Alt Style: Alma


This is Alma Loveland from Ollibird. Alma is an artist and designer; the fabric on her Jean Chatsky Laptop Bag is her design.

When I introduced myself and asked if I could take her photo, Alma said she already kind of knew me. It turns out that I had met Alma’s gorgeous redheaded baby and her husband a few months ago. They were waiting for her in the hallway while she was teaching an Illustrator class in Jordan’s studio space, and that baby was too happy for me to resist. Turns out the baby gets that from mama.


5 thoughts on “Alt Style: Alma

  1. Hey! I tried on that shirt (I’m pretty sure) at Target. I loved the stripes but wasn’t quite sure about the fit (aside from the great collar, pretty flat front). Great idea, I love all her colors!


  2. So exciting to see myself on here! I keep coming back to check myself out because I feel THAT famous now.

    (And because I’m that vain?)

    No, seriously. It was so fun meeting you. I just wish you’d post a picture of the awesome outfit YOU were wearing that day!

    (And Oliver says hello!)

    (And Mike, too!)


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