Tami in NY

    Oh that is funny, I come to make a comment thinking that I’m going to be original but of course others see the same thing I do….I want to marry Sebastian.

  9. Brooke

    Clearly, I’m going about dating all wrong. The key is to have a great photographer take excellent pictures of me and put them on her blog.

    Also, Roland’s gorgeous! Doubt he’d want to move to London though… ^_^

  10. misha

    ladies, puhleaze lay off my Roland. Sniff, Sniff no more San Fran for me….bad things happened and they prevent good things from happening. I need him now more than ever.

  11. sarah

    roland is my Brother-in-law. Any ladies who want dirt on him (or how I landed his MUCH hotter brother), just lemme know ;)

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