Shop Blue, the Democrats’ Gift Guide

25th November 2016


I just launched Shop Blue, a gift guide for Democrats.

Shop Blue features product listings from stores owned by Democrats who are women, religious and ethnic minorities, or members of the LGBTQ community. Those are the folks I feel will be most negatively affected by a Trump presidency, and I’d like to do what I can to support them.


Thanks to those of you who submitted stores to me via Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like to submit more stores for consideration, you can do that below, or email direct to


There’s only a handful of products listed now because I wanted to get it up in time for Black Friday, but there will be lots more in the coming days and weeks. So send me more shops you love!

If you’d like to, please share the site with friends, or on your social media channels. Every purchase helps support someone who thinks the United States should be a safer, more just country. We’re together in this.

5 thoughts on “Shop Blue, the Democrats’ Gift Guide

  1. Jenny

    Oh, and I almost forgot the awesome T-shirts at Also African-American owned.

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