Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 3


This is another client-facing work outfit for Rae (who has a suspicious amount of pink in her wardrobe for someone who doesn’t consider herself girly.) Vintage dress by Junior Wiz.


Shoulder buttons! Who doesn’t love shoulder buttons? Especially in the event of an emergency.


I didn’t take notes on the ring and bracelet. Rae, will you enlighten us in the comments? The scarf is American Apparel.


This is a soft-sided purse with an acorn coin purse attached to the zipper. If I owned the coin purse, I would fill it with jujubees. Take note, Rachel Brune! Jujubees in 2010.


Comfy, versatile boots by Miz Mooz.


See what I mean about the strong, unfussy impression? Tomorrow it gets even cuter. Brace yourselves.

35 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 3

  1. It’s hard to fathom how to she will out-cute herself next time. Damn, she’s stylin’!

    And how did I live this long and not even know about Miz Mooz? HOW?


  2. You have the most adorable friends. I am totally stealing this look tomorrow (as close as I can approximate with my not-nearly-as-awesome wardrobe and not-nearly-as-pixie-like body).

    I *love* the Mighty Closet posts.


  3. I love her look and I especially LOVE her hair.
    On a sidenote, does anyone else ever worry excessively when they wear long scarves? I worry too much anyway, but the idea of my long scarf getting caught in a car or train door…aaaaaarrrghh! I end up stuffing it in my bag.


  4. this woman, these outfits? this is EXACTLY the look i’d love to be able to pull off – substitute black/grey for the brown, and i’d buy the entire outfit!!!


  5. Those are precisely the boots I have been looking for all year, and I am nearly certain that I will never, ever be able to find them because you probably bought them a long time ago, yes? Such is the fickle world of boot design. I will be happy for you and the boots, but also deeply jealous of your lasting relationship.


  6. wow. i used to have a pink sweater dress of my mom’s that was almost exactly like that. i’d totally forgotten about it and now i’m mourning it all over again. (i lost all my clothes in a moldy storage unit disaster a few years ago.)

    but i never accessorized that well. damn.


  7. I need a personal dresser. I would never ever have thought to put that combination together but it is absolutely fabulous. And I believe it would work for me, a 50 year old GIRL!!!


  8. That dress is *perfection* – the color and the cut. On the east coast you could take it from day to night with patterned dark tights, patent pumps and a blazer over it for the office. This is giving me so many ideas! Long live Mighty Closet.


  9. LOVE the pink with the brown. Well done, Rachel! I have that scarf in purple & am now thinking it will probably be a part of tomorrow’s outfit.


  10. Mighty closet is definitely my very favorite series on this site (and there are so many good things to choose from)! This one is just extra good, because I’m very petite, and often have trouble with scale, too. Heart this. And also covet the ring.


  11. This is my fav outfit on Mighty Closet so far because it looks so wearable and attainable.
    Eagerly anticipating the next oufit…its 4:17 PM and I keep returning to the page to view this potentially “cuter” ensemble!


  12. I love all three outfits! She has great style.

    I read each Mighty Closet with avid interest but I have to say: when are you going to do the breastfeeding mom edition? I’d love to see how someone manages to have great style and nurse a baby at the same time! I’m breastfeeding a 15.5 month old and feel like I’ve had to sacrifice style for my child’s benefit.


  13. I think my favorite part of these (such a lie because I love them in so many ways) is the license they seem to give to love whatever it is you love. Undistilled awesomeness.


  14. Maggie- how come you never told me your readers were so nice!

    I bought the ring at RAG in San Francisco, so it’s made by a local designer, but I don’t remember the name. The bracelet I found at the Alameda flea market.


  15. I second the request for seeing the wardrobe of a breast-feeding mom. I wear mostly cotton these days because you risk staining any nice fabrics. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s reality when you have a breast-fed baby!
    These are spectacular. You could create a second (third/fourth/fifth?) business for yourself by finding a couture sewer who could duplicate some of these garments (although maybe that goes against the spirit of the Mighty Closet). You have a ready made customer base for all this awesomeness!


  16. Adore. Do you hear me? ADORE!

    I know everyone wants to see something they can relate to (so they can steal as many ideas as possible!), so I’ll chime in, too. Any large and lovely friends with lots of style, say size 16 or over? I’d love the inspiration. It’s hard to fit all my fabulousness in some of the outfits you’ve shown. Just a thought 🙂


  17. I wish I could pull off a haircut like that! My tiny and adorable sister totally could, so I just forwarded the link! I am so psyched while watching my browser unfold if I can see the words Mighty Closet…the styles are amazing and inspiring!


  18. i concur, the outfit is insane with awesome. but what’s driving me crazy is this scarf. how do i do that?? i can’t figure out how its positioned around her neck? i’ve tried it with three different types of scarves and can’t for the life of me recreate the look. Any suggestions, ye fashion mavens?


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