Alt Style: Erin

1st February 2010


This is Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, prepare to be jealous of her boots.


Hello, Erin. Please mail me your shoes. In exchange, I will be your best friend 4-evah.


Also, the print on her shirt is an elephant, and it has ears! Ears, people. Doesn’t that make you want to hug her?


As you can see, Erin dresses with a great sense of humor. But then there are the boots.


She’s dead serious about the boots.

12 thoughts on “Alt Style: Erin

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  2. Pinkie Bling

    OMG, I am ALSO dead serious about the boots. LOVE. She is absolutely adorable, and looks like she’d be so much fun to have as a friend. Thanks for sharing!

  3. jess

    annd new crush. she’s not only adorable, but her personality shines through your pictures (talent of the subject or the photographer… hmmmm)

    but those boots- gahhhh those boots. love.

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