Alt Style: Erin


This is Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, prepare to be jealous of her boots.


Hello, Erin. Please mail me your shoes. In exchange, I will be your best friend 4-evah.


Also, the print on her shirt is an elephant, and it has ears! Ears, people. Doesn’t that make you want to hug her?


As you can see, Erin dresses with a great sense of humor. But then there are the boots.


She’s dead serious about the boots.

Alt Style: Alma


This is Alma Loveland from Ollibird. Alma is an artist and designer; the fabric on her Jean Chatsky Laptop Bag is her design.

When I introduced myself and asked if I could take her photo, Alma said she already kind of knew me. It turns out that I had met Alma’s gorgeous redheaded baby and her husband a few months ago. They were waiting for her in the hallway while she was teaching an Illustrator class in Jordan’s studio space, and that baby was too happy for me to resist. Turns out the baby gets that from mama.


Alt Style: The Girls


The shirt print is made up of little smoking mouths. I so hope there’s a Surgeon General’s warning on the tag.


This lady was one of the Alt sponsors, but she dressed for the occasion. Well done, ma’am.


How genius is Karen’s not-shirt? Creates the effect of wearing two tees, covers the plumber’s crack, and doesn’t add bulk.


Heather’s new booties! Though I know her legs are the star here. If you want those, you’ll need to discuss it with Heather’s mom.


Perfect sleeve by Joslyn from Simple Lovely.

Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 3


This is another client-facing work outfit for Rae (who has a suspicious amount of pink in her wardrobe for someone who doesn’t consider herself girly.) Vintage dress by Junior Wiz.


Shoulder buttons! Who doesn’t love shoulder buttons? Especially in the event of an emergency.


I didn’t take notes on the ring and bracelet. Rae, will you enlighten us in the comments? The scarf is American Apparel.


This is a soft-sided purse with an acorn coin purse attached to the zipper. If I owned the coin purse, I would fill it with jujubees. Take note, Rachel Brune! Jujubees in 2010.


Comfy, versatile boots by Miz Mooz.


See what I mean about the strong, unfussy impression? Tomorrow it gets even cuter. Brace yourselves.